traditional Homes Designed and also Built come Express her Lifestyle





Traditional homes Designed & constructed to Express your Lifestyle

There’s a saying that “home is where the heart is.”At, weguide aspiring homeownersthrough the design and construction process, transforming visions right into homes.

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Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, builds hand-hewn log homes, cabins, and also timber structure homes across the unified States. Dwellings secluded in the woods, ~ above mountaintops, lakeside, ~ above the beach, and in nature developments; wherever the client path leads.

Our specialists are committed to proceeding our reputation of high quality craftsmanship and customer accountability. Your log or timber frame home will certainly become component of your heritage for generations come enjoy.

Are girlfriend disappointed the you’renot living in the residence of her dreams?Call us; let’s begin the journey together. Us invite girlfriend to browse our website.

Log & Timber house Styles

Everyone’s vision of your log home, cabin, or timber structure home is unique. In ~ log & wood Homes, we sell the design, fabrication, and also construction adaptability to develop to your individual taste.’s root reside in our Smoky hill heritage characterized by the traditional, dovetailed, chinked, square log Appalachian layout home that remains a fixture in our great country. Whetheryour preference is round, square, D-logs, hardwood frame, or a hybrid mix through timber framework accents, we are ready to lend a hand. A varietyof wood species in hand-hewn or hand-planed layouts isavailable.

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