Are you all set for part controversy?! through ESPN, Fox News and Hank Williams Junior! 

It sounds like the nation Music star, is not going down quietly after ~ his comments last Monday ~ above the Fox News television regimen “Fox and also Friends”, comparing president Obama come Adolf Hitler.

After those comments, ESPN determined to pull the track “All my Rowdy Friends room Coming end Tonight” from their Monday Night Football intro. The song by Hank Williams Jr. Has been the intro to the program due to the fact that 1989.

A week has actually passed with human being making their opinions feel on both sides of this situation and also the television show, Saturday Night Live, making their obligatory parody lay out on the situation.

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The only person that we didn’t listen from, aside from a created apology on his website, to be Hank. 

So, where has actually Hank been because his at an early stage morning appearance?

Apparently, he has remained in the studio recording a brand-new song referred to as “I’ll save My....” The song is his means to say that his words were taken the end of context and also twisted, as his tune starts v these opened lines:


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"So Fox "n girlfriend wanna put me down

Ask because that my opinion

Twist it all around."

And the tune ends with:

“Well two deserve to play that gotcha game you’ll see.”

Williams Jr. Told the AP the he created the tune Friday and recorded it in Nashville later on that day. Pendant of Hank have the right to expect to check out the brand-new song easily accessible in iTunes soon.

In the song, Williams Jr. Sings the the U.S. Is “going under the drain” and also becoming “The united Socialist states of America.” The song also implores his supporters to not watch ESPN.

Going forward, ESPN will certainly not usage the “All my Rowdy Friends space Coming end Tonight” song. Instead each week they will certainly opt for utilizing a former superstar the the home team. Tonight’s bears vs. Lions game from Detroit, will certainly have former Lions running earlier Barry Sanders execute the into.

Will it it is in as great as Hank Williams Jr."s song?

That’s for his supporters and detractors come debate.

Those who view his comments together out-of-line and also think the he need to be pulled, will not miss the song.

However, all of Hank’s rowdy friends who loved hear him before every Monday Night game, will miss out on the song and also support him transparent this incident.