Country music legend Hank Williams is revitalized in the new film I witnessed The Light, based upon the publication Hank Williams: The Biography. Tom Hiddleston stars together Williams, which might come together a surprised to those who only understand the actor as Loki from Thor. Yet inexplicable casting selection aside, it appears that the media has actually been much more interested in the opinions of the singer"s relatives, specific what Hank Williams" family thinks that I saw The Light. Because the late singer is largely connected with American society (and particularly that that the South), it"s understandable that the world closest to him might be captured off safety by the decision because that him come be portrayed by a brothers actor.

As it turns out, Williams" relatives have differing opinions ~ above the topic, together is so regularly the case when it involves a well known figure being portrayed on-screen. The most widely publicized opinion about I experienced The Light has actually been that of Hank Williams III (also recognized as the musician Hank3), that is Williams" grandson. Hank3 has expressed his frustration and disappointment v the movie for casting a British gibbs in the duty of his grandfather, telling Fox411 in Sept. 2014, "The means it need to be done you need specific aspects in the mix to make right... requirements to be American indigenous the southern who has eat lived and also breathed these type of duties before."

Hank3 proposed that Matthew McConaughey would have been a far better choice because that the role, because "he has actually played plenty of roles as a southerly man. And also he is indigenous the South. And that is other no amount of money or exhilaration classes have the right to put right into a role." Hank3 also weighed in ~ above the movie"s direction, composing in a Facebook short article that I witnessed The light should have actually been "more Southern" like the film Gran Torino, and asking viewers to consider how the movie would have actually been various if it had instead to be directed by Clint Eastwood. He ongoing on to say that maybe someday the role of his grand would have some "justice and also real foundation in it."

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Yet not every one of Williams" family members are against the movie. Holly Williams, that is the half-sister that Hank3, has actually expressed her assistance for the film, regardless of saying that she was at first perplexed about the casting of Hiddleston together her grandfather. She said Rolling rock last September that her opinion around the movie readjusted after she saw Hiddleston"s performance, saying, "Tom really put his entirety heart and also soul right into it. He functioned so hard to embody everything about Hank, every one of the nuances and who Hank really was." Williams included that overall, she"s "personally an extremely happy v it. The film"s producer, Marc Abraham, is a friend and also we talked v him throughout the entire process."

It"s regrettable that several of the above singer"s loved ones feel that I saw The light doesn"t saturated pay the tribute, yet it"s great to understand that his whole family doesn"t seem come share those beliefs and are actually in assistance of the film.

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Biopics are a tricky undertaking, and also with together a legendary figure to portray, Abraham and Hiddleston absolutely had your work cut out for them. Yet hopefully, the last product will certainly please the majority of Williams" family, friends, and also fans.