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Monday Night Football has been a staple inside living rooms and also bars for decades. The puts one emphatic exclamation allude on each week during the NFL season. This year will certainly be no different, yet it will certainly have a various look and feel come it.

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ESPN is making some serious alters in 2020. There will be new announcers for the weekly primetime broadcast and also a new theme song. That?s right, the iconic intro by country singer Hank Williams Jr. is gone.

The coronavirus pandemic and also COVID-19 outbreak certainly played a function in the decision.

Hank Williams Jr.?s Monday Night soccer Song

No Rowdy Friends: ESPN won't usage Hank Williams Jr. Because that its "Monday Night Football" open up this season. Instead, that will usage a tiny Richard song. SBD's story: https://t.co/5buqgU7ezs

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Hank Williams Jr.?s song ?All mine Rowdy Friends space Coming over Tonight? was an initial used because that Monday Night football on ABC earlier in 1989. The lyrics, that course, were reworked to say ?All mine Rowdy friend Are here on Monday Night.?

Since most NFL stadiums will certainly be north this season, ESPN chose to recording the well known MNF song and also replace it once again, according to Sports company Daily.

The theme track was used from 1989 till 2011 before it to be taken turn off the wait the an initial time. It to be removed through the network ~ Williams Jr. Offered an analogy comparing then-President Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler and also comments around then-Vice chairman Joe Biden on Fox & Friends.

ESPN brought Williams Jr. Ago in 2017 to do the tune with a new version special Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo.


??Monday Night Football? has actually the most well known music video clip in sports television. It?s time to bring it back,? ESPN an elderly vice president for events and studio manufacturing Stephanie Druley said, via The Washington Post. ?The combination of Hank Williams Jr. Through Florida Georgia Line and also Jason Derulo will acquire fans excited and ready for kickoff every Monday night top top ESPN this fall.?

The second run lasted three seasons prior to another change was made.

Monday Night Football?s brand-new Theme Song

The new MNF theme tune is ?Rip it Up? by the late little Richard. It will feature ?modern-day instrumentals indigenous a Virginia-based band referred to as Butcher Browncombined with small Richard?s voice,? follow to Sports service Daily.

Little Richard passed away in may 2020 the bone cancer. He to be 87 years old.

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From the an initial doubleheader featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants and Tennessee Titans vs. Denver Broncos until the finish of the season, and also maybe for years to come, expect to hear tiny Richard once Monday Night soccer telecast come on instead of Nashville country star Hank Williams Jr.

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