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Miley and her girlfriend Lilly room up for a sleepover party. In this Beauty and the win game, you need to assist the girls to prepare for the fun by assisting castle to put on your makeup!

This video game is about using the exactly makeup shades. Usage your MOUSE switch 1 only. You space presented for a minute with the photo of a character v her makeup completely on. You must memorize all the details effectively so that you can put the same makeup later in the game. You have actually a variety of selections to use. Numerous colors and also shades in five different sections: Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Blush, Contacts and also Hair color.

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Match the colors and shades

From each among those sections, you need to pick the exactly shade and color as previously presented in the picture. Time is to run out, and you've got only 90 seconds to find the appropriate colors and put the first makeup on her character. Also, if you space uncertain around any section and color, you can press hint switch at the bottom of your screen, and also the video game will briefly display you the snapshot again to check if you're correct v your choice. Also, when using the note button, all the previous decisions you made will certainly let you recognize whether they're best or not. That way, girlfriend will know if there's something you need to readjust or not.

The personalities you have to put the assembly on space Miley and her girlfriend Lilly. As they are around to struggle the slumber party, friend don't want to disappointed the girls. Make this night simply as lock dreamt of it. Reap this video game as the two of lock will reap the party!

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