Pretty small Liars: Hanna's 5 finest (& 5 Worst) Story Arcs Pretty little Liars definitely had part plotline duds once it involves Hanna - which were the worst (and the pure best)?

each of the liars on Pretty little Liars has their very own special personality and look. Ashley Benson"s character Hanna Marin has always been beloved as the fashion bowl of the group and likewise the girl who dropped in love through Caleb Rivers in the very first season that the show.

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Through all seven seasons of this teenager drama, Hanna has been strong-willed and totally her own person. She"s not one to listen to others and she doesn"t constantly need come fit in with her girlfriend group. While some of Hanna"s story arcs job-related for the character and enable fans to know her better, rather seem unnecessary.

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In the very first season episode "Keep your Friends Close," A hits Hanna v a car, and also in the following episode "Moments Later," she shares through her friends the Noel is A.

This is one of her ideal story arcs, together she starts learning an ext about A, and also it"s proof about what this stalker have the right to do come them. The proves the A deserve to do a lot more than simply send horrifying message messages and the the liars need to keep your eyes ~ above everyone approximately them. Hanna also starts becoming bitter and stronger in equal parts from this minute on.

Hanna and Mona shoplifting
In the first few episodes of Pretty tiny Liars, fans discover that Hanna has actually been shoplifting, and that she and also Mona have become popular girls at school.

This isn"t a particularly interesting story arc because that Hanna. Sure, it could be argued that she learns the stealing is wrong, however didn"t she currently know that? since Ali is already the Queen punishment character ~ above the series, it doesn"t make lot sense because that Hanna to act prefer this too.

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Hanna and Caleb have one that the standard PLL love stories that pan enjoy.

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The two come close to staying damaged up forever, though, once Hanna gets engaged to Jordan. Once Hanna realizes that it"s dorn for her to marry who else, she speak Jordan that it"s no going come happen. She likewise works v her feelings because that Caleb, which have actually definitely constantly been there, and likewise watches her ideal friend Spencer day him because that a period. It"s a many to attend to and it shows that Hanna is cultivation up and learning what will make she happy.

7 Worst: Hanna think She has A Dream task Interview but It"s Manipulated through A

Rosewood has scares on every street corner as it"s no actually such a wonderful place to speak to home.

The third season episode "Misery Loves Company" finds Hanna on her way to an interview because that a job in fashion. Because she"s constantly loved style, this seems favor a perfect fit. Unfortunately, it"s entirely fake and A cheat Hanna into getting here at a random location. To make matters also worse, Hanna is assaulted by A and could it is in seriously ache (or even die). She gets away, however this is yet an additional terrifying reminder the how poor this case is. After ~ this point, it"s clear that Hanna marvels what much more A will certainly take away from her and if she"ll also get a real future.

In the very first season, A wants Hanna to party eat some cupcakes, and the present alludes to the eat disorder that this character had actually in the past.

It"s true the Hanna"s personality had numerous flaws over the seasons. This is among her better story arcs, though, since eating disorders are such crucial topic to talk about, particularly on a teenager drama. This storyline offers viewers a look into just how insecure Hanna have the right to be and also how much she wrestles with on a daily basis.

5 Worst: drink Too lot In Season 5

It renders sense that Hanna feels favor her life is a chaos by the 5th season. She believed her finest friend had been killed and has to concerned terms v Ali coming earlier home.

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But once Hanna beginning drinking too much during this season, it"s a story arc the doesn"t feel necessary. Spencer, in contrast, has had some insomnia, medicine use, and mental wellness struggles, and that was treated in a caring and also compassionate way. Due to the fact that Spencer has currently gone with so much, it felt repeated for Hanna to reaction this way.

With biting and also perfect quotes, Mona is always a huge part of PLL, and also her friendship v Hanna shifts over the year in a relatable and an effective way.

Sure, most teenagers aren"t faced with the news that their BFF is a stalker who has been tormenting their friend group, however many world do fight through friends from time come time. Hanna has a an excellent story arc as soon as she stop hanging out with Mona, learns the she"s the an initial A, and then decides come let her back into her life. It would certainly make feeling if she entirely pushed Mona aside, yet she still feels tied to her, and that"s interesting to watch. Hanna is often the bigger person and also here she proves the she have the right to forgive. She additionally watches she friendships change over the years, together she"s simply as obsessed through Ali together the various other girls. When Ali is gone, she drifts native the liars and then reconnects with them.

3 Worst: accurate Hiding Caleb From she Mom

even though Ashley is cool, Hanna doesn"t share the happy news that she"s through Caleb right away. Instead, she precise hides Caleb in she house and also lets him remain with her (and doesn"t even ask her mother if it"s alright). As soon as Ashley learns the he has been life in the basement, she isn"t thrilled and says that he can"t remain there.

It"s fun watching Hanna communicate with her mother as Ashley is sweet and likable. It"s not an extremely entertaining seeing these two personalities at odds, due to the fact that it feels like too many other teen mirrors where high schoolers and also their parents don"t gain along. That would have actually been far better if Hanna had actually just admitted come being through Caleb indigenous the beginning.

True come the background of couples on teen dramas, Caleb and also Hanna don"t have actually a smooth road. They carry out wind increase married and also expecting a infant in the finale, which is exorbitant to see, but it"s absolutely a tough ride before that.

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In the third season, Hanna has to come to terms through the method that she has actually treated Caleb when he speak her the their romantic is over. That doesn"t like just how much she lies to him and how she hides so many things. This is a juicy story arc because that Hanna, as it"s difficult for all of the main characters to tell your partners the truth about the dangers and also fear they confront on a daily basis. This break-up teaches her the if she wants to continue to be with Caleb, opening up is the only means to go.

1 Worst: Working through Her Parents" Divorce

Rosewood is among the worst teenager drama small towns to live in, but thankfully, regardless of all the hazards to Hanna"s society circle, she has actually her mommy by she side. The helps she feel prefer she has actually a safe ar through it all.

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But once Hanna works through her parents" divorce, it"s a little dull to watch, as so many high college TV characters attend to this. Hanna no her dad"s brand-new family and realizes the he"s never going to be there because that her, and also instead of including something new to this kind of storyline, it just feels repetitive and also like it"s to be done before.