It to be a perfect job to check out Copenhagen in Denmark and visit its symbol – the tiny Mermaid statue! The sun was shining bright and also had spread out a crimson glow all over to melt one’s heart and also infuse life within.

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Reaching the small Mermaid statue

We took a Red visit Hop-on Hop-off Bus and also Boat tourism which to be valid for 48 hours. I loved this tour since of the convenience and also ease of see the things that interested us the most. ~ boarding the bus, we determined to acquire down close to the small Mermaid statue.

Tip: book this tour in advancement to avoid a last-minute rush. Girlfriend can find the city’s must-see attractions in ~ your own pace. Bonus – a one-hour boat trip i beg your pardon was entirely worth it. We delighted in riding the open-air double-decker visit bus and enjoyed the digitally taped commentary.


It is really straightforward to hop on and also off as regularly as you like and explore sites of interest!

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This photo represents the frosting of tiny Mermaid, a fairy story character created by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Copenhagen’s tiny Mermaid statue is among the many photographed statues in the world. It commemorated her 100th date of birth on august 23, 2013. The has become a price of Copenhagen similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or big Ben in London. Today, almost every one of us recognize the small Mermaid from the Disney movie, though the original story lacks the happy ending of the man film.

The statue of little Mermaid, a fairy tale character created by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. #Travel #Sculpture #Copenhagen Click to Tweet


The beautiful copper statue the the little mermaid

The copper statue of the tiny Mermaid is perched on a rock in the water near the Copenhagen’s harbor. The tiny Mermaid was a gift native Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen come the City of Copenhagen. The blue water, clear sky, and also the soothing weather to be complimenting each other that day.

The story the the little mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen

This world-renowned saga is about a mermaid who conserves the life of a prince and also falls in love v him. She wanted to get married the prince and attain an eternal human soul. She lost her tail, aquatic life and also her enchanting voice in exchange of two beautiful legs from a sea witch. She met the prince and also eventually became the spectator that the prince’s marriage speechlessly. The grief stricken mermaid came ago to the ocean and became foam.

This world renowned saga is around a mermaid who saves the life that a prince and also falls in love through him Click to Tweet

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An alternative way to see the vivid Copenhagen

If you want to watch Copenhagen as Danes do, then simply grab a bike and also hit the road. See the tiny Mermaid Statue and also explore the highlights of Copenhagen transparent the food of a leisurely and also enjoyable bike ride. Book the tour and enjoy this vibrant city. Also, if you room wondering whereby to continue to be in Copenhagen, then there space many great neighborhoods, hostels, hotels, and also Airbnbs to choose from.

Travel Realizations

At the time i was going through among the biggest traumas of my life and also yet I delighted in that day. Ns felt prefer saying, “oh life, i have taken on all her happy and also sad moments, i am living through them, and now you take on me” and surprisingly it did. Travel not just enriches ourself with various information but likewise lifts up the small cage from our mind wherein we confide ourselves and opens a new window to see and also hence realize the some person somewhere might be going with the very same trauma choose me or worse. The is really way to live in the present and also enjoy as much as one can. Life is quick anyway!

Travelling not only enriches ourselves with various information, but likewise lifts increase the tiny cage from our mind Click come Tweet

Travel Realizations

Sometimes ns wonder, space these lovely fairy tales the only developed illusions or possibly our life, our expectations, love, happy and sad moments space all illusions together well? at the end of the journey, we will certainly leave behind all our emotions, love and also feelings, for this reason why us bother around them so much now? have the right to keeping ourself detached native earthly possessions and feelings, minimization our sufferings? —- i am however to uncover an answer.

Sometimes ns wonder, are these lover fairy tales the only produced illusions or probably our life, our expectations, love, happy and also sad moments are all illusions as well? #Travel #wanderer Click come Tweet


I would really choose to thank my husband Siddhartha, because that arranging together a wonderful expedition for me and also making me realize, every little thing happens, great or negative there is only one fact “Life go on” ……..Let me keep this dotted line unfinished. This dots stand for memory and epiphany i m sorry no tide might ever to wash away. Probably the mystery lies in accepting life’s very own intent, one the scripts our fate with its desires, fatality and also unpredictability, v the possibility of human firm always present.

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Perhaps the secret lies in agree life's very own intent, one the scripts our fate with its desires, fatality and also unpredictability, v the opportunity of human firm always present. #Travel Click to Tweet

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