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Mapped: worldwide Happiness levels in 2021

“Are girlfriend happy?” is a deceptively facility question to both ask and also answer.

It’s generally taken that having enough money to cover your needs and also wants can aid you live a relatively happy, comfortable life—and current research reflects this partnership may boost linearly as revenue levels grow, as well.

However, yes much more to it than that. Happiness levels count not just on financial security, yet also more comprehensive perceptions that one’s social support, an individual freedom, and more.

This collection of map pulls data from the human being Happiness Report to uncover the median scores the 149 countries between 2018-2020, and also which ones emerged the happiest or unhappiest. We likewise look in ~ the most and least improved nations in every region.

How is delight Measured?

First, let’s look in ~ the factors used to calculate human being happiness levels. Part clear signs are health and also wealth, both metrics that have been stability on the increase worldwide. The report bring away these into account, weighting GDP per capita and life expectations at birth right into the scores.

The report additionally looks at much more intangible aspects, collecting inspection responses around:

Social supportFreedom to make life choicesGenerosityPerceptions that government/ service corruptionPositive or an unfavorable affects (Recent endure of emotions)

This year, there was a natural focus on the an unfavorable affect measure up of the COVID-19 pandemic on joy levels, such together exacerbating mental health and wellness risks. In addition, such measurements varied depending upon each country’s solution to the crisis.

Looking very closely at regional Happiness Levels

Worldwide pleasure comes in in ~ an typical score of 5.5, a marginal innovation since our previous coverage the this report in 2019. Stop dive into regional outlooks for pleasure levels.

North America

Current Mood: Happy (6.1)

Canada retains its spot as the happiest country in north America, although its overall global ranking has dropped over the years. In 2019, it to be ranked in ninth place globally, dropping come 11th in the 2020 edition, and declining further to 14th ar in this year report.


Haiti proceeds to fare poorly together the unhappiest in the region, with an average annual GDP expansion of only 1.3% over 20 years. Its weak economy and political instability have been worsened by the pandemic—setting earlier efforts to mitigate poverty and also widening inequality.

South America

Current Mood: content (5.9)

With the biggest middle course in the Americas—60% the its population—and a miniscule 0.1% too much poverty rate, Uruguay is the happiest southern American country. The nation has also achieved equitable access to simple services, from education to electricity.


The trio the Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela space experiencing different stages of progression in happiness levels, yet their relationship is an extremely much interdependent.

Venezuela and also Ecuador face comparable economic challenges and sharp declines in oil prices. Venezuela is in addition acutely impacted by socio-political unrest, triggering a massive exodus the citizens come Ecuador and also Colombia alike. The silver lining is the the flow of highly-educated Venezuelan migrants may provide a 2% rise to Ecuador’s GDP.

Colombia, the most enhanced country, has actually halved its poverty rate in the critical decade. In addition, it has welcomed virtually 2 million Venezuelan migrants together of Dec 2020—and to plan to administer them up to 10 years of protective status.


Current Mood: Happy (6.4)

Finland stays at the optimal of the leaderboard as the world happiest country. This year’s ranking was additionally influenced through high level of trust in the method the COVID-19 pandemic was handled.

Meanwhile, the shock that the COVID-19 situation is supposed to be short-lived in Croatia, which is the most improved country. This is partly because of its secure pre-pandemic economic gains, although threats remain.


In the unhappiest nation of Ukraine, problems continue to reason stress top top its politics, security, and also economy. In particular, federal government corruption stays a huge public issue.

Middle east and central Asia

Current Mood: It’s facility (5.3)

Saudi Arabia is the most improved country in the region, as it proceeds to mitigate its oil dependence, diversify that economy, and bolster its publicly services. The has additionally been make some progress towards sex equality.


The tourism and hospitality industries contribute almost 20% the Jordan’s GDP—and COVID-19 has actually caused a lengthy economic decrease in the country along with the headwinds of these industries.

Although Afghanistan has seen enhancements in access to an easy services and its farming economy, difficulties remain with an extensive conflict and violence. A post-pandemic restore in the world unhappiest country could take number of years.

East Asia and Oceania

Current Mood: Neutral (5.5)

Both brand-new Zealand and Taiwan saw a successful COVID-19 solution and recovery raising their location in the an international happiness rankings. In fact, new Zealand to be the just non-European country to make it into the top 10 top top the worldwide happiness list.


Note: as the report just covers 149 countries, “Oceania” just refers to Australia and new Zealand in this instance.

Although India continues to be the unhappiest nation in the region, it likewise showed the most innovation overall, possibly because of its increased access to an easy services. Significantly though, the pandemic brought about a sharp economic contraction in genuine GDP by 23.9% year-over-year in Q1’2021.


Current Mood: unhappy (4.5)

In July 2020, the island country of Mauritius join Seychelles to come to be the 2nd high-income country in Africa, helping cement its condition as the the happiest in the region.

Zambia, the most boosted African country, has actually one of the world’s youngest populaces by mean age—which presents long-term methods for labor pressure participation.


On the upper and lower reversal side, agriculturally-reliant Benin battles with high poverty, v close to 40% the the population living below $1.90 every day.

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Zimbabwe, the unhappiest country, has actually been v not just natural disasters yet financial tragedies too. It skilled hyperinflation of 786% in might 2020, accompanied by an same sharp climb in food prices.

Although each country has been uniquely influenced by the pandemic, that clear the on the whole, joy levels take right into account so lot more. Exactly how will future rankings look like in a post-pandemic world?