Miami has actually been named the happiest city in the U.S. In the Mindbody well-being Index.

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This is the second year in a heat that Miami has ranked in ~ the peak of the Mindbody list.

According come the ranking, 70% of occupants in Miami speak they feel happy most of the time.

Miami is additionally the healthiest and also most energetic city in the U.S., the ranking shows. An ext than 87% of citizens work out when a week or more.

For safety on beauty and grooming services, Miami also ranked in ~ the peak of U.S. Cities, spending an typical of $74 a month.

More than 70% of citizens of Miami inhabitants say they room spiritually fulfilled, which ranks second in the U.S.







Since moving here in 2015, I’ve to be the happiest I’ve ever before been. Miami is an amazing city and I love it an ext every day.

If you’re no happy here, then readjust your surroundings! Miami has a lot come offer yet it’s not for everyone, simply like any city. I choose to watch the great in the city (despite plenty of things that i would readjust in a heartbeat). Once I think the other areas I’ve resided in the US and also abroad, Miami constantly wins me over. 305 is where I select to speak to home.

Coke increase are an extremely far away from FL as countless depressed, without sunshine, sad, alone without family…. Look her surroundings… it is the civilization is coked increase … lol no in MIA !

It’s no true! we are open up minded.. A bunch if drugs addicted in various other parts the this nation … Florida is impressive with nice people!

Don’t desire to jinx it, however doesnt hurricane season end November 1st?

Guess the NY Media’s statement the NY’ers will certainly move ago after the first hurricane is TBD

The weather is no great. Protect against it. It’s like most of these world haven’t been anywhere and also just go with the worn down generalization that Miami weather is great. That is oppressive at ideal most of the time. Geez.

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Yeah…the overwhelming majority of these happy weather loving world got it every wrong!!The weather is not great.These world are not happy.

Anyone want to come over to my apartment and also watch Halloween movies v me and my cats?

I have been right here for 22 year it’s beautiful, the hot but you deserve to handle it… if friend cannot walk to Granby CO lol continue to be behind trees talk to the bears