Happiness is subjective. However, specific factors can absolutely induce much more happiness/endorphins than others. Favor living in a tiny city wherein you have vast open spaces, beautiful views, easy commute, less pollution, and a speed that is simply right for you to enjoy life. For the more practical minded that us, small cities offer much more opportunity come save and enjoy a greater standard the living because things room not together expensive.

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Real heritage is cheaper together well. You deserve to get more room for her money instead of a small apartment in a huge city. That a issue of priorities, the course. But if you perform want to obtain away native the madding group for great and settle somewhere an ext peaceful, you can examine out these cities – every one of which are very rated for your happy denizens.


Before we get there though, here’s a rapid look at just how we have rated them, therefore you deserve to decide for yourself if you desire to enjoy the wholesome air and slower pace for yourself. Income, employment and education are few of the an essential factors that kind the delight quotient that a place. Other components that seem come influence incorporate low expenses of living and home property rate. Both that these components are directly related to stress. Walkability scores and a quick commute to job-related are famous parameters too because no one yes, really likes being stuck in traffic, right?!

These metrics were examined:

Poverty Rate:A short poverty rate is a an excellent indicator that a healthy and balanced economy and happy residents.

Population:We have thought about towns with a population of listed below 100,000.

Median family Income:The median family income is a good indication of the conventional of living took pleasure in by the residents.

Median home value:A healthy real estate market and higher percentage of home ownership leader to jae won security, legacy creation and also happier residents.

Education:Here we have taken into consideration the percent of bachelor’s degree holders passport a passport the populace of a place.Employment and unemployment price – having actually a job and also earning well is essential to one’s fine being and happiness.

Crime and safety:We all know that a short crime rate is a large attraction for any kind of place. Here we have thought about the all at once crime price per 100,000 people.



Poverty rate – 44.8%Population – 42,129Median family Income – $31,618Median residential or commercial property value – $275,700Education – 69.8% have completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 3.4%Crime – 1,135 every 100K residents

State College, as the name says is a quintessential university town and also life here revolves around the pen State University, its biggest employer. Except academics and sports, the little town provides other quality-of-life functions like short crime rates, an excellent healthcare facilities, affordable housing choices which space surrounded through mountains and forests. In addition to the scenic views, residents have actually shops, restaurants and museums to gain all year round along with the umpteen events. Most occupants own their homes here, gain an incredibly brief commute time in one of the most walkable places in America. The is no wonder the State university is likewise known together the Happy Valley,


Poverty price – 44.7%Population – 43,973Median family members Income – $34,863Median home value – $276,500Education – 71.3% have completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment price – 52.2%Crime – 10 per 1,000 residents

Blacksburg boasts of all the amenities the you want in a small town – short violent crime rate, high incomes, affordable housing and also as quick commute time which averages in ~ 13.9 minutes. This Virginia tech college town also boasts the winning sports teams and also an impressive theatre scene because that a small town. True to countless other Virginia towns, that boasts of an incredible natural beauty all around which supplies its inhabitants that perfect blend of peace, quiet and beauty that room looking for. There space many alternatives for hiking and also weekend getaways together well.

#18 east LANSING, MI

Poverty rate – 44.2%Population – 48,395Median family Income – $34,153Median residential property value – $176,500Education – 57.6% have actually completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment price – 76.2%Crime – 1764 every 100k residents

East Lansing is a happy tiny college city with exceptionally low crime rates and also a huge number of happy married couples. It to represent the happy, all-American dream that us strive for through a slow-moving pace and a healthy setting to bring up a family. Stress determinants like traffic and the crime price are low together well including to the components of why eastern Lansing is among the happiest tiny towns. People have good incomes and also the town boasts the a high residence ownership rates. Over there is always plenty come do, thanks to Michigan State University, the endless tasks in and around town, a vibrant social and food scene.



Poverty rate – 34.3%Population – 48,104Median family members Income – $29,093Median building value – $157,500Education – 48.4% have actually completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 57.3%Crime – 1 in 34 residents

Stillwater, true to its name, supplies its citizens a peaceful and also idyllic life. With practically no traffic, the average commute time is only around 15 minutes. A low cost of living, and yet a healthy employment rate, it ranking high in the delight quotient. The visibility of varied sectors favor aerospace, biotechnology, agribusiness, manufacturing, publishing, and also even software in near proximity offers this small-town occupants lots the jobs and also health incomes. Endless activities offered by the adjacent Oklahoma State University uses keep civilization busy. Parks and also upscale purchase in the downtown sell some city fun when the adjacent lakes offer occupants plenty of recreation alternatives and bring about low stress and anxiety rates.


Poverty price – 25.1%Population – 42,556Median family members Income – $46,754Median residential property value – $264,300Education – 50.9% have actually completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 65.2%Crime 1 in 30 residents

Burlington is a recognized as the small large town since it has actually all the amenities of a little town and is still how amazing the biggest in the state. Citizens no only gain to enjoy a sluggish pace but likewise fun-filled downtown activities with shopping, parks, restaurants and series of festival and also events happening ring the year. Options of weekend fun v a plethora the natural activities add to its being one of the happiest small towns. A quick commute time the 18 minutes certainly adds come one’s tranquility of mind.


Poverty rate – 21.5%Population – 6,543Median family members Income – $39,701Median building value – $145,500Education – 23.7% have completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 60.6%Crime – 3,760 every 110k residents

Bedford is known for its exceptional scenery that adds to its beauty and also small-town charm. Short crime rate and also a brief commute time the 26.9 helps residents enjoy the slow and quiet pace they want. Adjacent attractions prefer the James River, Peaks of Otter, Smith hill Lake, Appalachian Trail and also Blue Ridge Parkway sell ample opportunities to reap amazing scenery and also outdoor adventures. If you prefer apple orchards, climate this is the pace to it is in It is additionally home to number of wineries i beg your pardon attracts many wine enthusiasm to the area. A collection of shops and restaurants and farmers industry makes the downtown popular. There space a variety of trails that result in impressive views because that the much more adventurous kind.



Poverty rate – 17.2%Population – 65,044Median family members Income – $51,829Median residential or commercial property value – $207,100Education – 34.5% have completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment price – 52%Crime – 4,372 every 100k residents

Located on Florida’s southeast coast, Delray coast is additionally known together Florida’s “Village through the Sea.” This small city doesn’t have a solitary high rise structure so one can get to check out the breathtaking water views without obstruction. The colorful community has a lot of art lover as shown by the existence of many public art and galleries. This beach destination is a hidden gem not just for tourists but for citizens who love white sand windy beaches and also the slower pace of life. A mix of art, shopping, sports, society and nightlife ~ above a background of the splendor of nature lays the foundation of perennial happiness.


Poverty rate – 16.1%Population – 9,806Median household Income – $55,241Median residential or commercial property value – $327,000Education – 32.0% have actually completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment price – 40.5%Crime – 4,805 every 100k residents

It is hard to continue to be unhappy as soon as you have actually the best of nature surrounding you. Glenwood Springs is a popular among tourists and is a must-see haunt because that all. The resort city is surrounded by the White River nationwide Forest, boasts of hot springs, the Glenwood Canyon, Hanging Lake and also the Glenwood Caverns. But for residents, there’s much more to the ar than its sheer beauty. The warm climate and also slower pace of life supplies the perfect setting for those who pick to live a healthy lifestyle. A booming social scene and countless outdoor tasks combine to sell the ideal of both worlds to its residents who can find peace and happiness conveniently here than in any kind of other place.


Poverty price – 14.5%Population – 3,068Median family members Income – $71,007Median residential or commercial property value – $434,300Education – 48.5% have completed a bachelor’s degreeh4>Unemployment rate – 48.9%Crime – 4,978 every 100k residents

Located near Savannah, Georgia, Tybee Island is a small city tucked away from the fast-paced city life. Most civilization don’t know about this barrier island i beg your pardon is recognized for its wide, sandy beaches, and also most importantly for dolphins swimming offshore which have the right to be witnessed practically daily. The island is steeped in background and showcases the ft Screven v its 19th-century concrete gun batteries and the Tybee Island irradiate Station and also Museum. These together with the southern Beach, with a pier and also pavilion, are well-known haunt because that locals and tourists alike. Despite these, the island hasn’t lost its small-town charm or slow pace that life which along with its herbal beauty renders it one of the happiest tiny towns in America.


Poverty price – 10.7%Population – 44,498Median family members Income – $66,864Median building value – $345,700Education – 37.6% have completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment price – 62.9%Crime – 17 per 1,000 residents

Barnstable town is together idyllic and also quaintly charming together its name. The residents of this town space not simply happy bit likewise known to reap the second-highest social wellness after neapolitan area residents. Between Nantucket Sound and also Cape ko Bay, the boasts of 7 idyllic villages, every of i m sorry are taken into consideration a covert gem through their distinctive characteristics and charm. V a commute time of just over 20 minutes, it provides a sluggish pace and also peaceful ambience that naturally relieves stress and makes its occupants happier than other places. It offers ample methods for out adventures, food and social fun as well.


Poverty price – 10.5%Population – 17,866>Median household Income – $48,804Median property value – $204,300Education – 30.6% have completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 62.6%Crime – 2,024 per 100k residents

Located halfway in between Yellowstone national Park and also Mount Rushmore, Sheridan is also called the “King that Cowboy Towns.” Coal and also natural gas providers are the key employers here and the town has a low unemployment as well crime rate. The main street boasts that dozens of distinctive stores, handful of galleries, local craft shops and restaurants and well-maintained parks. The lies in the shadows that the Bighorn mountains offering citizens plenty of options for outdoor adventures with a real western feel. An ext than 10 lakes and streams wrap the method for plenty of summer and also winter fun. Through an mean commute time that just around 12 minutes, the speed cannot be more perfect for those who are trying to find a slower pace of life.


Poverty rate – 8.92%Population – 20,980Median family Income – $84,830Median home value – $770,000Education – 54.3% have actually completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 36.3%Crime – I,852 per 100k residents

Naples has been repeatedly voted as among the happiest locations to live in the U.S. Over the years. Lot of it needs to do v its breathtaking organic beauty all finish with its pristine beaches and also beautiful sunsets. Through an typical commute time of less than 20 minutes, its happy inhabitants swear by its walkability, civic engagement and healthful food options. High incomes, affordable lifestyles result in financial defense while an excellent physical health and also outdoor tasks add a feeling of purpose of residents. Travel is flourishing as well, that boasts of impressive beaches and also for gift a popular beach town for dolphin-spotting.


Poverty rate – 8.57%Population – 28,472Median family Income – $68,511Median residential or commercial property value – $664,300Education – 49.5% have actually completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment price – 55.1%Crime – 4,656 per 100k residents

Located on California’s rugged main coast, Monterey has actually been lengthy been a destination for literary fans. Its one-time center of the sardine-packing industry, Cannery Row, has been do forever renowned by novelist john Steinbeck. It also attracts a the majority of visitors for the famed Monterey just Aquarium. The spectacular scenic views are much loved by visitors and also locals alike. The little close-knit community like all that nature has to offer and the sluggish pace the life i m sorry is colorfully interspersed v a secure stream of travellers all year round. V a mild temperate climate to cherish, what’s no to it is in happy about in this small nook of the paradise.


Poverty price – 8.19%Population – 4,312Median family Income – $108,556Median property value – $2MEducation – 75.4% have completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 43.7%Crime – 3,593 every 100k residents

Located close to mountain Diego, Del Mar is a weird seaside village on the southern California coastline. The vintage cottages and European charm, an unified with that striking herbal beauty is a big attraction for those who look for a simpler method of life. This little village-like location has a vivid atmosphere and attracts tourists from roughly the globe for that pristine beaches and the spectacular see of the Pacific Ocean. That is likewise known because that its boutique hotels and also unique shops, the famous Del Mar Racetrack and the because that being the home of the san Diego county Fair. The slow-moving pace and also high average incomes do it a great place come stay. That is specifically attractive to occupants who want to escape the hustle and also bustle of Orange County but not be too much away from the action.


Poverty price – 6.92%Population – 13,066Median family Income – $61,259Median residential or commercial property value – $225,600Education – 38.2% have actually completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment price – 60.3%Crime – 23.36 per 1,000 residents

Located in the Texas Hill Country, Boerne has actually the 4th highest every capita revenue in the state and also a colorful economy. Sunshine approximately the year combined with a gentle climate renders it a perfect playground for numerous outdoor activities and a selection of sports favor golfing, biking, hunting, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, amongst others. True to the Hill nation reputation, it is surrounded by wineries and also breweries. The natural beauty of the ar attracts visitors around the year adding a thriving tourism ar to the economy. It is additionally known because that its eclectic food and culture scene.



Poverty rate – 6.13%Population – 21,458Median family members Income – $69,664Median residential or commercial property value – $361,000Education – 57.6% have completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 41.4%Crime – 1,59 per 100k residents

Portsmouth ranks high as one of the happiest small towns as lot for its natural beauty together it does for its eclectic lifestyle. It is actually among the oldest locations to live in America lot steeped in background and culture. It has a thriving seaport ~ above the Piscataqua River, which bring in a most tourists and is renowned with the locals as well. A mix that Georgian buildings and tidy Colonial-era dwellings offers a quaint charm. The downtown central Market Square is full of shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and also breweries with tasks the year round. An impressive theatre scene adds come the happiness of its residents as well.

#4 street LAND TX

Poverty rate – 5.15%Population – 85,681Median family Income – $108,504Median residential or commercial property value – $283,400Education – 93.5% Bachelor’s degree or higherUnemployment price – 63.4%Crime – 4.15 every 100K residents

Sugar Land has been voted as one of the happiest urban in Texas and also it scores high in the nationwide context together well. Through an average commute time of just 28.5 minutes residents enjoy the sluggish pace and also peaceful life they room looking for. Contrary to what most human being think, this isn’t her average tiny town. That boasts a versatile restaurant scene and lots of tasks for citizens to enjoy over the weekends.


Poverty price – 3.27%Population – 6,083Median household Income – $109,412Median property value – $272,700Education – 61.6% have actually completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 56.2%Crime – 100k every 1,537 residents

White absent is the 2nd happiest location to live in new Mexico and also one that the top locations to live in the country if you want to it is in happy and also healthy. The locals of this quaint town love the fact that they don’t need to beat sirloin hour website traffic to gain to a cool project or go back to residences that the 84.6% of castle own. A median revenue of $107,688 and also the median house value at $268,900, makes it location high on the affordability factor. Together with hiking follow me the absent Canyon, which is a major tourist attraction, occupants enjoy a flexible food and culture scene together well, many thanks to its diverse population.


Poverty rate – 3.23%Population – 76,681Median household Income – $123,492Median residential property value – $292,600Education – 59.8% have completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 51.9%Crime – 0.57 every 1,000 residents

Located in the Dallas-Fort-Worth metro area, Flower Mound ranking high ~ above the delight quotient both in Texas and also nationally. That is taken into consideration one of the safest cities in Texas and also boasts of vibrant social and food scene. A wellness real heritage markets and also umpteen new constructions have actually made the area among the most coveted locations for homeownership. The median commute time is only 28.6 minutes and also residents have ample choices to select the speed of life they want. A high median household income and a low price of living has paved the way for among the most affluent locations in DFW.

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Poverty price – 2.79%Population – 2,327Median family members Income – $50,776Median residential property value – $124,700Education – 15.1% have completed a bachelor’s degreeUnemployment rate – 45.2%Crime – 1,129 every 100k residents

A quintessential tiny town, Sugarcreek is recognized as the “Little Switzerland the Ohio.” This is partially to that German and also Swiss citizens who have lived here for generations together it is because that its quaint natural charm. Together with its unique background and culture, it additionally boasts the low cost of living and low crime rate. The higher-than-average income and also graduation prices have contributed to its greater general livability price as well. The school has consistently rated among the top schools that the nation while Sugarcreek-based companies have uncovered prominence in the an international business arena, both factors adding to the happiness quotient the the small town.