WalletHub produced a happiness index ranking the states by loved one happiness, including factors like “emotional & physical well-being,” “work environment,” and “community & environment.” (Fortunately, WalletHub did no take right into account just how attractive citizens of each state are.)

Combining these elements of a happy life reveals clear winners among the happiest claims in America.

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Emotional & Physical health rank: 5Work environment rank: 38Community & environment rank: 17One the Connecticut’s nicknames, “The land of steady Habits,” pretty well defines this workhorse the the joy index, which come in in ~ the tail end of the height 10 list.


Emotional & Physical well-being rank: 34Work atmosphere rank: 2Community & atmosphere rank: 2Highly valued because that its job-related environment and also community, if not for the health of locals, Idaho crack No. 9 among the nation’s cheeriest places.


Emotional & Physical health rank: 15Work setting rank: 6Community & atmosphere rank: 11Ray Liotta and also Kevin Costner stated it finest in "Field that Dreams." Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa. Follow to people who live in the “Hawkeye State,” it’s nice darn close come perfect.


Emotional & Physical wellness rank: 18Work atmosphere rank: 3Community & atmosphere rank: 7Honestly, we’re together surprised together you are, yet it transforms out north Dakota inhabitants are quite darn happy, thanks to wonderful work environment score.


Emotional & Physical wellness rank: 7Work environment rank: 18Community & atmosphere rank: 13Cali was always destined to location high amongst America’s the happiest states, and it did pretty well amongst the optimal contenders considering how large and varied the state is.

Emotional & Physical health rank: 3Work atmosphere rank: 33Community & setting rank: 9Despite a relatively poor score in work-related environment, the “Free State” finds itself in the middle of the top 10 the happiest states.

Emotional & Physical health rank: 1Work atmosphere rank: 30Community & setting rank: 22For all the jokes new Jersey residents need to suffer, they’re tho pretty happy. Haters gonna hate.

Emotional & Physical well-being rank: 4Work setting rank: 4Community & setting rank: 10It might be cold in Minnesota, but living there isn’t so poor after all, especially given the state’s high rankings because that well-being and work environment.

Emotional & Physical well-being rank: 14Work environment rank: 1Community & environment rank: 1You can’t find a far better environment than Utah, either inside an office or external in the state’s rugged landscape.

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Emotional & Physical wellness rank: 2Work setting rank: 16Community & atmosphere rank: 3No surprise here. Hawaii topped the charts of the happiest areas in the unified States. Currently you have actually the number to earlier up that plan for remote job-related or retirement.