An iconic times Square brand-new Year’s eve celebration is not only a brand-new York tradition, it’s a worldwide phenomenon. An approximated one million revelers flock to the land of LED display screens to witness one of the finest NYC occasions in December, which contains star-studded new Year’s night parties, the unavoidable surprise engagement and a opportunity to be featured ~ above live television.

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This year is much different and also the desire tosay "goodbye" to 2021 is great. Here"s what you should know around this year"s times Square new Year"s Eve.

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Is the brand-new Year"s sphere Drop happening?

Yes, yet only completely vaccinated world will be able to celebrate in times Square. Follow to an main statement, attendees that are 5 years of period or larger will have to present proof of inoculation to hang the end in the area. Unvaccinated minors under the period of five, ~ above the other hand, must be add by a vaccinated adult to enter the event and they will need to don face coverings throughout your stay. World that space unable to gain vaccinated since of a special needs will have to current proof the a an unfavorable PCR test taken at the very least 72 hrs prior to the event and likewise wear a mask for the expression of the festivities.

Whenis the times Square new Year’s eve celebration?

Friday, December 31, beginning at 6pm.

Who will certainly be performing and also what will certainly I see during the times Square new Year’s eve celebration?

The brand-new Year’s Eve round coverage begins at 6 p.m.

L.A."s Dick Clark’s new Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrestbeings in ~ 8pm EST with performances by Ajr and Daisy the Great, Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker, huge Boi and also Sleepy Brown, Don Omar, French Montana, Macklemore with Ryan Lewis and Windser, Mae Muller, Måneskin, masked Wolf, Onerepublic, Polo G and also Walker Hayes.Daddy Yankee will give a unique hometown performance in Puerto Rico together well!

How carry out I tune in to check out the round drop?

The times Square Alliance and also Countdown Entertainment room streaming a webcast the the 2022 new Year"s night celebration starting at 6pm.

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You can additionally watch the sphere drop live in ~


Ring in 2022 with lots of food, drinks and also beautiful see at ours Brooklyn market!The countdown to brand-new Year’s Eve, 2021 yes, really began back on January 1, but there’s tho time to do plans because that the many promising occasion of the season!Time out Market brand-new York in Dumbo, Brooklyn has two level of funny this December 31. For $100, you’ll gain accessibility to the market’s sprawling an initial floor beginning at 9pm, whereby you’ll have actually a $75 occasion card to invest on a tasting adventure at extremely regarded Eateries and three bars. You’ll also hear DJ sets, live swing band bops and toast under a balloon drop with a little something sparkling in hand at midnight.A $150 VIP ticket it s okay you unfettered accessibility to everything the market needs to offer, a $100 event card and also exclusive 9pm entry come Time out Market’s beautiful terrace and also its tremendous views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan throughout the glittering, moonlit east River. The Rooftop has even an ext vendors, including Fornino pizza, Tiki Chick and the famous Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors. DJs will set the atmosphere up here too, and a live Latin Jazz tape goes on at 10:30pm. The Rooftop’s midnight toast lets you ring in the brand-new year with an individually-sized bottle of bubbly appropriate as we roll right into 2022.Time the end Market brand-new York is situated at 55 Water Street.