The letter K is not among the most generally used letter in the English language. However, the does not discount the affect many confident K words can have on people. Words favor kind, kissing and keepsake have the right to all evoke in united state a emotion of happiness, that optimism, of positivity. The following is a list of positive words that start with K to define a human being or thing, compiled from all kinds the sources, also other languages.


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Positive words That begin With K

Kawaii – means “cute” in JapaneseKeenKeenlyKeenness
Kekoa – Hawaiian “warrior”KemptKeyKickass
KickyKidKid friendlyKiddish
KiddiesKidsKillerKilling it
Kind heartedKindleKindlyKindness
KnowledgeKnowledgeableKonnichiwa – means “hello” in JapaneseKook
KookilyKookyKris kringleKudos
Kumusta – method “hello” in TagalogKvellKwanzaa

To plunder up, there are hundreds of positive native that start with K that deserve to be found in many languages across the globe that have actually a happy, optimistic, or empowering connotation. Even the words the compiled this list span the globe, representing English, Hebrew, Hawaiian, Japanese and others. While the English words might be the most basic to recognize for native speakers, the international words have the right to be really exciting to learn and fun to incorporate into your own everyday language. This is due to the fact that some that these optimistic words that begin with the letter K don’t have one single definition but have the right to be used to refer a complicated feeling or idea. But, again, the allude is that each occupational reflects some facet of happiness, ranging from ideas such together behavior, power, beauty, health, fine being, and also even greater concept like heavenly, sacred, and forgiveness.

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These positive words beginning with K space special, no just due to the fact that they space positive, but because they disclose something around the society they originate from. We hope you took pleasure in this repertoire of killer positive adjectives that begin with K!