Two McDonald's employee in Florida have filed a $500m (£400m) class activity lawsuit, accusing the quick food huge of fostering "systemic sexual harassment".

Jamelia Fairley and also Ashley Reddick are called on behalf of part 5,000 ladies from over 100 us McDonald's outlets.

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"McDonald's has constantly been committed to ensuring the our employees space able to work-related in an setting that is totally free from all develops of discrimination and harassment," the company said in a statement.

Ms Fairley and Ms Reddick sign up with 5,000 various other women that have operated at corporate-run McDonald's restaurants throughout Florida because April 2016 and also experienced sexual harassment top top the job.

The suit, filed in the company's house state the Illinois, centres top top a details McDonald's restaurant near Orlando, Florida, and alleges "extensive illegal harassment that went ignored by management". The plaintiffs to speak that countless women were topic to "pervasive sexual harassment and a hostile work-related environment, including groping, sexual assault and also sexually-charged comments" in ~ the Orlando restaurant.

Ms Fairley, 24, insurance claims she to be harassed by 2 colleagues. One make sexually-explicit comments in the direction of her, she alleges, speak she had a "fat ass" and also that he would certainly "take top top a ride". Multiple sclerosis Fairley claims the comment escalated to undesirable touching. The colleague would certainly pull her right into his groin area and also " his genitals on her", the suit claims.

Ms Reddick, 28, a previous McDonald's worker, likewise allegedly challenged verbal and physical harassment native a masculine co-worker. The colleague would rub his groin area against her, she says, and touch she thighs. On one chance she alleges he placed his phone call in prior of she face and also showed she a photo of his genitals.

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"Jamelia and also I space filing this lawsuit on behalf of McDonald's workers across Florida due to the fact that the company needs to action up and also protect us," ms Reddick said. "We're no the only ones who have been sexually harassed if on the project at McDonald's... This is a nation-wide problem, the company has known around it because that years and we won't protect against speaking out until McDonald's listens come us."

It is the most recent in a collection of sex-related harassment allegations waged versus the company, including another class activity lawsuit in Michigan released in November 2019.

McDonald's has said the it to update its discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation policy and also training in January 2019 and also says it supplies a cost-free hotline to contact with any kind of "employment concerns".

The Time's increase Legal Defense fund was founded in 2018 between a tide of well-known anger over workplace harassment following the exposure the abuse by powerful men.

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The money is donate by some of Hollywood's most an effective women, consisting of Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman.

It connect low-wage employees experiencing sex-related harassment come lawyers approximately the country and also has received an ext than 4,915 requests because that assistance due to the fact that its founding. It has actually committed to funding 174 instances with the $24m increased so far in donations.