Receiving a faulty device from port Freight tools or noticing the they sent out you the wrong piece of hardware is a special type of disappointment. Nobody has too lot time because that deciphering complex return rules, particularly in the middle of a super necessary DIY project or any comparable task.

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This is why us made the ultimate overview to the harbor Freight return policy—to assist you address the problem successfully and also get what the retailer fan you in record time! Read every our tips and also find out how using can help you document return requests with Harbor Freight and any other firm in no time.

Harbor Freight tools Return plan in a couple of Words

Harbor Freight assets that didn’t fulfill your demands or expectations deserve to be returned within 90 days indigenous the purchase date:

Solve my Problem
Get Started
To the nearest sleeve locationBy mail

Here room the most important return rules you should be aware of:

You need a valid proof of purchase regardless of the return methodYou can pick whether you desire to obtain a complete refund or a replacement upon returning a faulty or incorrect itemSome products, such together sprays, pumps, and other items containing oil or gas, have actually a modification return policyThere are items for which you may need to pay a 20% re-stocking fee—the criteria count on the problem you facedThe company won’t refund shipping costs or any other managing charges
Can you Return Items come Harbor Freight ViaYes/No
In personYes

Returning undesirable Harbor Freight item via Mail

When it pertains to returns, the first option is sending out the products you space unhappy with earlier to the retailer. To be able to do it, girlfriend must acquire special authorization indigenous the company. Below are the steps you should follow:

Call harbor Freight customer support at (800) 444-3353Provide the agent through your order number and also tell them the factor for return the product(s)Pack the items according to the agent’s instructions and ship them come the merchant

You can call the that company customer business Monday with Sunday native 6 a.m. Come 6 p.m.

Returning undesirable Harbor Freight Items to the Store

If you have actually a port Freight save in her neighborhood, friend may find returning the items there an ext convenient than shipping them at your cost. The best way to find a surrounding retail ar is to input her ZIP code in the online store locator on the company’s website. Make certain to bring the order packing slip through you to assist the shop assistant find your purchase in the database.

How execute Harbor Freight Returns there is no a Receipt Work?

No proof of acquisition for the bespeak you want to return? In together cases, it’s necessary to achieve the same type of phone authorization you need for mail-in returns. Once the customer treatment reps manage to find your acquisition in your system, girlfriend will have the ability to proceed through your return.

Is It possible To Return Pumps and Sprayers to Harbor Freight?

Due to security concerns, you might not be allowed to take it some varieties of pumps and also sprayers back. To inspect whether the items girlfriend purchased room eligible because that a return, perform the following:

Check page two to watch if you can return the specific products by verifying their SKU

If your items room on the list, fill out all the required fields and also email the completed and also scanned form to pumps_sprayers

Let begin a Return for You in a matter of Minutes

If traditional return procedures proposed by port Freight are offering you a tough time, we have a solution!


You don’t need to wait in long shop queues to take earlier the products you room dissatisfied with. will assist you begin your return from residence by creating and sending a return inquiry letter on your behalf. Besides informing the merchant about the trouble you space facing, the inquiry we create will additionally require the agency to process your return in a mentioned amount that time!

What you must do is:

Select Item Return RequestTell us around the faulty/incorrect item by answering some concerns from ours chatbotAttach part photos if applicable or necessary

We will make certain the retailer receives her request as soon as possible!


Have girlfriend had similar issues with other merchants? Check the end our learning center for more handy travel guide to initiating return with:

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Is the company Refusing come Cooperate? us Can help You get Justice

Is whatever firm you’re handling not being a great sport? nothing worry—the world’s an initial robot lawyer is below to help. Our app can prepare all the vital paperwork and carry out guidance if you want to sue the agency in small claims court.

We have the right to also assist you attract up any legal paper you require for the case, have it notarized by an digital notary, and fax it to anyone in a issue of minutes.

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