Egg Pod is a maker that allows you to make 4 hard boiled eggs in the microwave. Walk it yes, really work? right here is my Egg Pod review.

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Where come Purchase

There room three primary places where Egg Pod have the right to be purchased. Friend can find it top top Amazon for about $20, or in part stores in the As viewed on TV aisle for about $15-$20. The main website is wherein it at this time costs $19.99 + $6.95 shipping.

About Egg Pod

Egg Pod is an egg-shaped plastic an equipment with an aluminum inner that permits you to cook and also partially peel hard boiled eggs all in the exact same unit. The official product website is, which has actually been proclaiming throughout the an initial half the 2020.

Claims & Features

Cooks and also peels hard boiled eggsMicrowave use onlySpace conserving designBPA complimentary plastic

Egg Pod Review

The As checked out on TV sector seems to have actually an obsession with egg gadgets, going ago decades, and also for factors I can only imagine. This particular day I’m acquisition a look in ~ the Egg Pod, i beg your pardon is a small egg-shaped maker that allows you to create four easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs

Using Egg Pod is fairly straightforward. Insert 4 eggs, add 50ml of water (with the supplied measuring cup), microwave for about 9 minutes, permit sit for 2 minutes, operation under cool water for 2 minutes, strongly shake the Egg Pod (with water still in the unit), and you should have 4 easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs. The just step the didn’t walk smoothly because that me was the shaking, i m sorry is stated to require 10 shakes in the instructions. I discovered that quite a bit an ext shaking was needed in bespeak to loosen the peels.

Egg Pod holds four eggs.
Vigorous shower of the unit helps peel the eggs.
The outcomes of shiver the Egg Pod, which enables eggs come be easily peeled.
The final result: A perfectly hard-boiled egg.

The official Egg Pod website states, the the “unique design peels cooking eggs for you in seconds.” It might be a minor point, however I take a tiny issue with this wording which can be construed to average that the maker does the peeling because that you, however that is no the case. You still need to peel the eggs yourself, however the vigorous shower in the water is a proven method to aid separate the egg native the shell. There are even products devoted to this technique, such together The Negg. Ns should additionally note the the vigorous shiver did result in water leaking the end of the sides (even despite the unit to be locked). I don’t think that is a transaction breaker, however you may want to save that in mind on your first use therefore you deserve to be ready!

Overall I discovered the Egg Pod to work as advertised, and also the instructions seemed to it is in accurate. The eggs that i “boiled” in the unit turned out as well as I would intend with various other methods. Taste and texture were identical from classic hard cook methods. I would certainly caution the different varieties of eggs and microwaves of differing power could affect your results, yet in my situation the eggs turned out as soon as the indict were followed to the letter.


There is, the course, the dispute that such a maker may no be essential at all. Spending 13 minutes cooking and cooling does not seem much much faster than cook a pot the water in which friend can chef a dozen or an ext eggs at once, and also you likewise don’t require a specialized single-use device for that method. Egg Pod likewise limits you to only 4 eggs in ~ a time, and also there to be no instructions just how to cook less than 4 eggs – for this reason that might take part trial and error to get right.

I execute think the Egg Pod works, although I’m not persuaded it is necessary.

Below you have the right to see my reviews because that the Egg Pod and additionally the Copper chief Perfect Egg Maker, in addition to my egg peeler comparison (which also includes The Negg).


Among the seemingly many egg devices I have actually reviewed over the years, I would certainly recommend the Copper chef Perfect Egg device as a viable alternative to the Egg Pod. It sporting activities a comparable shape, return it can hold 14 eggs and is a standalone unit, definition you don’t also need a microwave. The item costs roughly the exact same as Egg Pod, relying on where you acquire it. Friend can likewise see my full review of the item above.

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Your Egg Pod Reviews

Have you provided Egg Pod or a similar item? tell me what friend think in the comments below.