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Finding a bump in your breast can reason a the majority of anxiety. Most breast lumps, particularly in younger women, space not led to by cancer.

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They may be non-cancerous (benign) lumps (such as cysts) or infection. You must make one appointment through your GP as quickly as possible if you discover a chest lump. They will then decide if you need referral come a specialist breast clinic for further tests.


There are many causes of chest lumps. The most common reasons are:

Fibroadenoma.Breast cysts.Infection.Fat necrosis.

Normal (physiological) swelling and also tenderness

Your breasts readjust throughout your menstrual cycle every month because of your hormones. In ~ least half of all females who have actually periods will have actually some pain, tenderness and lumpiness in your breasts at part time in the month. This is typically most apparent in the week prior to your period. It quickly goes as soon as your period starts.

When this pain and also lumpiness cause problems, the problem is known as fibrocystic change. Pain and lumps (nodules) may occur which room severe sufficient to need checking through a doctor. The is much more common in ladies aged 30-50.


This is a non-cancerous (benign) breast lump that typically occurs in ladies under the age of 40. That is most typical in women in your 20s. That is the many common type of benign breast lump.

These lumps take place as a an outcome of excess expansion of the glands and also connective tissue in the breasts. They commonly feel like round, firm and also rubbery lumps. Lock usually move slightly under the skin once they room pressed. They space not usually painful.

Sometimes they have the right to disappear that their own accord or they deserve to be removed. They tend to pursue the menopause.

Breast cysts

A cyst is a fluid-filled lump. Cysts are much more common in women approaching menopause, although they can occur at any type of age. They space usually oval or round lumps that space smooth and also firm. They often tend to move slightly when pressed. The is usual for lock to appear within 2 weeks prior to your period and climate to walk away (resolve) shortly after the period.

Cysts cannot turn right into cancer and do not always need treating when the diagnosis has actually been confirmed. Where treatment is needed, it frequently involves draining the liquid from the cyst. This is done by using a slim needle placed into your chest by the doctor. After draining, part cysts will refill through fluid however can it is in drained again. Usually this is excellent by a specialist medical professional in a breast clinic.


A lump caused by epidemic is relatively common in females who space breastfeeding. The ducts that carry the breast milk can come to be blocked. Virus (bacteria) can go into through cracks in the nipple. This can lead come the development of a collection of pus (abscess) in the breast. Heat compresses, paracetamol and/or antibiotics might be needed. Epidemic can likewise cause lumps in women who room not breastfeeding.

Fat necrosis

Injury or trauma to the fatty organization in your breast can reason a lump. This lumps generally heal and also go away of their very own accord. However, if castle persist climate they have the right to be removed.


A lipoma is a fatty growth that establishes within the fatty organization of your breast. That is non-cancerous and usually does no need any treatment. However, it deserve to be removed if that is huge or causing any type of symptoms.

Breast cancer

The vast bulk of breast lumps room not led to by breast cancer. However, chest cancers space a cause of lumps in the breasts.

See the different leaflet called Breast Cancer for much more details.

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What must I perform if I uncover a chest lump?

If you discover a lump in one of your breasts, you have to make an appointment v your GP as quickly as possible. As soon as you check out your GP, they may start by questioning you part questions. That is a great idea to think around these questions before your appointment.

Questions may include:

When walk you an alert the lump?Do friend have any type of breast pain?Do friend have any nipple discharge?When was your last duration (if friend still have them)?Are you taking a hormone medicine such together the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement treatment (HRT)?Have you had breast lumps before?Do you have any history of breast troubles in your family?

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Breast examination

Your doctor might then imply that they examine your breasts. A male physician should always offer because that a chaperone come be existing during the examination. Occasionally female physicians will additionally offer a chaperone. You will be inquiry by the physician to remove your top and also bra. They may want to research your breasts, through your arms in the air and then by her sides. Castle may likewise want to examine your breasts as soon as you space sitting and also then lied down. Lock may additionally want to research underneath your arms to feeling for any enlarged lymph glands. Your doctor may ask friend to allude out the lump to them. If you have had any kind of nipple discharge, her doctor might ask friend to demonstrate this yourself by asking you come squeeze your nipple.

There is an ext than one right method to examine the breasts and doctors might differ in your approach.

What happens next?

This will count on what your doctor finds as soon as they examine you. If you space under 30 year old, are still having actually periods and have only simply noticed the lump, your doctor may suggest that friend return for an additional examination ~ your following period.

In many cases, the medical professional will indicate they to express you come a specialist chest clinic. Right here you will view a physician who has actually special specialization in taking care of breast problems. This is to check that your lump is not cancer. Most breast lumps space NOT cancer however it is important to be particular by doing part tests.

You can usually intend an appointment at the clinic within a short space of time. However, waiting times deserve to vary depending on how liven the clinic is and also how immediate your GP feeling the problem is. The aim is that any type of woman with a breast lump need to be checked out in a specialist breast clinic within 2 weeks. If your physician feels that you are much more likely to have actually one the the non-cancerous (benign) reasons of a breast lump, it might take longer than 2 weeks for you to it is in seen.

Even if you space referred urgently, you have to remember the your lump may still rotate out to it is in benign. The majority of world referred to a breast clinic do not have breast cancer.

What to intend if girlfriend are referred to a chest clinic

Usually over there is a specialist chest nurse who works in a breast clinic. This nurse might be existing during her appointment v the doctor and is usually obtainable for any type of questions afterwards. In part clinics, the specialist nurse operation the clinic and you may only see the nurse.

In most clinics you will firstly it is in asked around your symptoms. You might be provided an details sheet to to fill out. This may incorporate some that the questions that are listed above. ~ this, the chest specialist doctor or nurse will study your breasts in a similar means to the examination by her GP. They may then imply that you have actually some more tests.

These can encompass a mammogram and/or an ultrasound scan that your breast (see below). Frequently investigations are lugged out top top the exact same day the you attend the clinic. Occasionally you may be offered an appointment to come earlier for a test.

The breast specialist may also suggest that they take a sample (biopsy) that the lump. There room two typical ways of law this, one of two people by fine-needle aspiration or a main point biopsy:

Fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is a procedure where a small, well needle, through a syringe connected to it, is offered to take a sample of breast cells indigenous the lump.For a core biopsy, a larger needle is provided to take a sample of organization from your breast lump.

They room both straightforward procedures. Sometimes ultrasound scanning is excellent to guide the procedure. The specialist uses the scan come identify exactly where the bump is so that they deserve to take the sample. The sample might be taken on the same day in the breast clinic or you might be provided an appointment to come ago for the procedure.

Other advice

If you do need to go earlier to a breast clinic to receive your results, it might be a great idea to take it a partner, family member or friend with you. In this means you will have actually someone current to offer you assistance if you require it. However, remember that for plenty of women who have actually these tests, the results present that they do NOT have cancer. Lock may have one the the non-cancerous (benign) breast problems that are debated above.

You should also remember that also if your tests perform come earlier as benign, you have to still continue to it is in vigilant and be breast-aware. If you feel anything in her breasts that is not common for you, check out your doctor as shortly as possible.

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See your GP if you room worried about any new breast pain, lumps or nipple discharge.