The world-renowned las Vegas piece is a one-of-a-kind destination with casinos, hotels, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and attractions, and since 2009 has actually been the home difficult Rock Cafe. Ours cafe is located on the famed Las vegas Boulevard in the Showcase Mall, alongside the MGM cool and across from the Park MGM and T mobile Arena.

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A Cafe prefer No Other

Featuring 42,000 square feet the space, our ras Vegas cafe provides three floors the non-stop action and attributes the world"s biggest Rock Shop®, high-speed internet access, a modern lounge and also bar, and also patio dining v an unobstructed see of the world-famous ras Vegas Strip.

Get loud at tough Rock LIVE

A difficult Rock LIVE multi-function venue on the 3rd floor rocks through concert-style accommodations because that 1,200 while state-of-the-art in-house audiovisual equipment offers mind-blowing imagery and also sound. Hard Rock LIVE additionally features a built-in stage and lighting and sound system accompanied by a green Room that has actually been occupied by artists from roughly the globe.

Pinktober Pinktober

A part of the proceeds of select food and merchandise sales will certainly go to hard Rock Heals to benefit The Caron Keating structure and The American Cancer Society.

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Lionel Messi Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

We have partnered v Legendary footballer Lionel Messi in solemn event of our 50th Anniversary. His merchandise is now accessible in our absent Shop. 5% of all sales indigenous the Messi goods in tough Rock Cafe las Vegas will be donated come Tomorrow"s Stars Foundation.

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Happy Hour Happy Hour
Happy Hour

Join united state for Happy Hour daily 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Reap $1 off draft beers, $5 residence liquor and also $6 red and also white wine.

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We room Hiring We room Hiring

Passionate, Irreverent, Democratic, and Unpredictable. This is what provides up who WE space at tough Rock International. While preserving our brand traditional excellence, we space constantly in search of ways come deliver enhanced Service with our actions and attitude.

Elopement Elopement
It every Starts v a tiny Rock

Now the you"re prepared to tie the knot, Personalize your occasion with us and get the absent Star therapy you deserve.

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Cruise top top in..

Members of the Harley Davidson owner club obtain 15% discount on food & non-alcoholic beverages at pick Hard absent Cafes!

Enjoy join to world-famous madame Tussauds on the las Vegas Strip where you deserve to mix v the latest stars the stage and also screen! then head to the tough Rock Cafe because that a delicious meal surrounded by legendary rock and also roll memorabilia!