Jim Allen, chairman and CEO of tough Rock International, celebrate one year the the hard Rock Hotel & Casino on the Atlantic City Boardwalk during a push conference Friday, June 28, 2019.

DAVID DANZIS/Staff Writer/

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ATLANTIC CITY — difficult Rock’s chief executive is no pleased with the problem of the city and also believes the seaside resort can be doing an ext to improve, particularly given the that company $500 million-plus investment to reopen a shuttered Boardwalk casino.

“Candidly, we’re disappointed v Atlantic City,” Jim Allen, chairman of difficult Rock International and also CEO that Seminole Gaming, told worldwide Gaming business magazine throughout an interview in October the was posted earlier this month. “There’s no other method to say it. ... That a shame the they walk not climb to the chance of a company coming in, placing $500 million into that city.”


Mayor Marty small Sr. Said he construed Allen’s position. Little said he and also other city leaders are grateful to difficult Rock for creating almost 3,000 brand-new jobs and also “bringing life ago to that end of the Boardwalk.”

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But, offered the time of Allen’s remarks, just days after market Frank Gilliam Jr. Resigned in disgrace, small said he hope the international hospitality company would enable him time to implement his vision for Atlantic City.

“Yes, I’ve remained in government for 16 year (as a city councilman), yet I’ve never had actually the chance to it is in mayor,” tiny said Thursday. “Going top top what is 60 work (in office), I can only speak come the direction that I’m acquisition the city — the adjust in the climate and society in City Hall, ours clean-and-safe initiatives, pumping much-needed money via grants right into the city — and all of the points that we’ve excellent in a short duration of time, and we’re just getting started. I’m excited and also optimistic the this management will readjust how he feels about the City of Atlantic City.”