Hours of Operations

We're ready as soon as you are! join us any day that the main to watch what's keep going at difficult Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.

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Greatest hits Lounge

Discover an i can not forget gaming experience like no other. We're bringing the end the most famous games and biggest hits such together Polar High Roller®, happy Ducky®, The Hunt because that Neptune's Gold®, silver Dollar Shootout®, and Lightning Link®. So take the stage and make your night legendary.

Your Safe-Cation Destination

Feel safe and also sound once you stay and play with us! at this time, us are only accepting appointments for a best of 5 nights.

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Introducing the safe + SOUND program: substantial guidelines enhancing cleaning practices, society interactions, and also workplace protocols. 

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Live Your greatest Hits

Whether you are winning on her favorite game, listening come live music or enjoying a meal through us, you can constantly live your best hits at tough Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.


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Belfor Certificate that Disinfection

This facility is disinfected for: COVID-19, Hepatitis, Influenza, MRSA, typical Cold, Norovirus, Strep, Salmonella, + 39 various other disease-causing bacteria and viruses


What Responsible Hospitality method for ours Guests

We look forward to see our guest again and providing the unrivaled hospitality and entertainment girlfriend have involved expect. Our Responsible Hospitality regime outlines amplified cleaning and also safety protocols we room implementing across every casino. 



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difficult Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

Hard absent Hotel & Casino Tulsa

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777 W. Cherokee Street, Catoosa, yes 74015 (800) 760-6700 obtain Directions