Mohan Kailas urges City Council no to "kill a project" by placing new height restrictions on the site


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Mohan Kailas, developer of the difficult Rock Hotel, in this October 2017 record photo.

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Still, Kailas, a neighborhood developer with extensive holdings in downtown brand-new Orleans, stays in control. In a composed statement Thursday, the accused the the supervisory board of placing the site in “indefinite limbo” and also “killing a task with an international brand i m sorry would annually generate numerous dollars of taxation revenue because that the city and also create thousands of jobs."

Attorney Stephen Dwyer, who represents the development firm, claimed Kailas no to blame because that the engineering and also constructions fail that caused the collapse.

“What taken place with this collapse had actually nothing to do with the developer’s success in doing what a developer does and he certainly should be allowed to execute it again,” Dwyer said.

Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer said throughout the meeting that 1031 Canal Street had violated the public’s trust. Throughout a press conference later Thursday where she called for criminal charges versus those involved in the project, she claimed Kailas’ comment was “absurd.”

Palmer made her remarks standing close to the site with the households of the 3 workers - Jose Ponce Arreola, Quinnyon Wimblerly and Anthony Magrette – who died during the collapse. Two of the workers’ bodies were trapped in the rubble for months. The demolition process only sheathe up earlier this spring.

Irene Wimberly, Quinyonn Wimberly’s mother, explained the trauma of having actually lost her son and said accountability was needed for the collapse.

“Because that what taken place on the date, he’s no much longer with me and also all I’ll speak is I want justice done. Someone should pay for what taken place on that day,” she said. “Everything should have been taken care of because that them and to be for sure for castle on the day, however instead he remained in that building virtually 10 months and also that to be horrifying for me.”

Any future advance at the site was meant to it is in bogged under – probably for years – in the myriad lawsuits filed end the collapse. But Dwyer said that was not the case.

“In this case there is lot of of insurance,” that said, which would certainly allow advance to continue on the website despite any kind of legal actions. “If we had the conditional usage permit we might start reasonably quickly through rebuilding the project.”

The council measure, funded by Palmer, would move the city in the direction of reinstating earlier zoning rules the governed the hard Rock site. In 2011, Palmer, who represents the French 4 minutes 1 and nearby parts that the city, spearheaded approval that the conditional usage permit that enabled the developer to construct up to 190 feet. If that permit is rescinded, future advancement at the site will be minimal to 70 feet.


The exact cause that the collapse has actually not to be determined, yet the federal occupational Safety and also Health management cited the lead engineer, James Heaslip, ~ above the project for serious safety lapses. Critical month, WWL-TV derived emails mirroring that a material supplier warned construction builders on the task that they essential to either usage heavier gauge stole or add an ext supports to stop problems. Heaslip has actually denied any wrongdoing.

Dwyer noted OSHA did not mention Kailas.

“The developer didn’t style the building, the developer didn’t construct the building, the developer was waiting for the tricks to open up a hotel,” Dwyer said, suggesting rescinding the elevation restrictions lot to an initiative “to punish the developer who has actually suffered by not simply losing his project yet the developer who has actually lost millions dollars.”

He included that to be not identical to the lives shed in the collapse.

The exact status that Kailas’ planning is not yet clear, yet Dwyer and also Kailas both said they would certainly involve brand-new contractors and also “world-renowned” engineers. He also said difficult Rock International, the Florida-based hotel and also casino firm, to be on board through the rebuilding plan. The firm licensed its name to the hotel project. In the aftermath of the collapse, it to be vocal about the fact that it to be not connected in the building’s development.

Hard Rock International decreased to discuss the task or their present involvement.

No criminal charges have been filed in relationship to the collapse regardless of investigations by commonwealth regulators and also other agencies, including the brand-new Orleans Office that Inspector General, which has actually not however finished that is probe.

On Thursday, Palmer and also the family members of the tough Rock’s victims referred to as for district Attorney Jason Williams to document criminal charges as a result of the collapse.

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In one emailed statement, ar Attorney Jason Williams said he has spoken with the Office the the Inspector general three times because taking office in ~ the start of the year and also is awaiting your findings “to ensure the accountability and also justice is served for the people of brand-new Orleans.”

“My appointment is steadfast come families influenced and the citizens of the city to hold anyone responsible in the difficult Rock collapse accountable, and also I am passionate to obtain the OIG’s investigative report come make certain that justice is served,” Williams said.