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If you think Ivy league schools are hard to obtain into — well, you aren"t wrong. Critical fall,elite schools began to report their accept ratesfor your graduating class of 2025. Some prices rose, but many dropped drastically, many thanks in component to rise in applications.

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One large change for the 2022 Niche rankings: A de-emphasis ~ above standardized test scores. One increasing number of colleges are making such tests optional for prospective students. As a result, test scores to be a smaller variable for 2002 — 20%, versus 40% in 2020 and also 2021.

Here"s the 2022 Niche ranking for the 50 hardest institutions to obtain into.

50. Carleton College

Carleton university via on facebook

Ranked together Minnesota"s ideal college for 2022, Carleton College has actually a 19% acceptance rate.

It also has no applications fee.

49. Northeastern University

Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg via Getty images

Northeastern University, one of several colleges top top this list located in the Boston area, has actually an acceptance rate of 18%.

For 2022, it"s ranked top top the Niche survey as America"s sixth many liberal college.

48. Wesleyan University

Wesleyan university via facebook

Wesleyan college in Connecticut has actually an acceptance rate of 16%.

Applicants space not required to take the SATs or ACTs, yet those scores space considered.

47. Brand-new York University

NOAM GALAI / Getty pictures

A newcomer to the 2022 list, new York University has actually a 16% accept rate.

It ranks together the No. 2 school for film and photography, behind only the university of southerly California.

46. Hamilton College

Justin Tafoya/NCAA picture via Getty images

Hamilton College, one more newcomer top top this perform for 2022, is in Clinton, N.Y.

It has actually a 16% accept rate and also ranks highly for English studies.

45. Pitzer College

Pitzer college via facebook

The acceptance rate at Pitzer College, in California, is 14%.

A high institution GPA is required for consideration, yet not satellite scores.

44. University of California, Berkeley

Keegan Houser/University of California - Berkeley

The university of California, Berkeley has a 16% acceptance rate.

Despite the school"s call for left-leaning politics, Niche ranks Berkeley as only the 25th most liberal university in the country; American University, in Washington, D.C., is No. 1.

43. Emory University

Emory university

This school, in Atlanta, has actually an acceptance rate of 16%.

It is ranked by Niche together No. 2 amongst the topChristian colleges in America for 2022.

42. Haverford College

Haverford university

The acceptance rate at Haverford college in Pennsylvania is 16%.

SAT scores are considered yet not required.

41. United States armed forces Academy in ~ West Point

united States armed forces Academy in ~ West allude via on facebook

The acceptance rate at the united States military Academy at West Point, in new York, is 12%.

The Niche survey provides the institution a punishing D+ grade because that its party scene, yet an A+ for academics. It"s also ranked together America"s No. 1 college with no application fee because that 2022.

40. The Cooper Union for the advance of Science and also Art

The Cooper Union because that The breakthrough of Science and Art via on facebook

The Cooper Union for the advancement of Science and Art has actually a 15% accept rate.

It specialization in art and also architecture, amongst other majors.

39. Middlebury College

Middlebury college

The acceptance price at Vermont"s Middlebury university is 15%.

It claims to be the an initial U.S. University to take on an eco-friendly studies program.

38. Colorado College

Colorado university via facebook

Colorado College, a tiny liberal arts school in Colorado Springs, has actually an acceptance price of 14%.

It has no applications fee.

37. University of Notre Dame

university of Notre Dame via on facebook

Notre Dame has actually a 16% acceptance rate.

Niche ranking the Indiana college as the topCatholic university in the country for 2022.

36. Tufts University

Tufts university via on facebook

Tufts University, in Medford, Massachusetts, has actually a 15% acceptance rate.

Niche offers the school high marks for academics, diversity and also value.

35. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon college via on facebook

Carnegie Mellon University has actually a 15% acceptance rate.

For 2022, the Pittsburgh school is ranked No. 1 amongst thebest colleges for information an innovation studies in America.

34. Bates College

Joel Page/Portland Portland press Herald via Getty pictures

Bates College, in Lewiston, Maine, has a 12% acceptance rate.

SAT scores room neither forced nor recommended because that applicants.

33. Georgetown University

AGNES BUN/AFP via Getty pictures

Georgetown University has actually a 14% accept rate.

Niche prices the Washington, D.C. Catholic school highly for academics and diversity and also for its party scene.

32. University of California—Los Angeles

UCLA via Facebook/Matt Harbicht

The acceptance price at UCLA is 12%.

For 2022, Niche ranks its campus andfood options as No. 1out of every colleges. It"s additionally America"s height public college.

31. Tulane University

Stacy Revere/Getty photos

Located in brand-new Orleans, this school has actually an acceptance rate of 13%.

Niche has actually ranked it together the optimal party school in the nation for 2022.

30. United claims Air pressure Academy

United states Air pressure Academy via Instagram

United claims Air pressure Academy in Colorado Springs has an 11% acceptance rate.

Its party scene isn"t considered particularly interesting, but it is popular amongst students hope to significant in business.

29. Barnard College

Barnard university via on facebook

Barnard College, in brand-new York City, has a 12% accept rate.

It"s the finest women"s college in the U.S., follow to Niche.

28. Washington college in St. Louis

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Washington university in St. Louis has actually a 14% acceptance rate.

It"s routinely called by Niche as amongst the top on their list ofbest college campuses. This year, it"s also listed as No. 1 for best college dorms.

27. College of southern California

college of southerly California via facebook

The college of southern California has an 11% accept rate.

Niche has ranked the Los Angeles school among the finest in America for design, film and also photography and student life.

26. Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd university via on facebook

Harvey Mudd College, in Claremont, California, has actually a 14% accept rate.

Students who use there also tend to use to Claremont McKenna College and Pomona College. Engineering and also applied mathematics are well-known majors.

25. Williams College

Williams college via on facebook

Williams College, in Williamstown, Massachusetts, has actually an 13% acceptance rate.

Like numerous top tiny liberal art schools, this one walk not call for standardized tests, however of those who room accepted, the score range for the satellite is 1410 to 1550.

24. Amherst College

Amherst university via on facebook

Amherst College has an 11% acceptance rate.

Student who apply to the Amherst, Massachusetts university often also apply to Williams College, Bowdoin College and also Middlebury College.

23. United claims Naval Academy

United states Naval Academy via facebook

The United says Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland has an 8% acceptance rate.

Applicants here likewise usually apply to the United claims Air pressure Academy, the joined States armed forces Academy at West Point, and the joined States coast Guard Academy.

22. Claremont McKenna College

Claremont McKenna university via facebook

Claremont McKenna College, in Claremont, California, has actually a 10% acceptance rate.

A popular major is economics.

21. Colby College

Colby College/Dustin Satloff

Colby college in Maine has actually a 10% accept rate.

Of the ideal colleges v no applications fee, Colby ranks No. 4.

20. Cornell University

Cornell university via on facebook

Cornell University, in Ithaca, N.Y., has actually an 11% acceptance rate, according to its latest reported data.

It"s called by Niche as among the best colleges for agricultural sciences in America.

19. Johns Hopkins University

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Johns Hopkins University has actually an 7.4% acceptance rate.

Public wellness is a popular major at the Baltimore school.

18. Bowdoin College

Gabe Souza/Portland Portland press Herald/Getty photos

Brunswick, Maine"s Bowdoin College has an 9% acceptance rate.

Niche has actually named it amongst thebest liberal arts collegesin the country.

17. Swarthmore College

Swarthmore university via facebook

Swarthmore university in Pennsylvania has a 9% acceptance rate.

The student-faculty ratio is 8-1.

16. Northwestern University

Northwestern university via facebook

Northwestern University has actually a 9% acceptance rate.

The Evanston, Illinois university is regularly rated as one of thebest colleges for interactions in America. It"s additionally tops because that an education and learning in the performing arts.

15. Vanderbilt University

Justin Tafoya/NCAA picture via Getty photos

Nashville"s Vanderbilt University has actually a 9% accept rate.

It"s called by Niche together thebest university in America to examine education.

14. Rice University

Rice college via facebook

Rice University has actually a 9% acceptance rate.

Niche has ranked the Houston school among the finest for examining physical therapy and also sports management.

13. Pomona College

Pomona college via facebook

Pomona college in Claremont, California has actually an 7% acceptance rate.

It"s called by Niche as the ideal liberal arts college in America.

12. Dartmouth College

The Washington Post/Getty pictures

Dartmouth College, in Hanover, new Hampshire, has actually an 8% acceptance rate.

There is one faculty member for every seven students.

11. University of Pennsylvania

college of Pennsylvania via facebook

The college of Pennsylvania has an 8% accept rate.

The Philadelphia institution was newly ranked by Niche as the ideal college for service in America.

10. Duke University

duke University via facebook

Duke University, in Durham, phibìc Carolina, has actually an 8% accept rate.

Duke is recognized for that is high-quality athletics programs, and its public-policy education.

9. Brown University

Brown university via facebook

Brown college in Providence, Rhode Island has a 7% acceptance rate.

The college is recognized for English studies, as well as its global studies.

8. Columbia University

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New York City"s Columbia University has actually a 5% accept rate.

Economics is a famous major; the university additionally among the height schools for seeking an English major.

7. Yale University

Yale college via on facebook

Yale University has actually a 6% acceptance rate.

For 2022, Niche has ranked that professors as the best in America. The school"s history program is likewise ranked at No. 1.

6. College of Chicago

The university of Chicago via facebook

The college of Chicago has a 6% accept rate.

Its most renowned majors room economics and computer science.

5. Massachusetts institute of Technology

Massachusetts academy of an innovation via on facebook

MIT, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has actually a 7% acceptance rate.

For 2022, it ranks as Niche"s all at once best university in the unified States and also ranks especially high in computer system science and also math.

4. Princeton University

WILLIAM thomas CAIN / Getty images

Princeton University has actually a 6% acceptance rate.

Three alumni the the brand-new Jersey university have served as can be fried Court justices. The school ranks extremely for its chemistry and public plan programs.

3. California academy of Technology

California institute of technology via facebook

Considered one of the best little colleges America needs to offer, Cal Tech, in Pasadena, California has actually a 6% accept rate.

Niche ranks Cal technology as the finest college for physics in America. It likewise has a reputation as a mecca because that budding engineers.

2. Harvard University

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Harvard University has a 5% accept rate.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts university ranks highly for many majors, according to Niche, consisting of math,psychology,biologyandpolitical science.

1. Stanford University

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Stanford University has actually a 4% acceptance rate.

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The California institution also was named by Niche together the No. 1 institution for athletics for 2022. The school is also known for its psychology program.