There’ s an unspoken fact in the us that Ivy organization schools space the most challenging to obtain into. Troubling is that peak tier schools favor Harvard, Princeton, and also Yale have the right to be so competitive. However not anyone knows what other universities room the hardest to gain into. Us looked at few of the toughest American colleges to acquire acceptance to v prestigious ranking systems, admissions rate, or college student selectivity, right here are the perform of the 10 most difficult universities for applying in the USA .

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Getting right into university deserve to be an extremely competitive particularly in top human being ranked colleges that have actually low acceptance rate. There is a tougher candidate poll v only ideal students getting admitted right into the universities.

This short article sheds an ext light top top the hardest universities to acquire into. Review on to get latest information on the hardest universities to acquire into in the world, ideal universities in the world, hardest universities to obtain into UK, hardest colleges come get good grades, Columbia University, ivy organization schools, Stanford University, many academically extreme colleges and also so much more. Friend can more in related articles on

Do you desire to study at among theworld’s top 100 universities? TheQS world University Rankingsoffers an each year updated perform of optimal 1,029 colleges worldwide. We will be revealing i m sorry of these made the height 100.

In the2021 editionof the QS people University Rankings,just under fifty percent of the height 100 colleges in the people are situated in the united state (which has 27 representatives) or the UK (18).

Here’s a complete rundown of the world’s peak 100.

1Massachusetts academy of an innovation (MIT)United States
2Stanford UniversityUnited States
3Harvard UniversityUnited States
4California institute of technology (Caltech)United States
5University that OxfordUnited Kingdom
6ETH Zurich (Swiss commonwealth Institute of Technology)Switzerland
7University that CambridgeUnited Kingdom
8Imperial college LondonUnited Kingdom
9University of ChicagoUnited States
10UCL (University college London)United Kingdom
11National university of Singapore (NUS)Singapore
12Princeton UniversityUnited States
13Nanyang technical University, Singapore (NTU)Singapore
14Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)Switzerland
15Tsinghua UniversityChina
16University that PennsylvaniaUnited States
18Yale UniversityUnited States
17Cornell UniversityUnited States
19Columbia UniversityUnited States
20University the EdinburghUnited Kingdom
21University the Michigan-Ann ArborUnited States
22University of Hong Kong (UKU)Hong Kong
23Peking UniversityChina
24University of TokyoJapan
25=Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States
25=University the TorontoCanada
27=Hong Kong college of science and an innovation (HKUST)Hong Kong
27=University that ManchesterUnited Kingdom
29Northwestern UniversityUnited States
30University that California, Berkeley (UCB)United States
31=Australian nationwide UniversityAustralia
31=King’s university LondonUnited Kingdom
31=McGill UniversityCanada
34Fudan UniversityChina
35New York university (NYU)United States
36University the California, Los Angeles (UCLA)United States
37Seoul nationwide UniversitySouth Korea
38Kyoto UniversityJapan
39KAIST – Korea progressed Institute of science & TechnologySouth Korea
40University the SydneyAustralia
41University that MelbourneAustralia
42Duke UniversityUnited States
43Chinese college of Hong Kong (CUHK)Hong Kong
44University of brand-new South Wales (UNSW Sydney)Australia
45University of brother ColumbiaCanada
46University of QueenslandAustralia
47Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityChina
48City college of Hong KongHong Kong
49London institution of Economics and Political science (LSE)United Kingdom
50Technical university of MunichGermany
51Carnegie Mellon UniversityUnited States
52Universite PSLFrance
53Zhejiang UniversityChina
54University the California, mountain Diego (UCSD)United States
55Monash UniversityAustralia
56Tokyo academy of TechnologyJapan
57Delft university of TechnologyNetherlands
58University the BristolUnited Kingdom
59Universiti Malaya (UM)Malaysia
60Brown UniversityUnited States
61University that AmsterdamNetherlands
62University the WarwickUnited Kingdom
63Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität MünchenGermany
64Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat HeidelbergGermany
65University that Wisconsin-MadisonUnited States
66=National Taiwan university (NTU)Taiwan
66=Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)Argentina
68Ecole PolytechniqueFrance
69=Korea UniversitySouth Korea
69=University of ZurichSwitzerland
71University that Texas at AustinUnited States
72=Osaka UniversityJapan
72=University the WashingtonUnited States
74Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityRussia
75Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHong Kong
76University of CopenhagenDenmark
77=Pohang college of scientific research and technology (POSTECH)South Korea
77=University of GlasgowUnited Kingdom
79Tohoku UniversityJapan
80Georgia academy of TechnologyUnited States
81University that AucklandNew Zealand
82University of Illinois in ~ Urbana-ChampaignUnited States
83Sorbonne UniversityFrance
84KU LeuvenBelgium
86Durham UniversityUnited Kingdom
85Yonsei UniversitySouth Korea
87University of BirminghamUnited Kingdom
88Sungkyunkwan university (SKKU)South Korea
89Rice UniversityUnited States
90University of SouthamptonUnited Kingdom
91University the LeedsUnited Kingdom
92University of west AustraliaAustralia
93=University that SheffieldUnited Kingdom
93=University of scientific research and technology of ChinaChina
95University of north Carolina, Chapel HillUnited States
96University the St AndrewsUnited Kingdom
97Lund UniversitySweden
98KTH imperial Institute the TechnologySweden
99University that NottinghamUnited Kingdom
100Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)Mexico

WhileIvy organization schoolsmake increase the majority of the hardest colleges to gain into, other highly selective schools, prefer Stanford and also MIT, have comparably low admission rates. Theymay no belong to the Ivy League, but they offer an in similar way extensive research opportunities and also reputable level programs.

Refer to the table below to watch which colleges are the many competitive in the U.S. All data is native 2021 (for the course of 2025) uneven otherwise noted.

Note that due to the fact that many schools have temporarily unable to do test-optional in an answer to the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer room reporting middle 50% SAT/ACT scores. This change in policy has led come a surge in applications at plenty of selective institutions, leading to unprecedented application numbers and also some that the shortest acceptance rates in U.S. History.

1. Columbia UniversityNew York City, NY3.9%1510-156034-35
2. Stanford UniversityStanford, CA3.9%1470-157032-35
3. Harvard UniversityCambridge, MA4.0%1470-1570*33-35*
4. Massachusetts institute of TechnologyCambridge, MA4.1%1510-158034-36
5. Princeton UniversityPrinceton, NJ4.4%1450-155032-35
6. Yale UniversityNew Haven, CT4.6%1450-1560*33-35*
7. Brown UniversityProvidence, RI5.5%1480-156033-35
8. Duke UniversityDurham, NC5.8%1500-1570*34-35*
9. College of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia, PA5.9%1490-156035-36
10. Dartmouth CollegeHanover, NH6.2%1440-1560*32-35*

hardest colleges in the world

Going come universityis a really exciting time in anyone’s life, especially if you pick to research abroad! the looks good on her CV (or resume depending on where she from) and it can aid you to land a job when you’ve graduated.

But no matter where you space in the world, there will constantly be competition come bag a location in several of the most prestigious universities. This is particularly true in nations that are really densely lived in like the US, UK, China and also India.

And v the acceptance price determined based on applicants per seat, this is not simply a case of who is great enough. Often, there will certainly be hundreds of talented college student who use but there is merely not enough space to recognize them all.

With this in mind, we assumed we’d take it a watch at some of the hardest universities to acquire into from about the world.


Kicking turn off in the USA, several the better-known and an ext prestigious universities (or colleges as Americans call them) space harder to acquire into as result of high applications rates and low acceptance. Probably the toughest of every is Stanford University.

Known for creating some the the greatest names in Silicon Valley and over 30 billionaires, 17 astronauts and 60 Nobel Laureates, it’s simple to check out why competition is high. And with a ridiculously short acceptance price of around 4.8% of applicants, it’s straightforward to view why this has actually made it come the height of the list.

Another well known American university is Harvard and also again, this is another tough nut to crack. Favor Stanford, Harvard has created some remarkable graduates consisting of eight us presidents, 130 Nobel Laureates and several top of States.

So it’s no wonder this Ivy league institution is selective of its students. And also with an admission price of 5.4% and a tough admission process, you need to be a strong contender to get a place.


Still in America and also with one more Ivy organization university, Yale is recognized as the birthplace of doctoral education in the united state as that awarded the first three PhD degrees in the country. This an extremely famous institute only accepts 6% of those that apply! make Yale an additional one the not simply America’s, but of the world’s, toughest universities to gain into.

Let’s take a quick break indigenous the united state now and also go end to Japan. The Hyogo college of medication is a private clinical sciences college that was just granted college accreditation in 2004. Despite being a fairly brand-new university, it quickly came to be recognised as one of the toughest to gain into, with a low acceptance rate of simply 7%.


Back in the united state now, Princeton is the fourth oldest college in America and much prefer it’s other Ivy organization universities, acceptance rates at Princeton are pretty low at simply 7%.

one thing’s for sure, it’s clean from the first couple of examples on our list that there room some very tough application processes if you hope to do it right into one of America’s height universities.


The national Autonomous college of Mexico is a public study university that has actually been granted flexibility from the government. This means it can define its very own curriculum and manage its very own budget. Countless say this has had a positive affect on independence and also education there however with an acceptance price of simply 8%, it’s still an extremely tough to secure a place.

Although countless often combine Oxford and also Cambridge with few of the toughest UK universities to go to, in reality the London institution of Economics and Political science tops the list.

In the previous this university has created thought leader in society sciences and heads the states and also accepts student from across the globe, representing 155 countries. No wonder compete is therefore fierce v an acceptance rate as low together 8.9%.

RWTH Aachen college is a public university in Germany and is thought about to be the largest technical university in the country. Regardless of being break-up into 2 areas, midtown and the Melaten district, compete to obtain a place is quiet tough. Through an acceptance price of 10%, only one in 10 applicants will be able to attend.


University college Dublin is the largest university in Ireland. Having developed five Nobel Laureates for this reason far, the college is frequently ranked amongst some of the optimal universities in Europe. With the exact same acceptance rate as RWTH Aachen university above, only one in 10 world that apply will be embraced to address study there.


Another UK institution, the college of Nottingham, operates from four campuses in Nottinghamshire but also includes two abroad campuses, in China and also Malaysia. Yet despite the broad scope the this significant university, that is still tough to obtain in as the acceptance rate is roughly just 11% that applicants.


Moving eastern now, the far Eastern Federal university (FEFU) is based in Russia and has been around since 1899. Despite the 12% acceptance price is greater than some of the other universities on our list, this is tho competitively low for students in the eastern hoping come secure a place here.


The final university on our perform takes us earlier to the UK but no, the still not Oxford or Cambridge. V an acceptance rate of 13% king’s College London is much more competitive than both that these. And this is unsurprising given that that was created by King George IV and also the battle each other of Wellington in 1829 and also is, therefore, the 4th oldest college in England.

hardest colleges to gain into 2021

This year’s rankings were compiled byNiche.comand are based upon data from the U.S. Department of Education. The most weighted factors include acceptance rates and average SAT and also ACT check scores. You deserve to read much more on exactly how this ranking was calculatedhere. Ready to compare several of the most selective colleges in America?

Caltech is a exclusive college in Pasadena, California through an enrollment of just under 1,000 undergraduate students. Renowned majors include computer science, physics and electrical engineering. Graduating 92% the students, Caltech alumni walk on to knife a starting salary of $54,500.

By the Numbers:

Harvard is one Ivy league research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The enrolls simply over 7,000 undergraduate students. Famous majors encompass economics, computer science and government. Graduating 98% of students, Harvard alumni go on to knife a beginning salary the $70,300.

By the Numbers:

MIT is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The college enrolls approximately 4,500 undergraduate students. Renowned majors include computer system science, mechanical engineering and also mathematics. Graduating 94% that students, MIT alumni go on to knife a beginning salary of $82,200.

Stanford is located in Stanford, California in the mountain Francisco just Area. It is a mid-size college with one enrollment of simply over 7,000 undergraduate students. Popular majors include computer science, biology and also engineering. Graduating 94% that students, Stanford alumni walk on to knife a beginning salary of $70,400.

By the Numbers:

Yale university is one Ivy organization research college in brand-new Haven, Connecticut v an undergraduate enrollment the 6,000 students. Yale’s most renowned majors include social sciences, biomedical sciences, history and engineering.

By the Numbers:

6% acceptance rate1460-1570 satellite range33-35 plot range

hardest colleges to get great grades

Colleges & Universities with the Toughest Grades


Boston UniversityMITPrinceton UniversityRensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Auburn UniversityFlorida worldwide UniversityHampden-Sydney CollegePurdue UniversityRoanoke CollegeSouthern Polytechnic StateUniversity that HoustonVirginia commonwealth University


Cal State University-FullertonHarvey Mudd CollegeReed CollegeSimon Fraser university (Canada)

hardest colleges to get into in california

California academy of TechnologyPomona CollegeClaremont McKenna CollegeHarvey Mudd CollegeUniversity of southern CaliforniaUniversity the California – Los AngelesUniversity that California – BerkeleyPitzer CollegeCalifornia academy of the Arts

hardest graduate programs to obtain into

Engineering: design is one of the hardest master’s level programs come study. Together an engineer, you must have the capacity to understand a many of information as conveniently as possible. This is because there is so much information to be spend in the field, no matter your branch of engineering. Most design courses require that students have to take some of their courses in the lab and also both class and lab call for assignments. However, the salary for engineers is relatively high and when you current your certificate together a master’s level holder; girlfriend are already taking more than you have the right to spend together a salary. According to the nationwide Association of Colleges and Employers, the average beginning salary that an engineer is $110 000.Physical Sciences: physical scientific researches are a very complicated master’s degree program to study as outcomes space weighed hugely top top testing. Just how well the students execute on the tests will determine exactly how much they space contributing to your grades. Part courses under physics sciences incorporate mathematics, chemistry, physics and astronomy. Similar to engineering programs, they also require laboratory work and also this has large paper writing top top the lab as well as extra testing. However, their salary is not as large as that of engineering. The median salary is $75 530 per annum. This is no to speak that human being are no earning higher than this in this field.Business: as soon as we talk about business, we majorly focus on accountancy and finance. These masters program are highly mathematics-based and require a most calculations. They can be very difficult for those who room not mathematics enthusiasts, especially for those changing from a theory-based course. However, that pays off at the finish to research these hard company courses as the mean salary every year is $79 000. Gaining a project after graduation is one of the simplest things for master’s degree holders in the ar of business as most company fields love to rental folks through this background.Architecture: obtaining a master’s degree in architecture is no such an easy task. Over there is a many of experimentation to it is in done and also many of lock overlap one another. Illustrations are also not a concern of choice, but compulsion. You will certainly need an important thinking and problem-solving skills, in enhancement to beating tough deadlines many of the time. Among the mantras of the college student of architecture is “You can always do better” and it has always been working well for them. The beginning salary for an architect is roughly $80 750 however project managers have the right to make it greater than that.Economics: business economics is one more master’s degree program the requires solid mathematical skills and the ability to adapt to brand-new things easily. The economic civilization is transforming rapidly; therefore, students in this ar must learn just how this affects national, organizational and also individual growth and also offer the best advice to assist cushion the impact of any kind of harsh condition like inflation or recession. The median annual salary is between $75 000 and $110 000.Cellular and also Molecular Biology: this course seems to have actually a really heavy workload because that students. The students who wish to carry out well in this field need strong an abilities like an essential thinking and the ability to visualize principles without seeing them v naked eyes. Castle would also need to know how various parts that a device work together since it have the right to be leveraged to build a successful career in bioengineering, business, or rap research. Pursuing a phd or doctoral routine will be really helpful together that would allow the college student to get a deeper understanding of the food while building a formidable career in the future. However, he or she can still choose to work-related after earning a master’s level in this field. The median annual salary is $70 000.Nursing: Nursing is one of the areas that have an excellent prospects, though very difficult to study. Upon receiving licensure, the is as good as master’s degree holders in this ar have made the in life. Advanced program in education will allow students to specialize in any kind of field the their an option like midwifery, nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, and also so on. Nurses have more in-person contacts through their patients and also so, need communication, an essential thinking, problem-solving and also analytical skills. With the skills, they would be able to interact v their patients and families and help to settle both the medical and also psychological results of their ailments. The average salary is $111 840 per annum.Medicine: medication is not just a tough course, yet requires a an extremely long time to graduate from. Worst still, the entire process is spent discovering rather than memorizing textbooks, definitions and also terms. Everything you find out as a medical student is of tremendous value to you since they would certainly all help you to recognize the intricacies the the clinical field. After MBBS, girlfriend can select courses in various fields choose clinical pathology, medical care management, hospital management, hospital administration, biomedical engineering, windy health, and more. You can additionally register with the clinical council of your state in stimulate to attain licensure. Additionally, girlfriend can select to go after your career in your ar after graduation. Through the MBA, girlfriend will have a better knowledge of how to placed your an abilities to usage and provide the ideal services to her clients. The ar of healthcare is revolutionizing and getting far better since the outbreak the the pandemic Corona Virus disease in 2019. The typical salary is $151 570 every annum.Pharmacy: though medicine and also pharmacy have tendency to walk on the same path, both are rather different. They could be seen as the exact same side the a coin. Pharmacy, like medicine, needs a the majority of structure and hard work. You need to understand that you must deal with chemistry and also biology together a whole and also it deserve to be quite tasking and draining. Master’s degree courses in pharmacy encompass physiology, medicine formulation, human anatomy, and also others. Those native India also study Ayurveda, a kind of different medicine, despite it has actually not yet been universally accepted. The median salary is $140 445 per year.

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Quantum Mechanics: v the assist of quantum mechanics, a black hole through name, Telescopium constellations, was uncovered in the constellation. Quantum mechanics transaction with different forces the nature. It ushered in an understanding into the elements and physical nature of objects in the world. Humans have been may be to check out the intrinsic corpuscle that can only it is in seen v the help of microscopy. This particles room atoms and also sub-atoms. Those who examine quantum mechanics should be able to understand exactly how to manipulate facility numbers, integral calculus, simple probability, functional integration, and analysis, among others. This food is an progressed physics course and also helps you to understand much more about the universe. The median salary because that physicists is $93 876 per annum.