Harley Davidson Touring Bike, CVO and Trike brake irradiate switch recall

Harley Davidson has issued a recall because that over 250,000 touring, CVO and also trike models for a problem with the brake light switch being exposed to extreme heat from the exhaust and also causing it come fail. You re welcome read below for further details.

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Manufacturer: Harley Davidson engine CompanyModels and model years affected:

H-D / FLHP 2009-2012
H-D / FLHPE 2009-2011
H-D / FLHR 2009-2012
H-D / FLHRC 2009-2012
H-D / FLHT 2009-2010
H-D / FLHTC 2009-2012
H-D / FLHTCU 2009-2012
H-D / FLHTCUSE4 2009
H-D / FLHTCUSE5 2010
H-D / FLHTCUSE6 2011
H-D / FLHTCUSE7 2012
H-D / FLHTCUTG 2009-2012
H-D / FLHTK 2010-2012
H-D / FLHTP 2009-2012
H-D / FLHX 2009-2012
H-D / FLHXSE 2010
H-D / FLHXSE2 2011
H-D / FLHXSE3 2012
H-D / FLHXXX 2011
H-D / FLTR 2009
H-D / FLTRSE3 2009
H-D / FLTRU 2010-2012
H-D / FLTRUSE 2011
H-D / FLTRX 2010-2012
H-D / FLTRXSE 2012

NHTSA project Number: 11V506000Component: Exterior Lighting:Brake Lights:SwitchPotential systems Affected: 250,757Problem: Harley-Davidson is recalling particular model year 2009-2012 touring, CVO touring and trike vehicles produced from June 6, 2008, through September 16, 2011. Watch the above list for the models contained in the recall. The behind brake irradiate switch may be exposed to extreme heat indigenous the exhaust system. The extreme heat may cause the switch to no activate the brake lamp or activate the brake lamp once no brake is applied and/or cause a brake liquid leak in ~ the brake irradiate switch, affecting behind brake performance. Either condition may increase the threat of a crash.

Corrective Action: Harley-Davidson will notify owners, and also dealers will a download a rear brake light switch kit, cost-free of charge.

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The safety and security recall is expected to start on or around October 31, 2011. Owner may call Harley-Davidson in ~ 1-414-343-4056.