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A disclose in a current Variety article about TV series subverting timeless superhero tropes is making waves. Some of the folks interviewed contained Harley Quinn co-creators and also executive producer Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker. Although they praised DC Comics for enabling them to gain away through R-rated product for Harley, they found that Batman to be still sacred. And also implying that he would communicate in a specific sex act with Catwoman? that was apparently a big no-no.

In the article, Halpern said “… in this third season the Harley we had actually a minute where Batman to be going down on Catwoman. And DC was like, ‘You can’t carry out that. You absolutely cannot execute that.’ lock like, ‘Heroes don’t execute that.’ So, us said, ‘Are you speak heroes are just selfish lovers?’ They to be like, ‘No, it’s that we sell customer toys for heroes. It’s hard to market a toy if Batman is also going under on someone."”


Warner Bros Animation

No matter just how R-rated Harley Quinn is, the is no outright pornographic. Therefore while we’re certain we’d view the ramifications of stated activity, see Batman and Catwoman engaged in actual sex acts? probably never as soon as considered. If they did, we’d understand why DC Comics might have concerns with pornographic depictions of their marquee character. But we highly doubt the is what the Harley Quinn producer intended. It’s simply not that type of show.

There was also a little pushback when we did the environment-friendly Arrow/Black Canary dental sex scenes in mine run through

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DCComics editorial was “Oliver Queen just knows just how to make the ladies Quiver. Particularly when he access time the bullseye.”

— KevinSmith (

Making all this even an ext suspect is that we’ve viewed Batman sexually active before. Heck, we also get a post-coital scene v him and also Vicky Vale method back in the 1989 Batman movie. For this reason what lock seem to be saying is a sex action all about Batman satisfaction his female companion is no something heroes do. What a good message. (That ideal there was sarcasm, folks.) Apparently, DC has actually these concerns with various other heroes too. In Kevin Smith‘s operation on Green Arrow, he got pushback for a similar scene between Oliver Queen and also Black Canary. But Kevin Smith got his means in the end, and no one cared. And also that was also an all-ages comic. Provide Bruce and Selina the same rights, DC!