What started as a little white “castle” in Wichita, Kansas turned right into what is well-known as America’s very first fast-food hamburger chain. Founders Walt Anderson and also Edgar Waldo “Billy” Ingram determined the name White Castle due to the fact that white signifies cleanliness and also purity, and a castle signifies strength, stability, and permanence.

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Anderson had been do burgers because 1916. In fact, countless people think his were the very first hamburgers as we understand them today. The pressed ground meat right into a patty, punched holes in the optimal to permit the aroma come through, and grilled the patty v onions and also pickles on top. He then put the burgess on a dinner role bun come absorb the juice.

Often described as sliders, gut bombs, Whiteys, roach burgers, ship busters, and also castles, these delicious burgers to be just five cents till the 1940s once the price rose to ten. Because then, White Castle’s menu has actually expanded, consisting of a lesser-known an enig menu.

Secret menu Item #1: loaded Fries

White Castle’s invited fries room piled high v bacon, ranch, cheese sauce, and also optional tomatoes. A mouth-watering mountain of quality in every gooey bite.


Secret food selection Item #3: Harold and Kumar’s Order

In 2004, Harold and also Kumar saw the White Castle. The stoner comedy Harold & Kumar go to White Castle complies with two men who obtain the munchies and embark ~ above a quest for White castle burgers. Their shenanigans take it them with a corridor of too much sports punks, a raccoon through an attitude, a group of nerds, a racism police department, a cheetah that escaped native the zoo, and also other out-of-control problems.

After the movie grew popular, world started ordering “Harold and also Kumar’s order.” Harold notified 30 sliders, five French fries, and four huge cherry Cokes. Kumar bespeak the same, except he want Diet Coke.

The following time you’re at White Castle, simply say you desire Harold and also Kumar’s order, and this is what you’ll get. Carry antacids.


Secret menu Item #4: Meat-Free Cheese Slider

If her friends want to go to White Castle, yet you’re on a diet, no worries. If you space a vegetarian, again, no worries. You deserve to order a meat-free cheese slider turn off the an enig menu. The is merely a slice of cheese melted in in between the delicious doughy White castle bun. If that sounds dull, ask because that marinara sauce.

The “burger” and also sauce come in simply under 120 calories, therefore feel complimentary to have a pair of fries top top the side.


Secret menu Item #5: Sweet Potato Fries with Cinnamon Sauce

You probably recognize that sweet potatoes space healthier than continual potatoes, for this reason ask because that these fries turn off the secret menu, and you’ll feeling a tiny better. They’re still fried though, so friend aren’t fully off the hook. The sweet potato fries come with a cinnamon sauce that makes for a sweet and salty snack.


Secret food selection Item #6: Surf N’ Turf Sliders v Cheese

Combining the best of land and also sea, White Castle’s Surf N’ Turf sliders great beef, cheese, and fried fish in between several layers of bread.


Secret menu Item #7: Bacon Crumbles

Bacon is good on everything. White Castle must agree, because you have the right to order bacon crumbles on anything you will do like. Shot them on her sliders or your fries. Girlfriend can even top your ice cream v bacon.


To Conclude

White Castle cases many firsts: the first burger chain, the first slider, the first to sell a million burgers, then the first to market a exchange rate burgers, and the very first to sell its frozen burgers in supermarkets nationwide.

If you haven’t tried White Castle, it’s definitely worth the pilgrimage. Try the continual menu and throw in a couple of secret menu items. One thing’s for certain: girlfriend won’t be able to eat “just one” the anything.

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