Public notice for justice Court Precinct 5 ar 2, Honorable Jeff Williams: far Proceedings: By bespeak of the Texas can be fried Court, every hearings space to be held remotely via Zoom video conferencing (click below for video clip conference instructions). Hearings can only be held in-person by presenting an email to mybuzzpatterson.com52

You are watching: Harris county justice of the peace precinct 5 or through written movement received by the court at least four (4) business days before the hearing, stating a an excellent cause reason why friend or any type of other participant in the hear cannot get involved by Zoom. To show up other than with using Zoom friend must acquire prior court permission through filing with the court a great cause statement listing an inability to get involved via Zoom, which may include: no having access to the video modern technology needed, such together a computer, mobile or internet; or having a physics or mental disability preventing the participant from operation the required technology, consisting of the lack of one interpreter. say thanks to you for adhering to the best practices during this crisis; the health and safety of ours community and also our staff room the highest possible priority. Sincerely, judge Jeff Williams

effective November 1, 2021 5-2 civil Department will no much longer be accepting new filings after ~ 4 p.m. Every little thing else will certainly be accepted.

Online solutions If you have actually a criminal or traffic case pending in this court and would choose to connect with the district Attorney’s Office about your case(s), please send an email to the adhering to address: buzzpatterson.com5-2HCDA find Your Case and also Court day uncover Daily Dockets salary Your website traffic Ticket use for Driver safety and security Course much more Online services

Texas rule of civil Procedure

NOTICE: any type of Motion for a brand-new trial day in one eviction instance will it is in Granted provided: the is filed v the court not much less than 3 days prior to trial, The tenant/defendant has not to be timely served, and, The phone call number or email of the the contrary party is contained in the motion. All movements must be offered upon the respondent every the TRCP 502.1


For friend convenience, a drop-box slot is located just outside the suite 4 doorway to deposit paperwork for the Court (not the taxes office).

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