Harrison Ford and also Calista Flockhart led to a little of a stir once they first began date in 2002, brought about in large part to the 22 year age difference between the two. In spite of early predictions the the May-December romance would shortly peter out, Ford and also Flockhart have actually been going solid and only grown more in love in the ten years because they gained married. Native their first meeting to now, the love between Flockhart and also Ford has actually never been more real.

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Harrison Ford and also Calista Flockhart brought about a little of a stir when they first began date in 2002, resulted in in big part to the 22 year age difference in between the two. Regardless of early predictions the the May-December romantic would quickly peter out, Ford and Flockhart have been going solid and just grown an ext in love in the ten years due to the fact that they acquired married. From their very first meeting to now, the love between Flockhart and Ford has actually never been much more real.

How Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Met

Before Harrison Ford met his future wife Calista Flockhart, he was certainly one the Hollywood’s many eligible bachelors. He’d to be married twice before, first to mary Marquardt through whom he shares 2 sons, Benjamin and also Willard. The pair married in 1964 however divorced in 1979. Soon after, in 1983, Ford married his 2nd wife, screenwriter Melissa Mathison, though the 2 separated about 17 years later in 2000 prior to finalizing their divorce a couple of years later. From that marriage, Ford gained two an ext children, a son, Malcolm, and also a daughter, Georgia.

For she part, Calista Flockhart took pleasure in several high-profile romances throughout her single years. She dated Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelley on and also off from 1997 to 1999. She likewise briefly dated director Sam Mendes that exact same year and also was even rumored to it is in romantically attached to Robert Downey Jr, an additional Ally McBeal alum, in 2000. Despite those romances didn’t last, Flockhart would soon have actually a chance run-in through the man who’d eventually become her husband.


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Ford and also Flockhart met for the an initial time in ~ the 2002 gold Globes Awards. Despite there have actually been rumors end the years the Flockhart purposefully flood wine top top Ford in stimulate to check out him again, the couple vehemently denied it in a 2003 interview v Hello! Magazine. “She certainly did not deliberately spill a glass of alcohol on me,” Harrison told the outlet, through Flockhart chiming in,

We were having a conversation for perhaps 20 minutes before the alcohol spilled, and also the reality is, Harrison flood the wine!


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The sparks flew best away, and also Ford quickly invited Flockhart the end for dinner. In turn, Flockhart reached out to her Ally McBeal co-star James Marsden to come with her. Marsden recalled the night, and his early stage skepticism, in an interview through Playboy, via Express, “She said, ‘Come come dinner with me and also Harrison.’ I’m like, ‘Me, you and him?’” Luckily the night wasn’t as intimate as Marsden fear it would certainly be, and there was a small group that people likewise attending. Marsden soon discovered that his function was to be Flockhart’s “wingman,” a kaminsims he took up with great grace. Indigenous the begin of the evening, it to be clear just who had actually the majority of Ford’s attention, Marsden explained.

We had actually dinner someplace in Brentwood (Los Angeles) and also then went ago to his house. He put music on and also made anyone drinks. He was giggly and goofy roughly her but pretty aloof v the rest of us.

Before long, however, Ford made the loud and clear to Marsden the the younger actor’s existence was no much longer required. “Anyway, we had an ext drinks, that played much more music,” Marsden continued, “and then at some buzzpatterson.com he offered me a look that said, ‘OK, you’ve obtained to gain the the end of here.’” from that allude on, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were an item.

The two continued to be pretty lowkey around their connection in the beginning, particularly as Ford was still legit married come his second wife. In 2003, however, the two determined to publicly declare their love because that each other, through Ford informing Hello!,

I’m in love. Romantic love is among the most exciting and also fulfilling type of love and I think over there is a potential because that it at any kind of stage of her life. Ns was not surprised that ns was maybe to autumn in love, and also I wasn’t surprised that ns did.



Asked around the 22 year age difference between the 2 of them, Flockhart answered honestly, “It doesn’t faze me. Sometimes I even say, ‘Wow, I store forgetting that he’s 22 years older 보다 me.’ it doesn’t variable into our partnership at all.” The Brothers & Sisters star added, “I like the means he looks very first thing in the morning. It’s no handsome, it’s more cute. The looks like a small boy.” through then, the two had actually grown closer than ever and also had also moved in together. They date for numerous years prior to tying the node in 2009.

Becoming A Family

After relocating in together, the Indiana Jones star soon found himself a father because that the fifth time after meeting Calista Flockhart’s embraced son, Liam. She’d embraced the young a year before first meeting Ford, yet his bond with the boy was effortless native the beginning. “I’m an excellent at an altering diapers,” Ford when joked about finding himself caring for a toddler again. “No sense letting that suffer go come waste.” Flockhart confessed the the two males in her life shared very early love of aviation, telling Hello! in the 2003 interview, “Liam wake up up this morning and an initial thing out of his mouth to be ‘I want to go on one airplane.’” In fact, that father/son link continues come this day. Once it come time to drop 19-year-old Liam off for university in August, Ford flew the college-bound kid and Flockhart in his private plane.

Where Flockhart and Ford was standing Now

Perhaps it’s since of your individual star power, or because of your 22 year age difference, yet Harrison Ford and also Calista Flockhart have become a steady presence in the tabloids, with many outlets speculating the the pair’s marital relationship has come to be troubled in current years. New Idea asserted Flockhart to be threatening to leaving the Indiana Jones actor over his love of aviation, especially after he experienced a “near-miss.” “She’s had enough,” a supposed “pal” that the actress called the outlet.

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“Every time that goes up in the plane, she holds she breath until he’s ago and the number of near-misses and also crashes he’s had actually can’t be ignored,” the tattler continued. Gossip Cop extremely doubted the the actress, who’s been an extremely publicly donate of she husband’s favourite pastime, would all of sudden balk in ~ it after nearly 20 years. We confirm in v Ford’s spokesperson, who assured united state the tabloid’s sordid story was “absolutely false.”


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Woman’s Day complied with up the bogus report with among its own, declare the spouses’ marital relationship was “on the rocks” because of Ford’s reckless flying as well as the fact that he to be a “grumpy old man” who was “pretty collection in his ways.” In bespeak to get to the bottom the the rumor, Gossip Cop got to out to Flockhart’s spokesperson who told us on the record that the tall tale was totally “false.”

Proving all the nay-sayers and doom-and-gloomers wrong, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford’s marriage has actually stood the test of time. Regardless of the limitless gossip and rumor-mongering indigenous the tabloids, Ford and Flockhart remain an extremely much in love and very pleased with their choice in partners. There aren’t many couples in Hollywood who can claim the same sort that longevity in their marriage as these two, for this reason it’s clear that they both chose very well as soon as it concerns love.