The mysteries the the intimate details presented in the publication “Finding Freedom” are ultimately revealed: Meghan and Harry functioned with the authors, miscellaneous they have long denied.



Meghan Markle and Prince harry cooperated v the authors of the publication Finding Freedom, something castle have constantly denied, their previous press secretary Jason Knauf revealed in a statement exit by the Court of appeal in London on Wednesday.

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Knauf stated in his bombshell statement that he attend a two-hour meeting v Omid Scobie and also Carolyn Durand because that which Meghan provided “briefing point out she want me to share through the authors,” i beg your pardon included, “detail on just how the tiara for she wedding had actually been selected and that it had actually been misrepresented through media.”

After the meeting, Knauf composed to Meghan that the publication would it is in “a celebration of you the corrects the record on a variety of fronts.”


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The incendiary cases by Knauf, that is tho close to Prince William and is chief executive, management of his foundation, threaten to blow a hole in repeated claims by Harry and Meghan that they had actually no authorized in recognize Freedom. A spokesman last year, for example, said they “did not collaborate v the writer on the book, nor were castle interviewed for it.”

However Knauf in his angry statement released today said that Meghan and also Harry “authorised particular cooperation in writing in December 2018.”

Knauf added that that advised versus putting the writer in touch through friends the the duchess, informing Harry “this was not a great idea” and also that “being able come say hand on love that us did no facilitate accessibility will it is in important.”

However Meghan claimed in her solution statement that as soon as she said sending a blanket email to she friends questioning them proactively not come cooperate, Knauf had advised she to not carry out so.


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Knauf emailed Harry that he would fulfill the authors to aid with “factual accuracy and context.”

Harry replied saying: “I totally agree that we have to be able to say we didn’t have anything to carry out with it. Equally, you offering the best context and also background come them would assist get part truths the end there. The fact is v much needed and also would be appreciated, especially approximately the Markle/wedding stuff but at the very same time us can’t placed them directly in touch through her friends.”

Knauf then contacted Meghan, emailing her a list of inquiries from the authors.

Knauf wrote: “If you happy ns will check out them later on this week to set out the factual background and to provide more recent context.”

Meghan replied that evening, saying: “Thank you very much for the info listed below - for as soon as you sit down with them it may be useful to have some elevator reminders therefore I’ve consisted of them below just in case. I understand you are better versed at this than most but assisting whereby I can. I appreciate your support—please allow me understand if you require me to to fill in any other blanks.”

Knauf then noted “the briefing points she wanted me come share through the authors in my meeting.”

These briefing points, Knauf says, included:

“Information on how she had really minimal call with she half-siblings throughout she childhood.

“That she had actually been ‘close most of she life’ with her father and also she had actually supported him ‘…in spite of his reclusiveness.’ She included that ‘media push crumbled him and also he started doing push deals brokered through his daughter Samantha’ and also that ‘despite countless efforts to assistance him v the previous two years, they now no longer have a relationship.’

“Her view on the thinking behind a statement in November 2016 authorize by me about the way she to be being treated by the media.

“Her happiness around moving to Windsor.

“Detail on just how the tiara for her wedding had actually been selected and also that it had actually been misrepresented by media.”

Knauf climate received an email from Prince Harry the said: “Also, room u planning on offering them a stormy idea of what she been with over the critical 2yrs? Media onslaught, cyber bullying on a various scale, puppeteering cutting board Markle etc etc etc. Also if they select not to use it, they must hear what the was choose from someone who was in the thick of it. For this reason if you no planning on telling them, deserve to I ?!”

Knauf said he replied saying “Of course—I’ve never stopped!”

Knauf stated Harry replied: “Oh just how I expect they report on it properly. Good luck!”

Meghan authorize a witness explain in response to Knauf’s, in i beg your pardon she admitted that she had actually misled the court in a 2018 explain that said she walk not understand if her interactions team had any input into the book.

Meghan said: “In the light of the information and documents that Mr Knauf has actually provided, I expropriate that mr Knauf did provide some information to the authors because that the Book and also that that did so with my knowledge, for a conference that he planned for through the authors in his capacity as interactions Secretary. The level of the information he shared is unknown come me.”

Meghan added: “I apologize to the Court for the reality that I had actually not remembered this exchanges at the time. I had absolutely no great or intention to mislead the Defendant or the Court.”

Meghan included that various other emails between her and also Knauf plainly demonstrated there to be a “difference between general elevator factual information that mr Knauf was already aware of and that i generally welcomed that he needed to understand for his engagement through journalists where ideal (as was the same situation with the background points for the Book), versus an individual information around private matters.

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“It also shows the media enquiries of this kind were frequent and routine. Till I observed these emails, I had actually not given any type of thought to mr Knauf’s meeting with this journalist, or any other—those meetings and calls made up the totality of mr Knauf’s job. No particular meeting stood the end in my mind, as there was a daily deluge the media inquiries which he to be tasked v handling.”

In the astonishing statement, Knauf also said that prior to Meghan created a letter to her father after her wedding, she had actually “explored choices for written interaction that can convince him come stop providing interviews, however that could also set the document straight if he offered them to the media.”

When she composed the letter, she “recognized the it was possible that mr Markle would certainly make the letter public” and also carefully arranged it so it can not it is in selectively leaked.

Knauf said: “She wanted to create a letter rather than an email or text post (other alternatives she had actually considered and discussed with an elderly Royal household staff) together a letter can not be forwarded or cut and pasted to just share one small portion. As component of a collection of message on 24 respectable 2018 she defined that she had actually given mindful thought to exactly how to avoid the letter gift leaked in part or in a misleading way. She defined to me by text that she had numbered the pages in ~ the optimal to show the size of the letter (1/5, 2/5 etc). She additionally deliberately finished each page part means through a sentence so that no page might be falsely presented as the end of the letter. In the occasion that it was leaked she wanted the complete narrative as set out in the letter to be understood and also shared. She said she had actually ‘toiled end every detail which can be manipulated.’”

Knauf added: “The duchess want to make certain that if the letter became public, the would help with setting out her perspective ~ above the troubles with her father’s behavior. In a blog post on 24 respectable she said: ‘If that leaks it climate that’s top top his conscious(sic) but at least the people will know the truth. Native I could never voice publicly.’”

In another message to Knauf that he revealed, Meghan said: “Given I’ve just ever referred to as him Daddy, it may make feeling to open thus despite him being less than paternal. And also in the unfortunate occasion that that leaked, it would certainly pull at the heart strings.”

Meghan responded to Knauf’s declare saying: “To it is in clear, ns did no want any of that to be published, and also wanted to ensure the the hazard of it being manipulated or misleadingly edited was minimized, were it to be exploited.”