Prince Harry and Meghan Markle space ‘Royal’ no much more and it appears reports that the Duke and Duchess the Sussex leaving Vancouver Island for the sunnier shores that Los Angeles appear to be true.

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The imperial couple’s north Saanich mansion has actually now been detailed for sale, all but confirming that Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and also their young son Archie have actually left Canada’s west coast.

But in a surprising twist, the lightly-used mansion is now noted at only $13 million dollars, a complete million dollars much less than originally estimated.

According come sources, that’s due to the fact that the place is absolutely filled come the brim through memorabilia from Markle’s previous TV display Suits.

What was once an indoor hot bathtub is now a storage container for monogrammed cufflinks, and also two entire bedrooms have actually been redesigned to keep over 2 thousand dusty old posters.

“Honestly, the sheer amount that Suits stuff they left right here is baffling,” said Realtor Henry Ocho. “There room some good finds — favor signed photos and also business cards, but likewise some real bizarre pieces, like numerous cheap clip-on ties and also hastily-cut reams the the set’s carpeting strewn everywhere the house.”

“It’s an unmatched situation,” said Alexandra Mary, Chairperson the the Victoria genuine Estate Board. “At an initial I believed they had stockpiled all the merch for this reason they might sell the off and also replenish your fortune. Yet due to a clause in the the person who lives Contract, the items cannot be sold and must continue to be within the limit of the property. So whoever buys the home is stuck with it all.”

“Rich people do strange things,” said Ocho. “One time I offered a residence that included a goat sauna. However this is arguably even weirder 보다 that.”



This is no the an initial time one of Harry and also Meghan’s properties has experienced a young tv/film-related fiasco. In 2019, the pair’s british residence was apparently closed down after a proliferation that merchandise and props from the 2011 film awful Bosses – in i beg your pardon Markle appeared for a single scene.

When asked to discuss whether this was all part of some type of Royal-themed prank show, Harry and Meghan’s publicist refused to comment.

Victoria Buzz did obtain a whoopee cushion emblazoned with the expression “YOU obtained DUKE’D” a few days later in an unmarked package, however we have not however been may be to trace the sender.

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