Meghan and also Harry have not announced their plans because that the December holidays, but anonymous royal sources are currently concerned that the pair is break the queen’s heart.

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Back in December 2018, Meghan Markle and also Prince Harry invested an uneventful few days at Sandringham celebrating the holidays v the rest of the royals, wherein they attend the traditional Christmas church service and also made one appearance at the Boxing job pheasant hunt. Yet the couple hasn’t returned to Queen Elizabeth’s Norfolk estate since that year, and also their supposed lack of fealty come the tradition has spawned an annual “will they or i will not ~ they” news cycle among royal sources and the tabloids.

The 2021 variation kicked off in September, once the Sun reported that Meghan and also Harry to be gunning because that an invite to join the Windsors because that Christmas. It ongoing on Wednesday, as soon as Page Six speak to multiple royal sources who think that Meghan and Harry will not it is in joining the royals because that Christmas this year, regardless of the truth that they to be invited. That could not seem prefer news to anyone familiar with the obstacles of air take trip in the middle of a pandemic, yet it is worth noting the commentary the came with the information.

One royal resource was surprised that the pair wouldn’t want to be v the queen now that Prince Philip has actually died. “There’s a lot that goes right into the logistics and also the to plan of the family Christmas, so of course, staff recognize that Harry and also Meghan space not coming,” the resource said. “If they were, they would have communicated it to their household by now. Yet this is her Majesty’s first Christmas without she husband, for this reason one would have hoped lock would want to be with her.”

Another resource was dismayed that the couple might not return until the queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year. “If the is the very first time they are ago in the country due to the fact that Megxit, and also they suck all the oxygen indigenous the queen, that will certainly be simply terrible,” the insider said.

So much Meghan and also Harry have not shared any official information about their holiday plans or as soon as they intended to go back to the U.K., so this can be speculation. The royal sources are anonymous, so it’s an overwhelming to discern why they determined to share your intel and also even harder to figure out why lock care. That seems like a long-awaited family members reunion can actually be an ext stressful for anyone involved, specifically for the queen, who has been facing issues with she health.

When the pair first skipped the traditional Sandringham Christmas in 2019, lock announced their setup to spend Christmas through Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, fine in advance. Later on on, miscellaneous outlets reported that they invested the vacation in the mansion on Vancouver Island castle rented come decompress and plan their imperial exit. In the couple’s interview with Oprah in March, lock revealed the communications in between them and also the remainder of the household had become strained in so late 2019, with Harry claiming the Prince Charles was no longer taking his phone call calls.

In October 2020, a resource close to the pair told Vanity Fair that they had actually no to plan to take trip to the U.K. Because that the holidays, early out in component to Harry‘s obstacles with Prince William. “Let’s simply say that while points are far better between Harry and also his brother,” the resource said. “It’s no what the was, and I don’t think everyone is all set for a cozy household Christmas right now.” Ultimately, Harry and also Meghan subsequently invested the holiday season on their Montecito estate and, like most Americans, shopping for Christmas trees and also playing external with their kid Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

Now, with the enhancement of five-month-old daughter Lili, who was born in June, the family members has even an ext reason come stay put for the holidays. Despite Meghan and Harry to be able to travel to brand-new York City twice this year, probably they deserve to be forgiven for not boarding a transatlantic trip simply to prevent sucking “all the oxygen” if they carry out return following year. Though Harry came face-to-face with his brother at Philip’s April funeral and a July awareness dedicating a statue come Princess Diana, they room still apparently on the outs. The queen might be famous for her an abilities as a diplomat, but even she hasn’t to be able to acquire Charles, William, and Harry ~ above the same page. Perhaps everyone have to be relieved the they i will not ~ be trying to fix their relationships while hold firearms.

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