This is the second component to mine I-don"t-know-how-many component series about Draco. I hope you"ve done the an initial one first, due to the fact that otherwise some points won"t make sense.

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Recap: girlfriend overheard Draco informing Crabbe and Goyle he liked you. Then, the made Snape angry just so the would acquire detention with you, what will certainly happen?

Created by: gfh012

So a reminder, you"ve got detention v Draco! The detention is tonight, exactly how do you feel? Exicited! Draco likes me! Revolted, I have to be in the very same room. Worried Draco will shot to death you. Concerned, he likes you, however you don"t know exactly how you feel. . . Ok, time to get ready. get ready? What do you mean? I"m in my jeans and T-shirt. Right, brushing hair, gone! Ok. Teasing mine hair, making certain not come wear deoderent(sp), make life for Draco together unpleasent as possible. Obtaining on some jewelry, combing my hair, purfume. . . I"m ready!So you"re on your method to the dungeon, Draco comes up behind you, you know he"s there, however you don"t say anything. As you walk right into detention, over there is a note on the table. Draco reads it the end loud, "Miss _______ and also Mister Malfoy, I have been asked for to the headmasters office, I will return momentarely(sp). Remain in mine office, if I uncover either the you room not there, i will offer he or she detention for a month!-Professor Snape." Draco looks increase from the letter, and also for a moment, you think he is smiling. Freaked out, friend pull the end your wand, and also walk over to the far corner of the office. Unfortuately, Draco complies with you. Friend say: "Stay away, Malfoy." desire to come sit down while we"re waiting?" host up her wand and gesture come the farthest edge from you. "What carry out you want?"Ok, this is a choos your own answer, here is what might happen, climate you choose which thing you want to happen. Draco sits beside you and also you begin a conversation about how horrible Potter is. Draco embarressedly(is the a word?) sits next to you and looks in ~ his hands. Draco walks end to the other side the the room and also stares in ~ you, you ultimately jinx him. He asks who you are and if you"re a pureblood, then just leans top top the desk. He comes over and sits down, after a moment, he leans over and also kisses you, friend kiss the back. He trys come kiss you and you hex him.Snape finally comes in, "Mister Malfoy, miss out on ________, you will be sorting thru my shop of herbs and disposing of any that look at moldy. You set about your task. After you have fisished, you and also Draco head the end of Snapes office. "Would girlfriend met me at the lake tomorrow night please?" Draco whispers before dissapearing to the Slytherin usual room. You decide to: Go, you"ve please in love! walk for no reason. Go so you can try to duel him. Don"t go, it"s more than likely a trap! Don"t go, that may try to kiss girlfriend again! Don"t go, for no reason.So if you chose go, this is for you. If you determined the other, just click "DIDN"T HAPPEN!" If friend went, Draco came out native behind a tree, holding increase his wand, you: Hex him, you had your wand the end the whole time, understanding he"d hex you. Wait, understanding there should be a reason. You were right, he spells out "I really favor you" in the tree behind him. (AWWW!) run away! DIDN"T HAPPEN!If yo didn"t go, 보다 this is your question: (if girlfriend did go, simply click "DIDN"T HAPPEN" below.) friend didn"t go, so friend feel: Sad. You wish you had actually gone after ~ all. Happy! glad you didn"t go, girlfriend hardly recognize anything about him. Confused, why is he being so forward? Curious what the wanted. Don"t also think around it. DIDN"T HAPPEN!If friend did or didn"t fulfill him, in ~ breakfast the next day he"s still starting at you. Friend wonder how much longer this will go on, yet you remember girlfriend only have 8 more days that Hogwarts prior to the summer! you feel: Happy! No Draco around during the summer. Sad, you"ll miss out on his staring. Sad, you"ll miss the institution work and also your friends. Happy, no schoolwork! nothing really. You not care about much.Back residence you go! You make a point of sitting in a compartment the is Draco-free. Girlfriend turn around and notice you"re sitting through Harry, Ron and also Hermione. "Hi, sorry to barge in." you say. Hermione looks prefer she can laugh, "Hiding indigenous Malfoy?" She asks. You nod. She transforms away to look and Harry and Ron, you turn too. As soon as you do, you check out Ron and also Harry both quickly transforming to face each other, they had actually been staring in ~ you too! friend think: Oh! Draco isn"t the just boy the likes me! UGGHHH! BOYS! Shudder! I hate being a teen! Oooo, Harry and also Ron are way cooler 보다 Draco!Ok, part 3 will certainly be around year four, the yule ball, the triwizard tornament and more! stay tuned! Alrighty. Can"t wait! ns love Draco! Good, maybe I won"t acquire Draco. Whoo! environment-friendly Apples!!!!!!

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