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Riding trip of the Hippogriff is precious the short wait to see a an excellent view the Hagrid's hut. global Orlando

Ride length: One minute and also six secondsWait time as soon as I rode: 40 minutes / 20 minutes because that express ticket holders)

I have actually nothing versus Flight of the Hippogriff, it"s simply less the a thrill ride 보다 the bulk of the rides ~ above the list. This is a child coaster the isn"t the long, yet it"s perfect if you"re searching for something short, breezy, and not also intense. If you"re a large fan that the franchise, friend get good views of hogwarts Castle indigenous the sky and also a watch of the hippogriff Buckbeak upon liftoff.

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Queue grade: B-

Compared to all of the other "Potter" queues this one feel the least magical. You"re just exterior waiting in any old queue. However, the addition of Hagrid"s miracle Creatures Motorbike Adventure to add a see of Hagrid"s hut that"s Instagram perfect.

4. The hogwart Express takes you from King's Cross station in London come Hogsmeade or back to Diagon Alley on a wonder train ride the transports friend to platform 9 3/4.


You can either take the train to or indigenous "London" at universal Orlando. There's i do not have anything else you can gain a perfect photograph of the hogwart Express together well. Kirsten Acuna/

Ride length: four minutesWait time when I rode: v the express happen it took us no more than 10 minute to obtain onboard the train.

I wasn"t sure whether or no I should encompass the short train ride the transfers you from one Universal template park to another on ours list. However, after ~ chatting it with with the master of MuggleCast, we determined we had to include the hogwart Express top top here.

The hogwart Express consists of a an extremely detailed queue come walk through, there frequently is a wait time (even if it"s a fairly short one), and also you get two various experiences ~ above the train depending upon whether or no you"re travel from Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade. Every ride has actually a different video for friend to clock on the hogwart Express depending upon which method you travel.

It"s crucial to keep in mind that you can only drive the train if you have a ticket which allows you to get in both universal Studios and also Islands of Adventure, but it"s well worth the extra money because that a opportunity to ride in among the train cars. Not only does it feel prefer you"re on the actual Hogwarts Express, yet you get to listen Ron, Harry, and also Hermione together they travel past your train car.

Part the the queue experience is wait for the train to roll in, but that"s OK. If you plank from Hogsmeade external of archipelago of Adventures" Hogsmeade it offers you the perfect opportunity to capture video clip of the train beginning or leaving the station. You"re likewise given the chance to action aside ~ disembarking in ~ King"s Cross station at global Studios to record this moment.

Queue: B+

In universal Studios, ns love the you"re able come walk through a version of London"s King"s cross station. Once you"re an ext than halfway v the queue you"re able come "step" onto communication 9 and also 3/4 in a similar means to Harry and also the gang. If you"re with a friend or family, you deserve to have them catch the minute in the queue together you "disappear" ~ above the invisible platform located in between platforms nine and 10. You deserve to watch an example of it here.

On the upper and lower reversal side, if you"re travel from Hogsmeade, the queue isn"t as grand or exciting. You"re basically simply waiting to plank the train, but you do obtain to watch the train making a perfect entrance right into the station. The train just moves on one track so it move forwards and backwards. If you"re boarding in ~ King"s Cross, you watch the train start the terminal in reverse.

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You gain to go through the lock on your way to the Forbidden Journey. Kirsten Acuna/

Ride length: four minutes and also six secondsWait time when I rode: 45 minutes/under 20 minutes because that express ticket holders

Forbidden journey was my favourite "Harry Potter" ride because that the longest time, however as you get older, the tossing and transforming of the vehicle may leaving you a little bit dizzy and also disoriented.

While riding the "Potter" rides back-to-back, it"s easy to see exactly how aged the graphics in the ride video clip have become, particularly when contrasted to those ~ above 2014"s newer Escape indigenous Gringotts ride, which additionally uses video clip screens. The latter"s graphics are crisper and clearer. Still, the ride"s animatronic dragon and also Dementors still frighten me every time ns ride. There"s also nothing quite favor walking v a real-life hogwart castle for the first time. The length of the ride and also detailed drive queue make up for any type of qualms on the actual ride.

Queue grade: A

What"s not to love? Universal built the hogwart castle and brought the hallways to life. More than that, there are genuine moving and speaking portraits in the castle, as with in the films and also books. Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione, and also Harry all show up so the journey queue never feels boring. There"s constantly something to look at.


This is a picture of the financial institution room there is no the queue. But this is how it yes, really looks as soon as you step into the an initial official room in the queue. NBCUniversal/AP

Ride length: 5 minutesWait time when I rode: 20 minutes. (I entered the park with beforehand admission and rode right as soon as the park opened up at 8 am.)

The very first time ns rode Escape native Gringotts in 2014, i was left wanting a little more from the ride. I guess i was expecting something closer come the yes, really adventure in the publications where fans would certainly be following Harry through the financial institution vaults. Instead, you"re on a tourism with one of the Weasley brothers while Harry, Hermione, and Ron occur to be break in as well. What timing?!

Years later, the journey is much much better than ns remember with a welcome enhancement of Voldemort, that doesn"t appear on any type of other drive (other than a quick cameo on the hogwarts Express). Escape native Gringotts is the many high-stakes ride in the Wizarding civilization of harry Potter. A drop in the coaster and some illusions make you feel favor you"re complimentary falling in ~ points. The just downside? If you"re not a pan of 3D glasses, friend do have to wear castle on this ride.

Queue grade: A+

This is conveniently the best ride queue at either global Park in Florida. As soon as the ride queue is long, you need to wait outside, but when girlfriend are finally let at home you"re welcomed into the Gringott"s financial institution with functioning goblins and real chandeliers. It"s gorgeous and also so suddenly breathtakingthat you"ll probably be encouraged for a moment that you"re actually at the wizarding bank.

As you head downstairs into the vaults over there are papers with relocating photographs that room so impressive you"re going to wonder just how they"re working. A pre-show featuring one of the Weasleys and also a goblin provides it look more realistic than a video clip recording and an "elevator" that guests go into make friend feel prefer you"re heading levels deep into the wizarding bank. The queue may almost be much more impressive than the main attraction here and that"s why it"s not first on the list.

You have the right to ride on a motorbike or sidecar ~ above the seven-car train. I'm team Motorbike every the way here. Courtesy template Park evaluation

Ride length: simply over three minutesWait time when I rode: Eight-and-a-half hours. There to be no refer queue and the single-rider queue to be limited. In the end, both had similar wait times. In the close to future, universal is supposed to have actually a virtual queue to aid alleviate wait times. Don"t it is in me and also wait this lengthy for Hagrid"s.

One of the couple of rides at global without display projections to guide the attraction, Hagrid"s is the best thrill coaster the parks offer. You have the right to read my evaluation of the drive here.

You can choose to journey in a motorbike or sidecar. The motorbike suffer is unparalleled. If you lean into the handlebars, friend feel favor you"re soaring through the skies leaning left and also right on a motorcycle as it move into higher gear after greater gear. It attributes a button which lights up that you deserve to press near the ride"s end to aid save the day.

Not just does Hagrid"s go backwards, but at one allude the entire coaster drops under onto a second track. The team I speak it v Friday screamed and yelled out expletives as they were taken aback by the drop. Also though ours wait to be a lengthy one, the four people I stand in line with for the bulk of the day every told me castle thoroughly enjoyed the attraction.

An animatronic Hagrid looks an excellent too. The best downsides room the ride"s super long and also easy-to-jumble name and its lengthy lines right now.

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Queue: B-

Though it consists of plenty the nods to the books and also the movies, the queue because that Hagrid"s feels less special than the others. It"s difficult to compete with moving photographs, speaking portraits, and the really Gringotts financial institution entrance. The ride more than renders up because that any suggest where the queue may be lacking. That"s why I kept it in ~ number one.

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