Universal Studios Hollywood has unveiled details the its brand-new Wizarding people of bother Potter, collection to open up April 7. The photo is an artist’s rendering of hogwarts Castle, a key feature in the brand-new area.

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Harry Potter pan won’t have to wait much longer for their hogwart letter. Global Studios Hollywood said Tuesday that the Wizarding people of bother Potter will open April 7.

The very anticipated enhancement to the design template park will function Hogwarts Castle and also the wizard town of Hogsmeade, together with several of the shops and also eateries featured in the books and movies.

The soil will likewise include the park’s first outdoor coaster, called Flight of the Hippogriff, and the signature ride Harry Potter and also the Forbidden Journey, which will certainly be similar to one at Universal’s Orlando design template park, yet will likewise be intensified by 3D technology.

The addition is intended to rise revenue and also park attendance.

After the Wizarding people of bother Potter opened in 2010 at archipelago of Adventure and also expanded to global Studios Florida in 2014, the park’s parent firm reported rise in goods sale and also attendance.

Universal Studios Hollywood raised the price of annual passes in November.

A 2015 yearly pass with no blackout dates had price $139 online, or $159 when purchased at the park. A value pass through blackout dates ran $119.

The new annual pass program with blackout days will cost California citizens $139 because that 182 work of access to the template park, or $199 for 244 days. A happen that can be offered 312 days expenses $299 and also is available to every parkgoers.

Annual happen holders can visit the park ~ above April 7 because that the opening day that the new attraction but only if the is the first visit ~ buying a pass. If annual pass holders visit the park prior to April 7, the opening date of the attraction is blacked out, follow to park officials.

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