Crabbe was an essential supporting personality to Malfoy, but he was mysteriously absent from "Deathly Hallows," for this reason what happened?

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'Harry Potter' actors characters Crabbe, Goyle, Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson - Jamie Wylatt as Vincent Crabbe
Crabbe and Goyle were very much component of the "Harry Potter" created series, but fans noticed the the personalities were break-up up by the time "Deathly Hallows" was filmed. Crabbe disappeared indigenous the storyline ~ the first six films; "Deathly Hallows" one and two were changed to suit.

In fact, the films even departed from the publication in that Crabbe"s role was to fill in by Goyle, and then Blaise Zabini took end Goyle"s plot and lines. The story wasn"t basically changed, the course, however fans did take notice. And also true loyalists to JK Rowling"s composed stories to be bothered by the switch.

so why did producers opt come shuffle the story around instead that sticking with their original Crabbe?

The answer lies in who depicted the characters. Fans recognize that mockery Herdman, who played Goyle, walk on to some exceptional post-HP activities. However what around Jamie Waylett, who played Crabbe in films one with six?

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Unfortunately, Waylett"s personal troubles gained in the way of his "Harry Potter" role. The young actor, who was personally preferred by director kris Columbus in ~ auditions, to be charged for possession that a details illicit substance, reported BBC.

The issue was that he had actually so lot of the plant that he was accused the distributing stated material. That case led come the young actor being sentenced to neighborhood service.

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despite no official statement was given from the producer of "Harry Potter," Waylett was unceremoniously dropped native the movie schedule after ~ his arrest. As it turn out, producers more than likely felt justification in their decision shortly after. Due to the fact that in 2011, Waylett participated in the London riots and also again challenged a three charge.

Jamie was later sentenced to two years in prison, through his lawyer explaining the "Although he had actually the great fortune to it is in in the take care of Potter films, it turned out to be not so good fortune."

She additionally called Waylett a "withered gibbs by the period of 22."

fairly than recast Crabbe so much along in the movie series, producers choose to have an additional HP personality take end the speaking components of Malfoy"s cronies without changing up the storyline too much.

There is some an excellent news in all this, though. In December that 2020, Jamie Waylett acquired married in Scotland. And also his pal mockery Herdman attended in support, documenting the moment for Instagram.