Senate decimal Leader bother Reid, D-Nev., leads the democrats of the Nevada delegation come the podium for a media access in the U.S. Capitol on Monday, Nov. 14, 2016.

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when the Senate votes on president Donald Trump’s instead of for supreme Court righteousness Anthony Kennedy, simply a simple majority will be enough to acquire through the check process. It’s a vote that Democrats – who have actually 49 seats – seem an ext than likely to lose. Gone is the filibuster ascendancy that forced 60 votes to move forward.

Many Republicans space thanking former democratic Senate majority Leader bother Reid for that. And also they’re retweeting his tweet from 2013 – shedding irradiate on exactly how one decision by the party 5 years back helped placed Democrats in this position.

In 2013, Reid invoked the “nuclear option,” a historic move that changed a long-standing Senate rule, dropping the number of votes essential to overcome a filibuster native 60 to a simple majority for executive appointments and most justice nominations — a decision the justified since of trouble acquiring through court confirmations in the latter half of the Obama Administration.

At the, then-Senate decimal Leader Mitch McConnell and also many other Republicans warned Reid that he would regret implementing the atom option.

“What goes about comes around. And also someday they’re going to be in the minority,” Republican Sen. Man Thune warned.

Well, it’s come around. Democrats room in the minority and many are pointing to Reid’s tweet as evidence of the folly of an altering the Senate rules.

Reid’s “nuclear option” did not extend to can be fried Court nominees at the, though McConnell offered the precedent of Reid’s decision to lower the vote threshold for the confirmations of righteousness Neil Gorsuch critical year.

Thousands of world have retweeted Reid and also thousands more commenting — lost on no one is the irony that the situation.

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