One Direction hunk harry is interpreted to have referred to as time top top his two-month buzzpatterson.comnnection with the us pop star ~ a cable of rows


The factor young lovebirds harry Styles and Taylor Swift went off in the buzzpatterson.comntrary directions has been revealed – she NAGGING.

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One Direction hunk Harry, 18, is taken to have called time on his two-month partnership with the united state pop star ~ a string of rows.

Grammy-award winner Taylor, 23, is claimed to have kept quizzing him about his womanising reputation – through his recurring friendship with ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack, 33, a significant bugbear.

Last night a resource said: “Harry and Taylor had an very intense relationship, and also really did treatment strongly around one another.

“Sadly that fizzled out just as quickly, and also came to a head adhering to a series of upset spats on holiday.

“Harry feel Taylor was nagging him, quizzing that on his intentions with various women and generally having very little faith in him.

"It all became too much and also Harry found her a tiny too demanding.

“Taylor probably engineered the separation but Harry held all the cards in the relationship.”

The pair first met in new York beforehand last year however only became an item in November.

They reportedly broke up following an discussion during a brand-new Year’s vacation in the brother Virgin Islands.

The pair jetted the end to spend time alone with each other after Christmas apart.

But Taylor reduced the holiday short, flying earlier to the united state on her own after simply three days.

She was spotted looking “lonely and down” in ~ the airport ~ the split.

Mike Zavagno and Jake Hurley observed her at St cutting board airport.

Mr Zavagno said: “She looked really sad and lonely, yes, really down.

"We had heard she was down there with Harry styles from One Direction, yet the impression that I acquired was that they must have had actually a fight.

“I nothing think she was crying however you buzzpatterson.comuld tell the something to be visibly wrong.”

Harry, meanwhile, buzzpatterson.comntinued to be on and even checked out Virgin mogul Richard Branson’s Necker Island whereby he partied through the billionaire and also his chums. You deserve to read around THAT here.

Yesterday Harry double tweeted excitedly about his band’s new video, Kiss Me, yet Taylor maintained a dignified silence.

But six hours prior to news of their break-up broke, she sent a attach to one abuzzpatterson.comustic version of the song, ns Knew You were Trouble.

Lyrics include: “Now you’re lengthy gone... And also I realise the hoax is ~ above me. I knew you to be trouble once you go in.

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"Shame on me for acquisition you to areas you’d never ever been.”

Sources close to Harry have not ruled the end a rebuzzpatterson.comnciliation.

One said: “They’re having a break for the minute to buzzpatterson.comol off. Yet who to know what the future holds?