once they"re no at occupational (which seems many of the time), a wealthy, photogenic pair play sleuths, through a small help from your chauffeur, Max, in a light and also stylish concoction produced by Sidney Sheldon, through Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg as executive producers.

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Episode 1

Hit Jennifer Hart

Sat, Sep 22, 1979 60 mins

Jennifer is the target that a hit male hired by an executive who was fired by Jonathan (Robert Wagner). Stephen: Craig Wasson. Max: Lionel Stander. Morgan: Edward Grover. Daniels: Peter Brandon. Pierson: Eddie Hailey.

Episode 2

Passport come Murder

Sat, Sep 29, 1979 60 mins

Jonathan and also Jennifer (Stefanie Powers) land in jail do the efforts to assist a friend associated with drug smugglers. Reilly: Nicholas Pryor. Max: Lionel Stander. Decker: man Aquino. Aguira: Ismael Carlo. Rodriguez: Henry Darrow.

Episode 3

Jonathan Hart, Jr.

Sat, Oct 6, 1979 60 mins

A young is left on the Harts" doorstep v a note identifying him as Jonathan"s son. Robert Wagner. Connie: Dee Wallace. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Vince: invoice Lucking. Max: Lionel Stander. Jonathan Jr.: Randy Gray. Moss: Michael Alldredge.

Episode 4

Death in the sluggish Lane

Sat, Oct 13, 1979 60 mins

~ buying one antique car that turns out to it is in a phony, Jonathan and also Jennifer are approached by buyers who couldn"t treatment less around its authenticity. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Max: Lionel Stander. Louisa: Andra Akers. Mason: Jeremy Brett. Larry: man Chappell.

Episode 5

You make Me death You

Tue, Oct 23, 1979 60 mins

A disturbed mrs is in love with Jonathan and plays the end a fantasy the she is Jennifer (Stefanie Powers). Robert Wagner. Peggy: catalen Lloyd. Tony Danielson: Jack Michael Lindine.

Episode 6

Murder between Friends

Tue, Oct 30, 1979 60 mins

A wealthy attorney is murdered in ~ a party, and the only guests there at the moment were a frustrated colleague and his unfaithful wife. Robert Wagner, Stephanie Powers. Gail: Jeanne Lang. Mike: Don Galloway. Myra: Bonnie Bartlett. Lt. Doyle: harry Caesar. Jean-Claude: Paul Verdier. Norman: wilhelm Prince. Ellie: Shannon Wilcox. Inga: Valorie Armstrong.

Episode 7

Cop Out

Tue, Nov 6, 1979 60 mins

The murder of a prostitute Jennifer when interviewed put the Harts top top the trace of a killer that stalks women of the evening. Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner. Sandy: Markie Post. Taggert: Burr DeBenning. Larry Fredricks: Richard Herd.

Episode 8

Max in Love

Tue, Nov 13, 1979 60 mins

The Harts" house is robbed by theif colluding through Max"s girlfriend. Max: Lionel Stander. Edgar: Daniel J. Travanti. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Charlotte: Madlyn Rhue. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Springfield: Rene Auberjonois. Mellon: Joseph Stern. First Mover: Robert W. Tessier.

Episode 9

A brand-new Kind the High

Tue, Nov 27, 1979 60 mins

A chemist is killed by co-workers who fear he"ll destroy their arrangement to offer a new drug ~ above the street. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers. Karen: Karen Austin. Max: Lionel Stander. David: Paul Rudd. Pruitt: J.A. Preston.

Episode 10

With This Gun, i Thee Wed

Tue, Dec 4, 1979 60 mins

In Monte Carlo, Jonathan"s former girlfriend is being required into a marriage she doesn"t want. Robert Wagner. Niki: Christine Belford. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Theo: Andrew Parks. Alex: Richard Johnson. Paul Villon: Joshua Bryant. The Beret: Vincent Schiavelli. The thin One: Jamil Zakkai. Janine: Carol Williard. Master Chef: Billy Beck.

Episode 11

The man with Jade Eyes

Tue, Dec 11, 1979 60 mins

The Harts autumn into possession the a sought-after gold statue. Stefanie Powers. Lisa: Shana Li. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Sydney: Edward Mulhare. Max: Lionel Stander. Goon: Ben Bates. Jimmy Lee: George Kee Cheung. Holy Man: James Hong. Montgomery: Jon Cutler.

Episode 12

Color Jennifer Dead

Tue, jan 8, 1980 60 mins

The Harts probe the fatality of an artist who was gaining recognition. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Warren Keller: Barry Jenner. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Roger Winslow: Leonard Frey. Max: Lionel Stander. Conway: Lee de Broux. Peterson: Gio Andreozzi. Lt. Gillis: Richard B. Shull. Pierson: Noble Willingham. Darlene: Melissa Steinberg. Butler: Matthew Faison.

Episode 13

A question of Innocence

Tue, jan 15, 1980 60 mins

A mrs is blackmailed because that killing the pusher who resulted in her grandson"s death. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Whitney Rogers: Jameson Parker. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Warren Sanford: Charles Hallahan. Mrs. Mager: Beverly Sanders. Ella Greber: Cindy Grover. Stanley Friesen: Lee Wilkof. Karen: Stacey Kuhne.

Episode 14

Night Horrors

Tue, january 22, 1980 60 mins

A treasure hunt with a haunted home makes for an offbeat party---especially as soon as one the the guests is murdered. Stefanie Powers. Simon: Fred Stuthman. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Amanda: Cynthia Harris. Mike: Paul Shenar. Gladys: Marya Small. Fred: Arlen Dean Snyder. Dr. Phillips: Nina van Pallandt.

Episode 15

Which Way, Freeway?

Tue, jan 29, 1980 60 mins

Freeway witnesses a killing and runs off through the weapon. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Baldwin: Stephen Elliott. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Eileen Nash: Rebecca Hollen. Armstrong: Paul Sylvan. Dr. Gastone: Hugh Gillin. Annette: Peggy Pope.

Episode 16

Downhill come Death

Tue, Feb 5, 1980 60 mins

Jennifer overhears a girlfriend plotting to death his wife on a ski trip. Robert Wagner. Kate: Juliet Mills. Halsey: stick McCary. Marina: Shelley Smith. Peter: George Deloy. Jelks: glenn Ash.

Episode 17

The Raid

Tue, Feb 26, 1980 60 mins

The Harts paris to south America to complimentary two walk away employees. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, Lionel Stander. Dr. Hampton: Jordan Rhodes. Claire: Laura Wallace Rhodes. Lorenzo: Daniel Faraldo. Jorge: Gilbert Roland. Cober: Peter MacLean. Tomas: Tony Acierto.

Episode 18

Sixth Sense

Tue, Mar 11, 1980 60 mins

A woman fears for the life of she twin, from who she was separated at birth. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers. Sanford: Peter Coffield. Max: Lionel Stander. Whitley: Eduard Franz.

Episode 19

Does She or Doesn"t She?

Tue, Mar 18, 1980 60 mins

The Harts feel a woman"s attempt to death her hairstylist is connected to his suspected debt to a loan shark. Stefanie Powers. Barry: Stephen Parr. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Sally: Susan Bartells. Max: Lionel Stander. Micklin: open minded Marth. Gail: Tandy Cronyn. Sophie: eve Arden. Alfredo: Tony Brasa. Hutchins: Jack Ramage. Lt. Montgomery: Jon Cutler.

Episode 20

Cruise at Your very own Risk

Tue, Apr 8, 1980 60 mins

The Harts take it a cruise on one of their liners to nab a thief. Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner. Patrick: cutting board MacGreevy. Pamela: Simone Griffeth. Max: Lionel Stander. Victor: john Hillerman. Esther: Rosemary Prinz.

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Episode 21

Too countless Cooks room Murder

Tue, might 6, 1980 60 mins

A chief is murdered prior to he can present Jonathan a terrific discovery. Stefanie Powers, Lionel Stander. Pauline: Corinne Calvet. Maurice: Jacques Aubuchon. Pierre Duvall: Jeremiah Sullivan. March: Lloyd Bochner. Jimmy Malone: Earl Montgomery. Charlotte: Betty McGuire. Eve: Annie Helm. Stanley: Lee Wilkof.

Episode 22

Death Set

Tue, may 13, 1980 60 mins

A huge spender watch greedily in ~ his sister-in-law"s heritage from the husband she shot to death. Blair: Amanda McBroom. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Margaret: Belinda Mayne. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. David: thomas Callaway. Darryl: Doug Rowe. Lt. Beckerman: Floyd Levine. Tony Trabert: Himself.