The pilot for this series of adventure dramas around a wealthy pair with a flair for resolving crimes. Jonathan Hart"s investigation right into the obvious suicide the a close girlfriend leads him and his wife Jennifer come the health and wellness farm native which his girlfriend was returning when he crashed his car. After the Harts check in, they thrive suspicious about a mysterious treatment, referred to as an "anxiety session," being given to a famed actress guest. Jonathan attempts to break right into the office that the 2 head doctors, however finds himself trapped in an air duct v a rattlesnake. Natalie Wood makes a walk-on appearance as a movie star. Furthermore, actress Sylvia Maxwell is murdered; Jennifer unwittingly reveals she true identification while under hypnosis; Jonathan is intimidated by Dr. Peterson; and Jennifer becomes the near-victim of an effort on Jonathan"s life involving a flame-throwing blow-dryer. Advertising deleted.


NETWORK: abc DATE: august 25, 1979 Saturday 9:00 pm RUNNING TIME: 0:50:55 COLOR/B&W: shade CATALOG ID: T:09975 GENRE: Drama, action/adventure SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, action/adventure; Women's repertoire - Drama SERIES RUN: alphabet - TV series, 1979-1984 COMMERCIALS:


Aaron spelling … Producer Leonard Goldberg … Producer Tom Mankiewicz … Director, Writer Sidney Sheldon … Writer roger Nichols … layout Music by, Theme tune "Hart come Hart" written by Leslie Bricusse … theme Music by, Theme tune "Hart come Hart" composed by mark Snow … Music by Robert Wagner … Cast, Jonathan Hart Stefanie strength … Cast, Jennifer Hart Lionel Stander … Cast, Max Roddy McDowall … Cast, Dr. Peterson Jill St. John … Cast, Sylvia Maxwell Eugene Roche … Cast, Marcus Wheeler Clifton James … Cast, Sheriff Michael Lerner … Cast, Lt. Moss Stella Stevens … Cast, Dr.

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Fleming Lee Bryant … Cast, Dorothy Roberts James Noble … Cast, Dr. Metz Mimi Maynard … Cast, Secretary David Landsberg … Cast, man in Sauna Paul Napier … Cast, Sam Roberts Paul Tuerpe … Cast, Bellboy arts Kassul … Cast, Artie Jack Perkins … Cast, Poker Player #1 Don Dandridge … Cast, Poker Player #2 George Skaff … Cast, Arab Sheik Eugenia wright … Cast, desk Clerk Elizabeth Brooks … Cast, Attendant #2 Tara Buckman … Cast, Sandy Lina Raymond … Cast, woman Natasha Gurdin (see also: Natalie Wood) … Cast, Movie Star continue searching the arsenal ➾