TMZ founder tries to present the kinder, gentler side of the president-elect in ”OBJECTified: Donald Trump,“ a Fox News special

Rosemary Rossi | November 19, 2016

TMZ founder Harvey Levin want to show the people Donald Trump favor he’s never ever been seen before in the Fox News unique “OBJECTified: Donald Trump” Saturday.

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Mission accomplished.

Two months prior to he ended up being president-elect, Trump opened his Manhattan penthouse come Levin come share cherished childhood memories, the pain of losing a brothers to alcoholism and also the joy his sons and also daughters carry him.

Here are simply a few insights right into the male who will be POTUS No. 45.

1. Storage Lane is only an off-ramp far in Queens, NY

“Sometimes on my means out to wherever I’m going, I’ll stop since it’s an leave — Utopia Pkwy. I gain off the exit and also I’ll stop and also take a look in ~ the home where I flourished up.”

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2. He states false stories of his negative behavior started in childhood

One story is the on merganser days he’d take it his dad’s limo to supply newspapers. An additional says he hit a music teacher since Trump assumed the teacher didn’t know anything about music. “It it s okay a tiny exaggerated. That story is almost everywhere the place. I hate that story. But, no, that’s not something I would do,” the president-elect said.

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3. His father sent him to armed forces school for 5 years

New York army Academy was house to a young Trump when he was a teenager, who discovered Drill Sgt. Theodore Dobias particularly rough. “I remember the very first day i went out there, the said, ‘Stand up in ~ attention’ come everybody. And also I’m going, like, ‘Give me a break."”

4. No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes

Those room the rule Trump has actually instilled in his 5 children. Plus, “It’s essential to make children understand the value of the dollar, the value of work, the worth of work, the value of money, the value of achievement.’

5. Saying “goodbye” to “The Apprentice” was no easy

“Turning under a continuation was a difficult decision because that me. I remember mark Burnett said, ‘They desire to renew you.’ i said, ‘No. Ns don’t desire to it is in renewed. We space going to operation for president."”

6. He practically had a career in professional baseball?

The show says the Philadelphia Phillies and also Boston Red Sox scouted Trump at one point.

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7. Sporting activities is a “microcosm of life”

“You learn so lot from sports since it’s simply sort the a microcosm that life, except one thing — you have a winner and also you have actually a loser and it takes location in a short period of time. V life it’s meandering.”

8. He says he is not a sick loser

“Well, i don’t prefer losing, yet I don’t think I’m a sick loser. Girlfriend know, it’s exciting — if somebody else plays great or walk something great, i feel much far better then if I shed it. I don’t desire to lose it.”

9. His brother Freddy’s fatality from alcoholism had actually a lasting effect

“I’ve never had actually a drink due to the fact that of mine brother. If you don’t start, you’re never ever going to have a problem. If girlfriend do start, you may have a problem. And also it’s a challenging problem come stop.”

10. What the really wanted to carry out was produce films

“I want to make movement pictures. I absolutely did. I was going to use to USC film school. I was absolutely going to perform that. I loved that. I chosen the glamour that movies.”

11. A huge ego? Nah

Trump steaks, water, fragrance, vodka, home furnishings, men’s accessories, plank games, buildings and more. The Trump surname is on everything. “It’s no ego. I love act it. Ns just have actually fun. We have a period of time top top earth and also we choose to perform a an excellent job.”

12. He states he simply wants come win

“I’m someone that likes to help people. I prefer to see things done right. But above all, I want to make life an excellent for a lot of of world not simply myself. I’ve winner so much, I’ve won sufficient for myself. I desire to success for the country now.”