DISGRACED movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty the sex crimes and is currently serving a 23-year jail stint.

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But who was he married to? below is everything you have to know around Weinstein's former wife, Georgina Chapman.

Georgina Chapman is disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein's former wifeCredit: Getty - Contributor

Who is Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife Georgina Chapman?

Georgina increased Chapman was born April 14, 1976, and also is an English fashion designer and actress.

Along with former model Keren Craig, she is a co-founder of the fashion brand Marchesa.

She is the daughter of journalist Caroline Wonfor and multi-millionaire Brian Chapman, who owned necessary coffee agency Percol.

She to visit Marlborough university in Wiltshire - whereby Kate Middleton go to school - and got into modelling in she twenties through a Head and also Shoulders ad.

Georgina started dating Harvey Weinstein in 2004 after the left his first wife.

They married on December 15, 2007, and their divorce was finalised in January 2018 in a mega million deal.

They have actually a daughter and also son together.

Georgina has actually an estimated wealth the £15million.

This is greatly down to her fashion brand Marchesa, yet according come the New York Post. She divorce indigenous Weinstein was approximated to be worth in between £11.1 million ($15million) and £14.8 million ($20million).

Georgina has appeared as a judge on task Runway: every Stars and in films such together Shanghai Knights and Bride and also Prejudice.


Harvey and also Georgina split in 2017 between rape and sexual abuse allegationsCredit: Reuters

What has actually Georgina Chapman said around Weinstein?

In 2017, Georgina claimed she was leaving Weinstein following the sex-related allegations made versus him.

She told world magazine she demands time far from the producer - and also reports claim she is leaning on former political aide Huma Abedin, the mam of disgraced former US congressman Anthony Weiner, because that support.

In a explain Georgia said: “My heart division for all the women who have suffered significant pain because of this unforgivable actions.

“I have chosen to leave my husband. Caring for my young kids is my an initial priority and I questioning the media for privacy in ~ this time.”


The fashion designer has been keeping a short profile due to the fact that the splitCredit: Rex Features

Weinstein said he "encouraged" his wife to leaving him and admitted the sex-related harassment scandal has torn apart their marriage.

After it was announced she was leaving him, the producer exit a declare saying: "Over the last week, there has actually been a the majority of pain because that my family that i take duty for.

"I satellite down v my mam Georgina, that I love an ext than anything, and also we questioned what was best for ours family.

"We debated the possibility of a separation and also I urged her to execute what was in her heart. In the end, she do the decision come separate.

"I understand, ns love her and also I love ours children and hopefully, when I to be better, I will be in their lives again.

"I support her decision, ns am in counselling and also perhaps, when I am better, we can rebuild."

The producer agreed come an eight-figure transaction to finish their virtually 10 year marriage.

In may 2018 she told Vogue she feel "humiliated and broken" by the allegations.

She called the publication: "There was a part of me that was horrible naive—clearly, so naive.

"I have actually moments the rage, I have moments that confusion, I have moments that disbelief and also I have moments as soon as I simply cry because that my children."

She is yet to comment due to the fact that Weinstein to be sentenced come 23-years behind bars on charges the first-degree sex crimes and also third-degree rape, and could confront jail.

Who is Georgina Chapman brand-new boyfriend Adrien Brody?

Georgina Chapman is dating American actor and producer Adrien Brody.

The pair made your public debut with each other at the Tribeca movie Festival in June 2021 and were climate spotted a week later during a expedition to Los Angeles v the designer’s 2 children.

Georgina had met her new man v her ex-husband after ~ Adrien starred in two Miramax productions, Hollywoodland and Jailbreakers.

But, Adrien had delighted in success ~ above the large screen long before then.

In 2002, Brody won the Academy compensation for ideal actor after ~ his acclaimed performance as Władysław Szpilman in holocaust drama The Pianist.

He then starred in various other Hollywood blockbusters such together Peter Jackson's King Kong (2008) and Nimród Antal's Predators (2010).

However, Adrien has come under criticism by countless fans who have expressed outrage for his work with directors that have numerous accusations of sexual assault.



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The Pianist, because that which Brody make his name, to be directed by roman inn Polanski that is believed to have fled the country in 1978 when awaiting sentencing for unlawful intercourse through a minor.

A decade later, Brody had a role in 2011’s Midnight In Paris - written and also directed by Woody Allen.

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It followed a variety of claims by countless Hollywood stars the they would certainly not occupational with Woody, 85, after year of assertions from Dylan Farrow the her mum Mia's companion at the moment “sexually abused” her as a child.

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