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PHOENIX – A guy who claimed he eliminated Bigfoot and also then took the human body on a nationwide tour has actually admitted come lying about the totality thing.


Self-proclaimed “bigfoot hunter” stack Dyer has claimed to it is in the very first person to ever before have eliminated a Sasquatch. Yet he recently admitted on on facebook that the whole thing to be a hoax.

In January, Dyer said he fatally shoot the mythical creature in a wooded area of mountain Antonio, Texas on Sept. 6, 2012.

Dyer claimed he killed the 8-foot-tall 800 pound creature by shooting it double in the ago and once in the head. He claimed he offered pork ribs indigenous Walmart and attached castle to trees to attract the beast.

Dyer said the Sasquatch’s body had actually been taken to an unnamed college in Washington state to get tested. He then announced a nationwide tour with the human body in i beg your pardon he would certainly charge money.

But his tour confronted problems as soon as he refused to relax the DNA “results” and venues became unwilling to let him display screen the alleged creature.

Dyer apparently hired kris Russell to do the body. For 16 years, Russell, of Spokane, Wash., has made Halloween masks, props, and costumes the have been in feature films, scream parks, and also sold at costume and party stores. His website even selling plaster casts that Bigfoot footprints because that $20 each.

Russell stated he acquired what seemed like a routine speak to in so late 2013 indigenous a man named rick Dyer. “I was asked to develop a prop,” Russell said. The prop would be a nearly eight-foot tall Bigfoot body. Dyer called CBS 5 News he paid roughly $5,000 for the work.

“He stated it to be to encourage a movie,” Russell said. “I was told Paramount pictures was do a documentary and also he had actually me sign a non-disclosure agreement.” together secrecy contract are usual in the film and also television business. This to be to it is in just one more job.

Russell claimed he heard rumors a couple of weeks later that Dyer was passing the ‘prop’ off together the human body of an really Bigfoot biology Dyer asserted to have shot in 2012. There room not many other prop-builders that would have actually the capability and willingness to take on together a project, for this reason critics and skeptics discovered his number and also soon began calling. V the non-disclosure commitment still in full force, Russell can not speak a thing.

Four months later, that confidentiality clause is no longer in effect and also Russell is able to tell CBS 5 News all around it.

Russell claimed he started with a big backboard, and also used 3 to 4 hundred pounds of clay to kind the body upon it. He sculpted facial details, large hands and also feet, a broad, muscular chest, and even male genitals. That then covered it v plaster to make a mold. Once that to be dry, he and also his team cleaned out the clay and filled the mold v latex for skin and also foam for muscle tone. Lock painted the face, hands, and feet and then included camel hair as the finishing touch.

“Red camel hair,” that said. “Everyone in the market knows where to acquire it. It’s nice common.” The whole process took about two weeks.

Dyer verified up v an assistant to fill the body right into a trailer; they climate drove to ras Vegas come finalize plans because that the tour.

Then come the clincher: Dyer asked for two an ext Bigfoot props: a female, and a baby about 18-24 inches high.

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“This has not been a very pleasurable suffer for the harassment over the last two to three months,” Russell said. “I said him i was not interested in do any much more bodies.”

Below are articles from Dyer’s Facebook page relating to the “Bigfoot.”

Dyer has been recorded trying to fool the general public before. In 2008, he claimed to have actually killed a Bigfoot, however it turned out to it is in a rubber ape costume, according come