(buzzpatterson.com)Child deaths from a preventable illness like Covid-19, no matter just how few, are an inspiration for authorizing a vaccine in children, the us Food and Drug Administration"s height vaccine official said Tuesday.

"In this latest tide of Covid-19, particularly down south, there have been thousands of children hospitalized. And, frankly, it"s an embarrassment in a developed country to have also 100 children, like we"ve had, die of infectious an illness that"s preventable," facility for Biologics Evaluation and also Research director Dr. Peter Marks claimed in a town hall hosted by the Covid-19 Vaccine Education and also Equity Project.

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According come the us Centers for an illness Control and also Prevention, 645 youngsters have died from Covid-19 in the US.



Covid-19 antiviral pill could be a video game changer, however vaccines room still America's way out that the pandemic, specialists say
Only roughly one-third -- 34% -- of parents of 5- to 11-year-olds say the they will certainly vaccinate their kid as quickly as a Covid-19 vaccine becomes easily accessible for that period group, follow to Kaiser Family structure Vaccine monitor results published Thursday.
Preteens and teens still have actually the lowest Covid-19 vaccination rates of any age group, according to the CDC. The Dean that Tropical medicine at Baylor college of medication Dr. Peter Hotez said buzzpatterson.com"s wolf Blitzer that in the South, only around a third of 12 to 17-year-old have been vaccinated.
After weeks of a troubling Covid-19 surge throughout the US, infection prices are ultimately on the decline -- yet experts say there"s still work to it is in done before the tide have the right to be turned, especially when cases remain especially high among children.
"I am worried that we still have some challenging days ahead," stated Dr. Ashish Jha, the Dean in ~ Brown University college of windy Health. "Even though we"re doing fairly well on vaccines, we"ve gained to do much much better because the Delta different is very good at finding world who room unvaccinated and also infecting them."
On average, around 105,054 people are report to have new Covid-19 infections every day, follow to data from Johns Hopkins University. The number is around 12,000 much less than the mean from a mainly before, and also experts room questioning if that decline is one ebb and flow of situations or the beginning of an finish to high instance counts.
"What"s walk to determine whether this is the finish of this surge or not really is up to us," Ranney said.
What"s necessary is for an ext people to acquire vaccinated and also to stay masks indoors in high-spread areas and also get kids vaccinated, she said.
Fauci has actually said the vast majority of the united state will have to be vaccinated to regulate the spread, however according come data from the united state Centers for an illness Control and also Prevention only 56% that the populace is fully vaccinated.
Hotez stated he is still concerned around the rest of the year. The chillier months carry conditions the facilitate the spread of the virus, and the us is tho under-vaccinated, that said.
An antiviral drug guarantees to reduce impacts of the infection, however experts warn that it is no a replacement for vaccines.
On Friday, the pharmaceutical firm Merck said molnupiravir, one investigational antiviral medicine made by Merck and also Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, can reduce the danger of hospitalization or death from Covid-19 through half.
But complete data indigenous the molnupiravir trial had not however been released or peer-reviewed. And it"s not clear if or once the pill can be authorized through the FDA to fight Covid-19.
"This pill is wonderful and, as an er doctor, i cannot wait to have this as one more tool in my toolbox to provide to patient who space sick with Covid-19," Ranney said. "But much better than taking a pill is not obtaining sick in the very first place which way getting vaccinated."
CORRECTION: A previous variation of this story walk not encompass the most finish average daily case count. The existing average is 105,054 cases a day together of Tuesday morning.

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