Urban legend holds that an attempted abbot of a son from a huge box store, mall, or amusement park was thwarted since the kidnappers neglected to readjust the child"s shoes.

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Published1 June 1999

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An attempted kidnapping of a child from a mall or amusement park to be thwarted since the kidnappers forgot to change the child"s shoes.


One the the many effective types of scarelore is the “barely escaped native the clutches that evil” variety, as nothing drives house a warning far better than a lively first-person account that a narrowly-averted tragedy. The clear warning gift in a typical child kidnapping legend is obvious: You must never, ever before let your child out of your sight in a windy place, even for a minute — kidnappers can be lurking anywhere, and the attempted abbot in the following examples was foiled only as result of the diligence of one employee and the thoroughness of a store’s protection precautions:


Please take it the time and also forward this to any friend who has children! Thanks!

Wanted come share miscellaneous that happened today when shopping at Sam’s club. A mommy was leaning over in search of meat and also turned roughly to find her 4 yr. Old daughter was missing, i was standing over there right beside her, well she to be calling she daughter and no luck. I asked a man who worked at Sam’s come announce it end the loud speaker because that Katie. Well, he did, and let me to speak he walked past me when I asked and went to a pole where there to be a phone ideal there to do his announcement for all doors, and also gates to be locked a code something…so they locked every the doors in ~ once. This took every one of 3 min after i asked the male to perform this. They discovered the small girl 5 min later on crunched in a bathroom stall, she head was fifty percent shaved, and also she to be dressed in she underwear through a bag the clothes, a razor, and wig sitting on the floor as well as her. Whoever this human being was, take it the tiny girl, lugged her right into the bathroom, shaved half her head, undressed she in a issue of less than 10 min. Renders me shake to no end.

Please keep an eye the end for your kids when in to buy places. It just took a few minutes come do all of this, one more 5 min and she would have been out the door…I to be still in shock some sick person might do this, allow alone in a issue of minutes…The small girl is fine… thank God for quick workers that didn’t take any kind of chances. Thanks for reading. Please save praying for our children. Especially now that college is about to start. Simply reading this was enough for me. Ns making a pledge to keep watch for all kids, young and old! We know those tiny kids slip by united state so fast when we space in a store. Specifically when castle see toys or candy. Every little thing can it is in replaced however a life. No parental would desire to lose a boy in no way type or fashion!

One of mine brother’s works at the Sam’s club in Murfreesboro, TN and yesterday he referred to as me with some very disturbing news. As many stores, Sam’s has different codes that are declared over the intercom throughout the store such as for extra help, significant weather, etc. Sam’s has a code dubbed “Code Adam” for once a kid becomes missing or is fear kidnapped. The store is instantly shut down and employees space instructed to go to one entrance/exit. That password was dubbed yesterday at his store. A mother had her four year old daughter standing next to her as she was looking in the meat department. Climate she i found it she to be gone and also notified a manager that then educated the save manager. Immediately, the “Code Adam” was called and also all employees saw each exit in the store not permitting anyone to go into or exit. They discovered the tiny girl in the bathroom with the predator. Her head was partially shaved, she had actually on a various outfit, and also a wig was found. This all taken place within less than five minutes. Say thanks to God Sam’s Club has actually this kind of “code” or that small girl would have been gone.

I wanted to happen this follow me to every of you so that you are conscious that predators seem to be less fearful and braver these days. Please happen this follow me to anyone you understand with small children.

Dear All. This is a really serious blog post that ns hope you can pass top top to together many human being as friend can.

Last night in ~ the big ASDA in Bradley a three-year-old girl go missing. Fortunately their policy when something prefer this happens is to lock the doors.

The tiny girl was found in the toilets through two Romanian women, one shaving her head and also the other dressing she in boys’ clothes. This originates from an employee that was there critical night. Please pass the article round come as numerous as girlfriend can and remain extra vigilant through your own children.

Friend of Ana’s checked out Wonderland yesterday. She to be with one more friend too and also together they had 4 children (each w 2). Youngsters were 4-5-6 year old. While they were busy w 1 the the 4 kids one the the other kids disappeared … Literally. 5 year old girl.

After frantically trying to find 2 minute they alerted the Park’s security who then searched the Park because that the following 5-6 mins. The Park climate closed all exits and also would not permit anyone also leave while they continued to search for the next 45 mins.

Still they couldn’t uncover her and the Park was compelled to re-open the exits. The Police advised Ana’s friend to focus on childrens’ shoes and nothing else. So she watched the exits and mobs of civilization were leaving. She i found it 1 male carrying a resting child through a blanket over her. And also the child’s hair was a different colour but she claimed to the police that she had actually noticed a boy wearing the very same shoes however ……. It probably wasn’t she child.

The police stopped the man and also it turns out that it was undoubtedly the best child. The child had been tranquillized through injection to the neck and also was sleeping. She hair had been cut short and also had to be spray painted a various colour. And also all her clothes had been changed except …. She shoes. They acquired the perp and, say thanks to God the child is fine.

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Moral: nothing take her eyes turn off your child for also 1 second. Unbelievable!!!

Although these warnings might contain some an excellent advice, the legend they current exaggerates both the prevalence and manner the kidnappings. A boy is far an ext likely to it is in snatched by a family member or ex-spouse in a custodial problem than to it is in the victim that a random abduction. And rarely will kidnappers go through such intricate procedures together the ones hinted at below — luring a child outside where that or she deserve to be conveniently bundled into an auto is far an ext effective and less risky than trying come smuggle one out the departure of a crowded public space. (Some of the instances presented above don’t even make much logical sense. Why would abductors waste precious getaway time shaving a child’s head — through a razor, however — when they already had a wig top top hand come disguise your victim’s herbal hair color and also style?)

This type of tale that has been circulating because that decades, constantly involving the kidnapping of youngsters from family-type public locations such together amusement parks and shopping centers. In the basic type of the legend, a kidnapper snatches a kid away from an inattentive parent, medicine it, and hustles it right into a restroom; over there the abductor performs a quick haircut, dye job, and clothing readjust on the child to conceal its identification (and periodically to obscure its gender) and also wraps the in blankets prior to attempting come quickly and quietly heart the kid off the premises. Meanwhile, a vigilant security force has sealed off all the exits, and the test kidnapping is thwarted either because the kidnapper realizes he cannot escape undetected and simply abandons his to plan victim in the bathroom, or because the child’s parent is surveillance the exit (in person or via security cameras) and recognizes the youngster through its distinctive shoes, i beg your pardon the kidnapper has neglected to change or remove.

More malevolent version of this story finish not v the thwarting that the abbot attempt, but with the discovery of the child’s original garments on a hygiene floor (along v other proof of what had actually transpired, together as loose hair, scissors, and a party of hair dye). In these versions police tell the victims’ parental they are powerless to recuperate their youngsters (whom lock warn space probably already on their way out that the nation to be offered as unwilling body organ donors or sex slaves), and also the parents space paid off to save quiet around the abductions. Often the payoff for the parents’ quiet is asserted to be something absurdly tiny in value, together as free passes come the amusement park whereby the kidnapping took place, yet people continue to take it the story at face value. (Would you save quiet around your child’s disappearance for any type of amount the money, much less something together paltry as a few free tickets?)