Pop quiz: who was the very first rapper to ever before perform throughout the Super key Halftime Show?

a.) Jay-Z

b.) Eminem

c.) 50 Cent

d.) Nelly

If you chose Nelly (of every people), climate you are correct. In fact, he performed twice. As soon as in 2001 together Aerosmith, ‘N’Sync, Britney Spears, and Mary J. Blige; climate again in 2004–and us all know just how that ended. However, he’s no the just hip-hop action to grace the Super Bowl stage: that same Super Bowl in 2004, the artist previously known together P. Diddy had actually a guest spot, and Nicki Minaj joined Madonna in 2012. Not only have actually there been just three hip-hop acts to ever appear during the halftime show, no one rapper has actually been the headliner.

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Will a hip-hop artist ever before get the possibility to title the Super bowl Halftime Show? anyone understands that this is a large show; for this reason it would make feeling to tap among the best names in hip-hop, among America’s most famous genres, to perform. This would have been a great year because that hip-hop to be a part of the Super Bowl: with living legends Eminem and Jay-Z both dropping albums in 2013, one of two people one would have actually been a perfect center. Also Kanye West would have been a great choice. But instead, this year’s sponsor, Pepsi, made decision Bruno Mars. Bruno had an electrifying power this past Sunday that additional catapulted the Grammy winner to stardom. However, many feel Bruno was a downgrade compared to critical year’s performer, Beyonce. Some might say Jay-Z would have been a much better choice; what better person to follow-up Mrs. Carter 보다 Mr. Carter?

It’s most likely that the sponsors the the Halftime display are no interested in hip-hop acts or they fear a hip-hop-oriented show will reason a diminish in viewership. Every year, the Super Bowl is just one of the many watched occasions on television. The is dismissive that hip-hop culture to leave it out of one America’s largest musical spectacles.

Honestly, this dismissal may never die. There room a lot of politics that are affiliated with picking a performer for the show, and also the “risque” nature of hip-hop in the eyes of much of America will be a large hurdle to leap. If sponsors truly feel that a hip-hop artist is not a safe idea because that a halftime show, climate hip-hop will continue to be left out.

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Hope sponsors will concerned their senses and allow icons such together Jay, Eminem, or Kanye to title the show prior to they’re too much past their prime. Maybe, if they proceed their climb up the popular music ranks, sponsors will contact up artists like Drake, Macklemore, or Kendrick Lamar.