Whale sharks more than likely can’t to the right you under their esophagus, yet mariners insurance claim that sperm whales have swallowed human being in the past


Adinda Navartierre

Whale sharks room really big. Their mouths can acquire up to five feet long, and also they can suck in 600 cubic meter of water every hour. Swimming alongside one, then, can take you earlier to Pinocchio’s trip right into the whale’s belly. And suddenly friend might concern that that could actually occur to you. Might a whale shark swallow you by accident?

The rapid answer is no. Dr. Craig McClain explains:

I know that the esophagus of a whale shark procedures only inch across. The enormous beast might not throttle me down even if it wanted man meat come plankton.

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The sharks know that they can’t eat you, and they frequently close their mouths around huge prey favor you or huge fish. Yet if they walk accidentally take you into their mouths, what would certainly happen? real Clear scientific research asked Phillip Motta, a researcher in ~ the college of southern Florida:

“My educated calculation is that the shark would immediately spit the end the person,” Motta said.

In 2010, Motta led a research that concentrated on whale sharks’ feeding anatomy and behavior. One point he and also his team found was that the pets really don’t prefer eating noþeles that’s international to your diet.

“We in reality threw seawater wet rice in front of whale sharks to time the flow of water right into the mouth together they filter fed top top the surface. They would certainly spit the end the one handful of rice as shortly as it entered the mouth. We likewise threw Sargasso seaweed in front of them and they spit that the end also.”

Okay, therefore whale sharks i will not ~ swallow you. However what about toothed whales? lock do occasionally swallow food whole, therefore you could fit under their esophagus. Sperm whales occasionally swallow ink whole, so the could certainly manage a human. In fact, there’s a story the a seafarer being swallowed by a sperm whale off the Falkland islands in the early 1900s. The story states that aftter sailors chased a sperm whale for number of hours, the whale resulted in a few men to be pitched in to the ocean. Then, well, this happened:

The whale to be dead, and also in a couple of hours the good body to be lying by the ship’s side, and the guys ere busy through axes and also spades cutting v the flesh to certain the fat. They functioned all work and component of the night. They resumed work the following forenoon, and were quickly down come the stomach, which to be to be hoisted come the deck. The workmen to be startled if labouring to clean it and also to close the chain around it to find something doubled up in it that provided spasmodic signs of life. The huge pouch was hoisted come the deck and cut open, and also inside was uncovered the absent sailor, doubled up and also unconscious. He was laid out on the deck and treated come a bathtub of sea-water, i beg your pardon soon restored him, yet his mind was no clear, and he was inserted in the captain’s quarters, where he remained to mainly a raving lunatic. That was carefully treated by the captain and officers that the ship, and also he finally started to acquire possession that his senses. At the end of the 3rd week that had finally recovered from the shock, and resumed his duties.

In reality, this is unlikely. Sperm whales have 4 stomach chambers, favor a cow, complete of digestive enzymes. Plus, there’s no air inside a stomach. The nude Scientist handle this question as well, saying:

If there is any kind of gas inside a whale, it’s most likely methane, and also that’s no going to assist you out an extremely much. Us do recognize that whales can be flatulent, so there is part gas. Castle do have gassy pockets, yet it’s not air, not an excellent to breath. Certainly, no air within a fish, so i think that’s really what’s going to acquire you in the end. So i’m afraid no.

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So if the moral below is, whale sharks can’t and won’t sloop down you. Sperm whales might, and if they do, you’re usually doomed.