As a Cleveland sports fan, I can tell you the life following my teams hasn"t specifically been easy.

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That"s typically the instance when no franchise has won a agree title because the Browns in 1964 and has constantly to be on the wrong side of points in pretty lot every huge game since.

One method to forget around all the heart pain of the past 50 years though? Jumping top top a different team.

I"d never ever do it, yet with development teams popping increase every therefore often, it offers fans a possibility to reevaluate your love because that one team.

Over the past 25 years, some growth teams have discovered it complicated to build a franchise, when others have actually been able to see both instant and also continued success, and also these space the 10 ideal to carry out it.

10. Mountain Jose Sharks
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Year Founded: 1991

Unless you"re a diehard, you can be surprised to see the san Jose Sharks make this list—I know I certainly was.

But ~ digging through some research, i actually found that they"ve quietly been just one of the most successful NHL franchises in the previous 20-plus years.

Though they have actually yet to even play in a Stanley Cup game, the Sharks haven"t fallen quick on opportunities, make it to the playoffs in 16 of your 21 year of existence—even reaching the west Conference last three times in the past 10 seasons.

That"s pretty damn superior if girlfriend ask me.

9. Orlando Magic
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Year Founded: 1989

Although the Magic didn"t job-related too plenty of tricks in your first three seasons—winning a total of 70 gamings in the span—the team"s ineptitude led them come the best prize in college basketball once they landing the No. 1 choose to choose some male named Shaquille O"Neal.

The team enhanced by 20 gamings in Shaq"s rookie year yet missed the end on the playoffs, providing them, surprise, the peak pick again in the "93 draft, prompting them to take Michigan"s chris Webber before trading him to golden State because that Anfernee Hardaway.

Teaming increase Shaq and Penny, Orlando to be able to build a team that went to 4 straight playoff appearances, losing the Finals in "95 to the Rockets.

After some down years, the team pulled an additional rabbit the end of its hat by winning the lottery in "04, giving them Dwight Howard together the city"s newest "Superman."

In a 2nd stretch the improvement, Orlando took pleasure in six directly playoff appearances, getting to the Finals in "09 but losing to the Lakers in 6 games.

8. Arizona Diamondbacks
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Year Founded: 1998

For all you Diamondbacks fans out there, we hope girlfriend know just how truly spoiled you space with her baseball team.

Experiencing the usual development blues their an initial season through winning simply 65 games, the team rotate things approximately quickly—as in a 35-game improvement in the win obelisk the an extremely next year, making it come the playoffs before getting ousted in 4 games through the Mets.

Though they traded for Curt Schilling midway v the 2000 campaign, the team slipped to third in the NL West and also missed the playoffs.

Fear no though, since with Schilling and also Randy Johnson leading the rotation, the D-Backs make the playoffs the next two seasons, winning the World series title in "01 by beating the Yankees in dramatic fashion.

With some poor seasons adhering to the departures the their two pitching aces in "05, the team was able to make the postseason two an ext times since—with a expedition to the LCS in "07—and have consistently continued to be competitive in the NL West the past few years.

7. D.C. United
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Year Founded: 1995

Go ahead and argue that it"s "just" significant League Soccer, yet when a team has actually won four league title in its history, I give them the respect the they deserve.

Playing in the an initial four MLS Cups adhering to the league"s formation—winning three—D.C. Unified was the premier destination for players favor John Harkes, Jaime Moreno and later prodigy Freddy Adu in the late-"90s and also early 2000s.

After going through a little rebuilding process following the leave of head coach Bruce Arenas in "98, the team uncovered itself ago on the championship podium in "04, hoisting yet another (and most recent) MLS Cup.

6. Tampa only Rays
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Year Founded: 1998

Sure, the Tampa bay Rays (formerly the adversary Rays) can have among the ugliest and most bizarre stadiums for a experienced franchise, but what really matters is the product on the field—and they"ve had actually a nice damn an excellent one due to the fact that figuring points out in 2008.

Lacking any kind of sort of payroll or actual fan support, the beam had constantly suffered the misfortune a lot of small-market groups do when their homegrown males would authorize big-time contract with various other clubs.

But v the rental of manager Joe Maddon and also subsequently locking up franchise cornerstone (and then rookie) Evan Longoria in "08, the Rays have flourished.

Averaging nearly 92 wins per season, consisting of their World series trip in that same year—and right now on pace for the exact same number again this year—the Rays have quietly developed a winning setting in a place few may have ever expected simply six years ago—no matter how bizarre it could be.

5. Carolina Panthers
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Year Founded: 1995

As I stated in mine opener, my Cleveland Browns have remained in the NFL since 1946, being just one of 4 teams to never even reach a super Bowl.

The Carolina Panthers though? they haven"t just played in much more playoff games than my beloved Browns due to the fact that the team very first kicked turn off in "95 (10 come three), however they"ve also reached the huge Game once, losing 32-29 to the Patriots in 2004.

It"s not as if Panthers fans needs to wait lengthy to obtain a winner either, as the team winner 12 gamings in their 2nd season, beating the Cowboys before losing in the NFC location game to the Packers.

Even after a couple of bad years, with quarterback camer Newton under center, the Panthers it seems ~ to have high expectations moving forward.

4. Anaheim Ducks
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Year Founded: 1993

I"m not certain if the Anaheim Ducks" success need to be attributed come the "Minnesota miracle Man," or if lock truly are as great as they"ve proven in their 20 years in the league?

Regardless that the reason, the Ducks have actually been a stellar franchise, do the postseason seven of the past 10 years, i m sorry have had two Stanley Cup final trips and one win in "07.

After recording their second-ever Pacific department title this past season, the Ducks expect to continue their reputation as a solid franchise by competing for an additional Stanley Cup.

3. Los Angeles Galaxy
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Year Founded: 1995

As an excellent as the aforementioned D.C. United has been in the MLS since being among the charter teams in "95, the L.A. Galaxy has surprisingly been also better.

That might be surprising, however seeing the the club has actually participated in the league"s championship game eight of the 17 years, the Galaxy"s location this high is well-deserved.

Sure, the last two of their titles came through stars David Beckham (England), Landon Donovan (United States) and Robbie Keane (Ireland), yet those men haven"t been in L.A. The entire time, so what the franchise has done end the long run is impressive.

2. Florida Marlins
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Year Founded: 1993

It"s hard sufficient to think that the Marlins have actually been around for 20 periods already—especially considering ns rocked your fitted teal-and-black cap in third grade pretty much every day—but what shouldn"t come as a surprised is that the team ranking No. 2 on mine list.

While several of the other teams I"ve mentioned may have had more consistent success in do the playoffs, the Marlins room the only one outside of the MLS groups that have won multiple titles, taking house the World series in both "97 and "03.

Now the years in-between those championships have actually been stormy for pan to swallow, yet with as numerous rings as the mighty Red Sox and Cardinals in the same time period, that"s something that the former office have the right to smile at—even if fans aren"t.

1. Miami Heat
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Year Founded: 1988

Seeing the the last two teams on my list both reside in south Beach, perhaps there"s other in the water down there that breeds championships?

In the Heat"s case, I simply think it"s the LeBron James and also Dwyane walking effect.

Entering the league in "88 and also winning just 57 games their an initial three years, Miami appears to have burned the competition since, making the playoffs in all but five seasons since 1991.

While obtaining to the postseason is nice and also all, Miami hasn"t been satisfied with just making it, preferring to go deep each time.

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With 6 trips come the conference finals, 4 trips to the NBA Finals and three total titles, the Heat have been the course of all growth teams in the past 25 years—and they remain the favorites to repeat again following season too.

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