PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 26: Antonio Brown #84 the the Pittsburgh Steelers reaction after a 33 garden touchdown reception in the fourth quarter throughout the game against the environment-friendly Bay Packers at Heinz field on November 26, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo through Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Months ~ joining the Tampa just Buccaneers in ~ midseason, Antonio Brown make his presence recognized at Super key LV. He recorded five passes in the game—second most on the Bucs roster—for 22 yards and a touchdown from Tom Brady.

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The touchdown come after an extremely tumultuous couple of years for Brown, which saw him leave the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he ended up being the NFL’s best vast receiver, get reduced by the Oakland Raiders prior to playing a continual season game, beat one video game with Brady because that the new England Patriots, and then obtain released again after ~ credible accusations that rape by a former college classmate and also trainer.

The worst of the abdominal muscle experience come after he left Pittsburgh, but he an extremely much required his way out after year of success alongside Ben Roethlisberger and also under Mike Tomlin. After ~ eight very successful seasons, Brown became a serious worry for the team in his final year, skipping practices, publicly criticizing his future hall of fame quarterback, and eventually forcing the profession to the Raiders. Also so, basic manager Kevin Colbert take it the high road once asked around Brown’s an initial championship, won with one more franchise.

“I to be happy because that A.B. To success a Super key trophy,” that said during a Monday morning appearance on WDVE, per The Tribune-Review. “That’s something the is unique. Once a player does it, over there is nothing rather that have the right to compare. As soon as you get that an initial one, it’s unique and you psychic it. Those (ex-Steelers), I understand they delighted in that. The was a distinct group. And we are happy for all of them.”

Kevin Colbert top top WDVE simply now:“I was happy for ab to win a Super bowl trophy.”

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C_AdamskiTrib) February 8, 2021

It most likely helps the the finish of that tumultuous 2018 season in Pittsburgh feels choose a life time ago, and Brown has bounced around so much since. The Steelers have clearly moved on, v the Brown case well in the rearview mirror, and numerous other much less dramatic worries to transaction with.

Of course, offered the severity of the allegations versus Brown, which space still yet to be figured out in court, Colbert may be in the minority once it concerns rooting ~ above the large receiver’s success this weekend.

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Antonio Brown, that played eight gamings for the Tampa just Buccaneers in the constant season, captured 45 passes because that 483 yards and also four touchdowns. In the playoffs, he made eight records for 81 yards and two scores.