President Donald Trump speak after a Cabinet meeting Monday and also claimed he"s the very first president to give up his pay. In reality, he"s the third, reality checkers said.Associated Press


President Donald Trump often seeks come compare himself to other U.S. Presidents.

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While answering questions adhering to a Cabinet meeting last week, he told reporters the is forgoing his presidential pay.

"I give away my salary," that said. "They say the no various other president has actually done it. … They actually say the George Washington might -- may have actually been the only other chairman to carry out -- yet see whether or not (President Barack) Obama provided up his salary."

Trump offers away his yearly $400,000 salary, according to The Washington Post, but he is the third president to carry out so. U.S. Presidents Herbert Hoover and John Kennedy gave their earnings to charity.

Although Obama didn"t provide up his salary, he donated more than $1 million to charities benefiting children during the eight years he to be president, according to

While defending his idea to lug the team of 7 summit come his nationwide Doral will in Miami, trump speculated about Obama"s company dealings when president.

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"Hey, Obama make a deal for a book. Is that running a business?" trump card asked. "I"m certain he didn"t even discuss it while he was president, yeah. He has a resolve Netflix. Once did they start talking around that?"

Obama resolved those transaction after that left office, the article said. And there is no proof he negotiated the contract while serving together president. Read much more at

Does O"Rourke want to confiscate guns?

"To it is in clear, I"m no talking around confiscating anybody"s guns," autonomous presidential candidate Beto O"Rourke said throughout an interview on MSNBC previously this month.

He go on come say the 16 million assault-style tools in the U.S., such as AR-15s and AK-47s, should be component of a buyback program.

But states O"Rourke hasn"t constantly been clear when talking about a causing obligation buyback, or confiscation, of attack weapons.

During the Sept. 12 democratic presidential debate, he to be asked if he to be proposing come take away people"s guns.

"I am, if it"s a weapon that was designed to kill civilization on a battlefield," O"Rourke said. "Hell, yes, we"re going come take your AR-15, your AK-47."

While pointing out the candidate"s pistol proposal Oct. 16 top top CNN, host Alisyn Camerota said the plan "sounds favor confiscation."

"No, I"m not saying that," O"Rourke said. "And ns think that"s why world use words confiscation, since it scares people."

A spokesman because that O"Rourke"s project told PolitiFact, "Beto has been clear the he is talking around a obligated buyback regimen for attack weapons, i beg your pardon is not confiscation."

A college of Wyoming professor and gun law experienced George Mocsary disagrees. "There is no scenario under i m sorry the owner of one of the designated tools gets to store it. That is confiscation," that said. Read an ext at

Omar not at trumped rally

When video of protesters in Minneapolis throughout an Oct. 10 rally for President Donald Trump struggle the internet, some users falsely figured out a mrs wearing a headscarf and also face spanning as Minnesota democratic U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, follow to The associated Press.

Omar to be on a five-day expedition to Morocco with other representatives if the project rally was happening, the AP said.

Star Tribune reporter Andy Mannix, that shot the video, called the AP he got to out to set the document straight after ~ the footage was circulating on society media with fake information.

"It"s disappointing to see civilization invoking my journalism to do a false claim," the said.

In response to the false identification, California Rep. Karen Bass, that was on the trip with Omar, wrote on Twitter, "So sad to return to bigoted rash from civilization who think the if they see one person with a hijab on, they"ve seen them all," the AP reported. Read much more at

McDonald"s isn"t replacing Happy Meals

An post published critical week explain McDonald"s will certainly be replacing Happy Meals through rainbow-themed meals supporting the LGBTQ neighborhood was satire, follow to

The fake story, which showed up on the Taters Gonna Tate website, claimed McDonald"s will be providing Rainbow Meals for children while reflecting support because that the LGBTQ community with a new Rainbow Menu, Snopes reported.

The Taters Gonna Tate website just publishes satirical or feeling stories, yet many who check out reposts on social media don"t acknowledge that, Snopes said.

A disclaimer top top the Taters Gonna Tate reads, "Everything on this website is fiction. It is no a lie and it is no fake news since it is no real. If you believe that it is real, friend should have your head examined." Read more at

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