The choice is 50 job out and also both candidates-- president Donald Trump and former Vice president Joe Biden-- space spending time in Florida.

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The choice is 50 job out and both candidates-- chairman Donald Trump and also former Vice chairman Joe Biden-- space spending time in Florida.
The election is 50 days out and both candidates-- chairman Donald Trump and also former Vice president Joe Biden-- space spending time in Florida.

But why is Florida so vital in the election? One chronicler tells News 6, it’s because the state is up for grabs, and also for the incumbent, Trump, he demands Florida come win.

“Donald Trump to know he has actually to bring Florida if he’s to have any type of chance of win reelection,” university of central Florida professor Jim Clark said.

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Clark, a UCF historian and also political analyst, said it’s been practically 100 years because a Republican has actually won the White home without acquisition the state the Florida.

The last time it occurred was in 1924 through President Calvin Coolidge, claimed Clark.

When it comes to Florida and it’s 29 electoral votes, the interstate 4 corridor, through main Florida come Tampa, is vital in determining which means the purple state goes.

“They will determine who wins Florida; because 1996, whoever wins the majority of those seven counties has actually gone come the White House,” claimed Clark.

The I-4 corridor counties encompass Pinellas, Hillsborough, Polk, Osceola, Orange, Seminole and Volusia.

Clark said, appropriate now, he to know Osceola and also Orange County will go Democratic, and also Polk County will certainly go Republican. Yet he claimed the other counties are up in the air.

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In the 2016 general Election, Seminole County’s numbers display Donald Trump take it 48.1% that the vote, v Hillary Clinton taking 46.55%.

But Clark stated for this election, “Seminole has actually been trending blue, trending democratic now for number of years.”

Another reason Florida plays critical role, according to Clark, is its east coast location, which method early reporting on choice night.

“That’s walk to impact people in western states, if you think her candidates already lost, room you going come be urged to walk to the polls and vote?” stated Clark.

He additionally said he expects both candidates to invest record amounts in Florida campaigning ahead of the November election.

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